Jean Marc: Immediate Need – Nov 2012

The water in this property is blessed! The land is approximately 2 1/2 acres and it has a well that produces 99% mineral water. There is also a pond filled with fish, and there’s even a pool for swimming.

Ministry Updates

I truly hope that as you receive this newsletter that you are doing well and rejoicing in the Lord’s great blessings! I always remember the importance of having met you and all the times we’ve spent together. I am in constant prayer for every one of you.
I have lived and experienced a beautiful time in the Lord, together with my family. I have understood that the most important thing for me is to be able to have the privilege of serving in His Kingdom. I truly do not believe that I have found any other purpose that motivates me more than to fulfill His Will together with my dear family.

I returned from a long journey in April of this year, after having been in the US, Honduras & Puerto Rico. It was a wonderful time! In July I returned back to the US for a short time, but I also went on my first trip, to Poland. God did wonders there and many young people were saved by the power of God. On each trip that I took, God continued doing great things, with salvations, healings, miracles and restorations of lives that have been destroyed. God also opened doors for us in September in another long journey, as we held conferences in Puerto Rico, Honduras, and the US again; but this time my dear wife was with me.

There are different types of fruit trees all over the property!

There’s also a house which is in need of repairs, but it’s large enough for the family.

There’s plenty of space to build about 10 rooms for ministry groups and for all of you.

We Need a Miracle!

Regarding the ministry work in Brazil, our goal for the moment is to establish a permanent place for our ministry home. We are purchasing a property in Rio de Janeiro, where we will be able to launch our ministry training center. We will be able to receive people from all parts of the world, so that together we can advance the Kingdom of God. With the help of many of you, we have already been able to pay for more than 3/4 of the property. ($55,000 has been paid)

But we are needing more of you to help us pay for the rest of it because our time is running short. We need to make a payment by next week so that we won’t be violating our contract with the owner. Our desire is to be able to pay the balance of the property, but if we can at least pay 10% right now, that will help a lot. We need your prayers and for you to believe and agree with us that God will do this miracle! We need it! We have waited a long time for this.

We thank those that have been able to give. As you can see in the photos, your seeds will bring forth a great harvest of lost souls, miracles & healings for the sick and the needy, and deliverance for those captive by the devil. Each one of you are a part of this Kingdom of God ministry. Those of you who have not been able to give yet, this is your opportunity to plant in fertile ground.
I end here asking you to please communicate with us and let us know about your needs so that together with our ministry team, we can pray for you. We send you our love and may the Lord richly bless you.

Jean Marc & family