Here is a statement of the vision of The Key of David Ministries, International: We believe that God has called us to help identify and raise up individuals in each of the five ministries mentioned in Ephesians 4:11: “And He Himself gave some to be apostles, some prophets, some evangelists, and some pastors and teachers…” (New King James Version). Because of several strong prophetic words over my wife and me, she and I also believe that we are called to help lead a move of God/revival that is to be birthed in Bolivia and then go out to the nations. To this end we have a Bible and Ministry Training School in La Paz, Bolivia that is seeking to place a firm foundation in people’s lives that will help them find their calling and ministry. We are also starting to travel within that country to minister and help lay foundations for the revival in churches that are embracing this vision. Recently a prophet from the U.S. (a man I had never met previously) has been visiting Bolivia again after many years and has spoken about the spirit of Elijah coming upon God’s people in Bolivia and elsewhere in this end-time. This was a confirmation of what I have been carrying in my heart for many years. So my wife and I are starting to teach and seek to impart a vision for such an Elijah ministry to come forth.

I want to share some recent happenings with our ministry in Bolivia. In the middle of last September I went to Santa Cruz, the economic hub of Bolivia, to attend some of the meetings that Brother John Harris, the prophet I mentioned above, was holding in a church there. I translated for him from English into Spanish on one of the nights. After his visit later to La Paz, a group of pastors, leaders, and intercessors involved in the crusade with him there in that city started meeting once a week to pray for the coming revival in the country. My wife Starr and I are involved in this prayer group. She and I went to Sucre (the second capital city of the country!) at the end of October to minister in a couple of churches there over a weekend. I spoke from the Bible about the Elijah ministry that God is going to raise up. Near the end of last November, my wife went with a number of others from the weekly prayer group to Tarija, another major city of Bolivia, to hold teaching sessions and a city-wide evening crusade. I stayed behind in La Paz to speak at the anniversary service of a church pastored by one of our Bolivian sons in the faith. Starr and I came back to the U.S. on December 20 to be with my aging father, my brothers and sister-in-law over the holidays. We will be flying back to La Paz on the night of January 18 and arrive there early in the morning of the 19th.