Jean Marc: March 2013

This is the architectural layout of the property Jean Marc was able to purchase in Rio de Janeiro. He received these designs recently from the Architect and he wanted me to share it with you so that you can rejoice with us in all that the Lord is doing and is going to do in this land, in Rio de Janeiro and in Brazil! Praise the Lord!!

You’ll be seeing the whole layout of the land, the dining hall, the Pastoral home, and even the layout of one of the chalets that will also be on the land. It’s all in Portuguese, but this will be a great time to pull out your dictionaries and learn some basic Portuguese! 🙂 They are still waiting for the layout plans for the administrative offices, the conference hall and the men and ladies dormitories. Let’s praise His Name for his Kingdom advancing in Rio de Janeiro!!

God bless you!
Diana Mojica

English translation of his portuguese letter:

The Peace of the Lord beloved Jean Shepherd!

Right from the start, I would like to thank you for receiving us so well at home. I could see God present there. On the site, a beautiful place! Missionaries from elsewhere, there for part of the summer, said it is a brilliant creation and gift of God. I’m sending you the first ideas developed for the Land of Miracles Site! and would like to know your opinion.

I’m sending you:

  • Plan of situation (as the buildings will be distributed across the land area).
  • Plan of the home
  • Plan of the cafeteria (note the relationship of the cafeteria and the bathrooms and recreation area – we tried to integrate them into one area).
  • Plan of the cabins (double bedroom, bathroom and a small countertop with sink).

I only sent plant’s dormitory, home, plan of the hall for worship, shed, classrooms and administrative warehouse in 2D. Everything will be done in 3D also, to better visualize the end result of the projects. I hope I have not forgotten anything.

I would like to thank you once again for inviting me to participate in this, which I believe is a dream for you born in the heart of God. I’ll be praying that God be with you in this journey!

A hug …

Pr Filipe Moreno