John Laframboise: November 2010

Vision for this season
In this season I feel a strong calling of the Lord to explain and grow the ministry he has given me. Up to know God has kept me in a hidden place even though I have been preaching around the world with notable miracles signs and wonders. I feel like this is a season for expansion and growth both spiritually and naturally.

I have an ever growing desire to see souls come in the kingdom so most of my attention is on equipping the church for practical day to day ministry. In my efforts to see this accomplished I am currently writing a practical school with manual on the foundations and depth of the word of knowledge, healing and street ministry but it doesn’t stop there. I have a vision of doing crusades overseas and developing a culture of revival everywhere I go. It’s all about the kingdom and seeing souls get saved. And this is also a reason why I want to join CMM. I am like minded to stand next to them and send them out. With my acceptance and reputable ministry but I would be able to cultivate American partners in the ministry to help fund outreaches

-John Laframboise