Barnes: February 2015

The over all situation in Brazil has never been more dire… the nation is feeling the effects of “no game” during the World Cup of Soccer with a 7-1 score. People are provoked, with murder all over the nation, corruption, crack and drugs (for the first time I saw folks smoking crack on “every day streets”),  family disintegration etc. Now is the time for bold actions, time for a raising of “amigos do bem”. Praise God we have young roaring lions on who are rising up as leaders! One of them is Rafaela, a local leader in NC. She gave her life to the Lord with my team when she was 7 and now owns the local news paper in Nova Contagem.

I clearly see great opportunities and struggles. Brasil needs a summer of love! Please stand with us in prayer to win back ground from the enemy and to overcome poverty.

Here are some photos of my trip. God has opened many doors for me all over the country. It is beautiful to see, but we still are standing at the edge, it is time to cross over, time to start over!