Dear co-workers on the vineyard of the Lord:
Pictures December 2013When we send these lines we want to express, first our warm greetings in the Love of the lord, but also our deep gratitude. There are so many reasons to thank our God, especially for Eternal Salvation and the strength to serve Him.
Some News from Jaime Sr.:
After 30 years, I finally had a chance to reach the end of a road. In Bolivia we still have places that can’t e reached by car. The only way to get to these places is by foot. The goal was to reach a place called “Huajlita”, but we needed to walk 2 hours to reach there and 2 hours to come back. On some areas the path was only a foot wide and the depth on the side of the hill was like 40 feet. To walk on these paths you need strong knees and not have issues with heights. Thanks to the Lord I was able to fulfill this task. We shared 3 days of blessings, souls were won for the Lord and the believers were strengthened.
We would need more room on this note to share all our activities from this year, but not to bore you I will share one of the latest. We had what we call Pastor’s Retreat. Like 500 pastors and leaders attended this retreat. As I mentioned in the past, now my work is with them, looking for a way to feed them and encourage them to continue in their ministry. And more importantly, that they will be nurtured with good doctrine in order to teach it in their own churches. And even though it is a hard labor, the lord is blessing this work.
Some News from Jaime Jr.:
It’s always a joy to write you in this time of the year, please receive our love and greetings.
The Lord has been good to us this year, and He has shown us his grace on the many activities of the ministry and helping us in spite of the difficulties that rise in our country.
My ministry with the youth continues, and the Lord has raised some young leaders who really love him and work hard on his Vineyard. My concern is that in the last years the quantity o these leaders who want to be involved and work for God, has decreased notably. Especially on the churches that we don’t visit regularly. For this reason we’d like to have either Camps or workshops in the upcoming 2014 to strengthen the practical part of the youth ministry. We want to teach areas like preaching and Sunday school teaching, but also training them on activities like drama, music, crafts, games and camps, tools that serve to attract young non believers to meet Jesus. And in this way equip and raise new young leaders to witness with these tools, strengthening their youth ministries in their churches at the same time. This project as any other activity requires resources, spiritual and economical. So if any of you feels that the Lord touches your heart to participate with us, please help us on this task. Your help will be very appreciated be it economical or in prayer.
Another challenge that I face the next year is the opportunity to help a ministry that creates and prints material for different age groups like children, teenagers and youth called “Copromec”. They have invited me to be part of their board. With the help of the lord I pray that I’ll be useful to then and also to the work in Bolivia since their distribution is nationwide. Please pray for me, that the Lord will grant me wisdom to be a blessing to them.
These December 22nd we will be sharing little gifts with children of Tarata and surrounding areas. Most of these kids are very poor. We thank the Lord that the youth and also the ladies of the church of Tarata are learning to raise funds and work for this kind of activity. It is really a joy to see that our ministry has influenced them to share with the ones that are in need, and in this way share the message of the Gospel, the true meaning of Christmas.
We take advantage of this opportunity to wish you a Merry Christmas. May the Lord pour his richest blessings on each one of you, just like in the first Christmas.
Yours in Christ, For all the Torricos, Jaime Sr. & Jaime Jr.