Mark Barnes


Mark Barnes travels all over Brazil, from Curitiba (souther BR) to Tabatinga on Colombian border.

My role is “at the front”, not so much in operations but in connections and communication to supervise and to maintain the plans and goals. I especial help connect resources and provision for the troops.



We are planning for bold moves next year starting with a summer of mission schools, on community development, during the month of july, for 300 students from all over brasil. This school will be connected to the Circo Manifesto outreach,  “the take down move”, to wrestle through to finalize The Deck prototype in Nova Contagem.

We should have another 300 volunteers from around BH and NC with a full time team of 20 running the show to reach 5000 folks. On the video you can see more about our mission and school ( )

In January 2017 we will run the summer mission school in Maues, part of a restart plan for operations in Maues. We expect to have at least 100 students from all over Brazil.