Jean Marc: December 2012



Ministering in the miracle and evangelistic crusade in Sao Joao del Rei, Brazil this past week. More than 300 souls were saved in this event, for the honor and glory of our beautiful Lord! 

Testimonies & Blessings of the Lord

My dear brothers & sisters,

I pray the Lord’s abundant grace to be poured upon your lives. We know that the Lord has great things in store for each one of his sons and daughters. We are very thankful to the Lord for He has been so good to us and He has fulfilled one of our greatest dreams; and it’s to obtain a property where we could construct our international ministry training center. There we would be receiving students from all parts of the world to equip them in cross cultural missions & evangelism. As I mentioned on my last letter, this property is 2 & 1/2 acres (10,000 square meters), and it’s located in a good area of the city of Itaborai, in Rio de Janeiro. This has been a gift from God for us to be able to acquire this property, largely through the help of you, our brothers & sisters in the U.S., Brazil and other nations. We have already been able to pay most of the cost of the property, and only $10,000 is all that we have left to pay the owner in order for us to have full ownership. We will be able to begin the closing process once we receive another $5,000 and we will be able to make 10 monthly payments to pay off the last $5,000. Please help us to pray to meet this need. We are so close to meet our goal! In January we will be receiving our first missionary candidates, a married couple from Mozambique, Africa and also a young man from Brazil. They will be coming to work and train with us in the ministry. Join us in also praying for this project.

During this past week, we were also greatly blessed as we held a large evangelistic and miracle crusade in our revival tent. The crusade took place in the city of Sao Joao del Rei, which is one of the most idolatrous cities of Brazil. The tent remained full the five days of the crusade, with the capacity of the tent reaching 2,000 people. For the Glory of God we report that over 300 souls gave their lives to Jesus and accepted him as their Lord and Savior. There were also many healings and miracles that took place. We were touched when a young woman shared the testimony that the lump on her breast completely disappeared. Glory to God! People were healed from spinal problems, leg ailments and many other things as well.

We greatly Appreciate You!

For now, we are planning out some projects for next year and also for our new property. We will continue to pray for you all and we ask that you continue to do the same for us. We understand that your prayers and efforts are what have allowed us to be able to bless many people throughout the whole world. We love you and thank you all for supporting us through your friendship, your offerings and your prayers. May the Lord continue to greatly bless you!

Jean Marc & Family

Image 2: An image of one of the entrances to our revival ten

Image 3: This tent has the seating capacity of 2,000 people and it was full every night.

Image 4: There were well known worship groups and singers from Brazil participating in this event.

July 2009

Below are some letters from Diana Ortiz who is one of our CMM Spanish Leaders. She was in Brazil visiting CMM Missionary Jean Marc Olivera Montiero, who joined CMM. Jean Marc has traveled to Nigeria to do healing crusades. While in Nigeria his team visited the norther regions where Christian churches and people were being burned. Jean Marc and the team had to sleep with armed guards in their rooms.

We were in Rio and the Lord had me share on Mark 8:34 & 35 and also on Phil 2:1-8, and then share on how Jesus had compassion on the people, sick, multitudes before he fed them and compassion came before the miracles took place and that is what he is calling us to do as the church. After the service, the senior pastor asked Jean Marc and I to pray for him and after we did, he begin to weep. He was obviously touched by the word brought forth and the prayer. Praise God!

One thing I want to note, this is the church where Jean Marc came to know Jesus and the same pastor, who is his spiritual father. It was an HONOR FOR ME to preach there,because they are usually very traditional there and I wasnt supposed to originally preach but one of the other men that came today. Jean just got his days mixed up, but God knew. smile. Praise Him.

Continue to pray for us and the rest of the team that arrived today, Reggie, Shannon (male) and David. God is going to do powerful things this weekend in Rio de Janeiro, for His Glory.


Greetings brothers and sisters,

I pray that you and the family are doing well. We have had a very enjoyable first week here! Today we will be leaving to Rio to meet up with Pastor Jean Marc and his family and that’s where the missions will be starting for the kids. Brasilia is a very rich and well developed place and we have almost all the luxuries here as we do at home. Cristiane Santana is a Brazilian missionary that is also a dentist and we have been staying at her home and it has been a retreat for us and it’s been a great blessing. I call it Resort Santana. All we need is a pool! The kids love Brasilia and have greatly enjoyed their time with Cristiane and a new family that we have become friends with here. The Sales family will actually be going to Miami to pastor a church there that will be filled with Brazilians, Hispanics and Americans. Praise God!

I have preached at three different places, and God has really touched so many people’s lives that I am really shocked. Many people here are open to missions! Many came to the front to surrender their lives to missions (About 40 of them the first night). There were also two salvations at a business meeting Bible study on Tuesday where I preached and some that night at a church in another state in Goias. Those days of ministry have been very rewarding, especially when you see so many people hungry and thirsty for MORE!

Yesterday was a very rewarding day. We went to the Brasilia Zoo and right before leaving at closing time we found two zoo keepers that tend to the lions and tigers. Cristiane knew one of them, who is the trainer to the felines. After talking a bit, he invited us to go behind the scenes and go into the actual cages where the lions and tigers are kept. We were so thrilled! We go so up close to these animals that when they began to growl and attack because of our presence, it became SO INTENSE, that my kids ran out! Ha ha! Crazy me shook to pieces and said, This is an experience of a lifetime, I’m not going anywhere! I took several pictures and Cristiane videotaped me less than two feet away from my favorite animal in the world, the Male Lion! Later they took us to see the jaguars and they opened up the door for us to look into the actual holding bin with two 9 month old jaguars that could’ve had us for a chew toy! Ha Ha! It was wonderful!!

We later on went to two homes where we prayed for Cristianes aunt and uncle who the Lord touched beautifully and God healed her aunt’s shoulder. She had fallen a year and a half ago and was experiencing excruciating pain. God’s love and mercy touched her shoulder and all pain was gone. I felt such heat coming out of my hands. She later said my hands felt like fire on her shoulder. Praise the Lord. We then went and ministered God’s love and peace to a group of women in another home and they cried and felt so touched and encouraged as God released words of healing and hope.

We are looking forward for two more weeks of God’s love and grace to shine upon us and for His Glory to be manifested so many more will be touched and healed ! Continue to pray for us, and we also for you!

Love and blessings! Diana, Sussana & Ray Emmanuel Ortiz