Dear Co-Workers on the vineyard of the Lord,

As always we send our greetings and love in the name of our precious Savior Jesus Christ.

We thank the Lord for allowing us to continue on His service, be it with the nation wide conferences, or with our small church, on every place and on our regular visits, the Lord allows us to have the privilege to guide many souls to his feet, and also to strengthen many brethren with themes related to home and family.

Last February on a small rural town called Sacabamba, we helped on a family camp where like 700 people attended, and even though it was a camp for believers, there were also non believers, and many of them accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as Savior.

Talking about the small church at home, we finally took the decision to join a larger church, and even though this was a painful decision for us, because we were used to this activity for many years. The new dispositions from our government are more often going against the churches; now they are trying to issue a law, taxing the tithes, which here was unheard before.

On the other side the Lord has been showing us another ministry, which we were not sure if it was from Him. Since the middle of February, we were officially invited to lead the National Ministerial Department within our national organization/denomination, under which we have worked for like 40 years. During those years we gave our work and effort adding believers to the more or less 700 churches that belong to our organization in the whole country of Bolivia. Of those who accepted the Lord through our ministries, many have become leaders in their churches, and others have studied and are pastors; and now we have been appointed to minister to them. We know that this is a huge responsibility, because we need to oversee that all pastors and leaders teach good doctrine, and on the other side that their lives and moral are according to the Word of God and also that they fulfill their role as leaders of their families.

Prayer Requests 

– A group of doctors from the States is coming in order to serve from the 7th to the 12thof April, please pray for a fruitful time, both in souls won for the Lord and in people who receive relief from their health problems. And for their safety as they come to our country and as they go back home.

– Please keep our country in prayer; our government is more and more closing their grip on the Bolivians and in some ways on the evangelicals in particular. Pray for a change in Bolivia so we can enjoy freedom to witness and to serve the Lord.

– Please pray for our families, and specially our children who are also experiencing some changes in their schools. They are forced to “study” some of our Andes religions and cults that are usually pagan.

Nothing else by now, receive again our love and gratitude. Let’s praise the Lord on this season for His sacrifice to save us from our sins.

Yours in Christ,

For all the Torricos,

Jaime Sr.