Thau: April 2015

The Inh peoples of Shan state in Golden Triangle

1. Location
Inh land is located in the areas of Shan state. They live in East Shan State
and border of  Lao and Thailand.
2. Population
About 100000 over Inh live in Golden Triangle. Sometimes called, “The
forgotten peoples”.
3. Peoples
The Inh belong to the mongoloid stock of the Tibeto-Burman family. The
Inh are independent, ethnic people group by themselves.
4. Languages
The Inh people speak the Inh language and some can speak Shan language.
5. Literacy (0 %)
There is no literacy, but only have languages
6. Inh spend their lives looking after cattle. The cattle are their
wealth, and are precious to them. Some poor Inh has no cattle and
little cultivation. Most Inh people are farmer and work hard and get
little human resources.  Most Inh grow crops of grain and vegetables.
Sowing takes place after the first rains in April, and harvest comes
in October at the end of the rainy season.
7. House
Inh homes are made of bamboo and thatch, some kinds of leaf with grass
roofs . Each family has a few pots, house utensils. The houses are
(a)     Drink: The Inh drink is a rice beer called Ayem. This was the
origin of alcohol, which plays so large an apart in all village feasts
and merrymaking. They said that their god (Nat-Demon) like alcohol so
(b)     Tobacco: All Inh are smokers, both men and women.  When other
people visit to Inh village they provide alcohol, tobacco as
hospitable to them.
(c)     Animals: cows, pigs, dogs, and chicken were the domestic animals
reared by the Inh.
(d)     Food: The Inh grew all their food and made their own clothes. Rice
was the main crop, followed by tobacco cotton.
(e)     Marriage: Marriage was either arranged or steal. They get Marriage
between ages 12 and 13 ages.
8. The chief
The chief is the head of the village; he is the leader in every
situation of his people, the owner of the village lands, the
protector. Chiefs have full power of control over their village.
9. Education
There is not development in education. They can not read nor write.
Most of them live in jungle villages where there is no school. The
reason of the lack of education is that sometimes no easy to share
about Christ to them. Whatever we go for outreach there must be an
interpreter .For most people will not even talk to us.
10. Transportation
Little development is there. Transportation systems are done by human
strength, some of them walk on foot when travel from village to
village. To reach Inh village, we take three days or two days else by
11. Working Children
Mission to village people takes on many forms and shapes. Working
children are children who work full-time and therefore are not in
school. The most Inh children are not in school. Many times, even when
we persuades them not to move by granting primary school for their
children, in ignorance for their children’s future they will still
deny it in fear of laboring for the school. They need the one who can
help and care their education show the way to Christ.
12. Villages
There are 73 over Inh villages in East of Shan state. Many villages in
Shan state are located in deep jungles, hills, valley and mountain
where malaria is rampant, it is difficult for evangelists to go and
preach the gospel to them. The Inh in Shan State have never had the
Bible in their own dialect. They are so poor people. Poor in spiritual
life, poor in domestic life, poor in social life, poor in education.
They are poor in poor.

13. Beliefs of the Inh about god
The Inh practice demonic, animism and witchcraft. The demonic altar
kept in each home is well maintained. The Inh believes as demon as
real their god.
(A)ways of worship
The Inh believe that life and health, good demon and bad demon. They
did not know about after death. They believe that good demon provides
good things and bad demon provides bad things. They seek these things
by prayer and sacrifice.
(B) way of sacrifice
The Inh offer sacrifices for a variety of reasons, for example;
For the coming of rain in the spring-time
For recovery from illness;
For the protection of the people.
(C) way of belief
The Inh believes that their god does not like the “Education”. In
order to obey their god Inh people live in far away from Education.
The parents does not allow their children to get education or go to
(D) The shaman
At the heart of shamanism is the belief that there is communion
between gods and men. The Inh believes shaman is their priests who can
perform behalf of them. The shaman holds various kinds of ceremonies
in the spring, in order to pray that evil fortune may be eliminated
for the year, and that an abundant harvest be given. All the villagers
gather together at and around the time of the first moon to perform
the rituals of treading on the earth god, or to prevent misfortune.
That time they all drink the alcohol and become drunker.

Praise the Lord with us.
1. We reached 2 villages in this month of April with the salvation of
Jesus Christ. 25 houses in one village and 36 houses in another
village. There are 78 population in one village and 95 populations in
another village. We do evangelism house to house and share about the
salvation of Jesus Christ at night. We pray for those who need
healing, free from alcohol, slavery from demonic.
2. 77 Inh people have confessed that JESUS is their savoir and their
Lord and accept as personal their savoir. It was our living God that
open the heart of  Inh people as well as so hard to get these Inh
people into Christ.
3. We long to provide 30 Bible to Inh people.
Prayer requests.
1. Pray for new converter of  Inh people in this month. They are still
need to help in many ways for their family, their spiritual life as
well as their physical well being.
2. Pray for social life, and their children of future education.
3. Pray for the children of Inh. The most Inh children are not in
school. They get marriage in ages of between 12 ages and 13 ages.
4. Pray for more outreach to do among the people of Inh.
5. Pray for us for reaching the Inh people and the next 2016 year we
are plan to reach 20 villages of Inh people with the salvation of
Jesus Christ. Pray that the lord will open the way for us and bring
many Inh soul to  God.
6. Pray for 150000 people of  Inh for their salvation of eternal life.
Much evangelistic and literary work is yet to be done. There are still
many groups in Golden triangle to be reached more effectively by the
power of the Gospel. To make the motto” Golden Triangle for The Word
(Christ) a reality, full consecration will be required.
7. Pray for Bibles.

Ambassador to Unreached people

Joseph Thau Thau