Barnes: May 2017

Dear Partners,

We have been in a season of much work towards finalizing The Deck outreach model. In this short up date I hope to again connect the dots on the long journey we have been on.

My YWAM team in Brazil lead by Hiago is targeting their local community as the sight of our next big outreach in the fall. ( around a ywam base in greater curitiba Hiago leads a team of close to 40 full time staff, plus leads 2 U of N schools with another 50 or so students. Having a local base with significant available man power is the biggest new development giving us the ability to connect a number of programs “maneuvers” that are within the deck outreach platform.


  • The circo manifesto outreach
  • Youth Camps
  • School chaplaincy ( partnering with local school around a program we are calling, “Amigos do Bem”)
  • Congregating new believers into our missionary family ( this will happen on the YWAM base )
  • And equipping local leaders with harvest foundation’s leadership development curriculum

All of these are part of what we have been doing but not in the sequence that can generate the synergy envisioned to experience a community wide cultural shift. ( See Zero % PDF) We are now VERY CLOSE to putting all these pieces together.

My role continues to be one of guidance and connecting this missionary army with resources to fully engage to reap the Lords harvest. As the deck gains bigger form I hope to be able to spend much more time in Brazil. We are taking steps on a personal resourcing plan to be able to do this in the next couple of years. This plan involves reviving our farm in Maues for income. We are seeking investors to partner with us on this. ( see PDF )

Thinking 5 years out I see Iris and I working once again full time in Brazil. Our move to the states was to give our kids the schooling that they needed. This is now winding down over the next 5 years.

My work in Wilderness Therapy, at SUWS, has been a very rich experience. It has given me new language and many stories around the crucible of change. I see so clearly that young adults and teenagers are more than willing to stand up to the great evils of our time BUT they desperately need a plan and a place in the battle line to this end.  My crew of young heroes in Brasil are the first fruits of what I pray will be a great crop of heroes in this generation.

Last week I worked with a young lady at SUWS that has just graduated from FSU, it was her first shift. She was part of the FSU Flying Circus, for 4 years, she had even heard of our circo manifesto. This circus has been running since 1947! It was easy to see how this experience was a huge part of her formative time at FSU, how much more can the Circo manifesto be for YWAM’s U of N!!!

What we are building is truly awesome. Your help has been so important in this journey!!! We still very much need your support to cross over into a new phase of missions. Thank you for all you have done to help us get to this point. There is so much more I could share, but this must be kept short.

I am sending the zero % PDF that details something about how the deck is designed to work. I hope you can see and pray with us for a new battle rank in missions. Also please pray that we can find partners to revive our farm in Maues.

mark and iris

ps. Hiago’s team is preparing to reopen the ywam base in Maues next year! This is the reason I want to revive our farm in the amazon, we are really going full circle, Curitiba where we spent 8 years, Conatgem where we spent 12 years and now Maues where we spent 10 years!!! PRAISE GOD!!!

pps. I am so happy to say that the family is doing great. Barbara is working full time this summer at the day care where Iris works and Gabe is doing some part time working and participating in band camp that starts mid august. We went to NYC and DC over spring break and had a great family road trip vacation.