Ukraine Relief

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Thank you for your prayers and generosity for praying and giving to help CMM trusted friends in Poland, Romania, Moldova, Latvia, Kazakhstan to bring relief to Ukraine.

We are sending funds several times a week to trusted friends who are set up to assist in refugee care, relocation, and communications with families. Several safe houses are also preparing.

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We are sending funds several times a week to trusted friends who are set up to assist in refugee care, relocation, and communications with families. Several safe houses are also preparing. There are many great ministries rushing to help, so ask the Lord who He would have you support.  If He leads you to support CMM trusted friends click above.

Bob Jones gave this prophetic word regarding Russia and Ukraine in 2004. It’s worth your time and attention to watch and pray into.  End Time Calling on Russia

Thank you for your prayers, bold, courageous faith, and generosity!  Heidi Bakker says ‘If we don’t quit, we win!’ Jorge Parrott and your CMM Global Family

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Never in our lifetimes have we seen this much turmoil and division, in churches, nations, and even among family and friends. How do we stay pure and holy and messengers of salt and light in all the strife? We, on behalf of all our CMM Global Family and Friends and Missionaries, are so encouraged by many of your encouraging words and hope-filled prayers and generosity YOU sow into your favorite missionary or project.

Certainly, the Lord is working all things together for good as we know in Rom. 8:28. Millions are in the valley of decision.  (Joel 3:14)  ‘But as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.” Joshua 24:15 Our choice is clearer than ever.

 Greetings Praying Warriors and Watchmen/women,
We hear there are millions praying for innocent citizens and fellow believers facing death and war in Ukraine. Indeed, we are in a war. This war is on several fronts and levels, both in the natural and spiritual.

Update #2

I will start with update #2 to bring you up speed on the latest developments happening in Your CMM Global Family.  Pray for the many great organizations and ministries rallying in this current crisis.  Ask the Holy Spirit who He wants you to sow into.  Only as the Lord leads here is the link to give through CMM as we are sending aid several times a week.

The Russian woman with a young baby and nanny was able to leave Kyiv and made it to Moldova. Thank you to all those who prayed

Strategic Alliances-Together For The Glory of Our Lord!

We are in touch with trusted friends who live, work there, have lived there, or work closely with ministries and orphanages in Ukraine.  One friend is headed there this Tuesday to help his friends and check on ours. Pray for Pastor B.  We have been asked to help arrange transport and exfil for a group of 50 orphans in the Kremenchuk area.

Safe houses continue to be set up and stocked with emergency supplies in W. Ukraine, Poland, Romania, and nearby nations with our CMM members working hard to welcome with the love of Jesus, being the heart, mouth, hands, and heart of the Lord during the struggle.

 Standing Up and Together for Ukraine and Believers Under Attack Globally

Update #1

Update #1 Our hearts are heavy for those precious people in Ukraine suffering such violence inflicted on millions of innocent families on both sides of this horrid conflict.  Millions are praying and crying out for the mercy of our Lord for those heavy in conflict and war.  Many prophetic voices are releasing Abba’s hearts making declarations of the Lord’s will on earth as it is in heaven in terms of the Ukraine invasion and also praying against the threat from CCCP in China and their bully spirit wanting Taiwan.  YOUR voice carries all the authority given by our Father to Jesus and Jesus gives that authority to us as we stand against every onslaught of our enemy.  

We declare the ‘puppet strings’ of all the evil and corrupt forces at work in the world today to be cut off and demonic deception to be exposed, in governments, media, big tech, globalists, Marxists/socialists, CCCP, and NWO. There are many giants in the lands and the Lord is raising up His ‘Davids, Daniels, Josephs, Deborahs, and more as we keep our eyes on Jesus the Captain of the host of the army of our God.

and reasonings and every proud and lofty thing that sets itself up against the [true] knowledge of God; and we lead every thoughtpurpose away captive into the obedience of Christ (the Messiah, the Anointed One)’

CMM is so blessed with loving friends and family in many nations as the Lord prepares His Bride, His Remnant, His Ecclesia for these exciting opportunities to stand together and raise His standard high!  Over the last few days as the Russian invasion shocked the world YOU and our fellow intercessors, watchmen/women, prophetic warriors, friends, and donors called asking how is CMM mobilizing and ‘what can we do to help?’  Bless YOU all for praying and declaring the word of the Lord by His Spirit into this conflict.

Vine Convergence In The Middle Of The Night

One night about 2 am as I was speaking to a group of our pastors in India, I got a message from a Russian friend of ours I had not seen in 10 years, who lived in Crimea and had to flee the Russians when they took over Crimea in 2014. These two brothers don’t know each other. Within a few minutes, I got a message from a friend from Kazakhstan who lived in Ukraine and has relatives there.  This divine convergence within minutes awakened my spirit to act.  And Mix, from Crimea, was in Charlotte and wanted to see me.  I interviewed John Kain that night about 3 am and the next day Mix Hawk when we met after 10 years while he was in town for just a few days.  These interviews along with one the next day with Dr. Nicholas Papanicaloau happened. Nicholas is a graduate of Harvard and the CMM College of Theology and has a vast knowledge of the Bible and world history. He shares pertinent, historical background on the crisis in Ukraine.

Each day we were in touch with friends, CMM Ministers, students, some who had lived in Ukraine and surrounding nations of Romania, Poland, Latvia, Kazakhstan, and more to pray together and strategize as we were asked to help a young Russian woman, her 14-month-old baby, and 24-year old nanny, all with Russian passports have food, fellow believers working together to help her family move to safety to return home to Russia. The anti-Russian sentiment in Ukraine is obvious and she was concerned for her precious family’s safety. Thank God she was able to get to a nearby nation just today.

By God’s grace, we are able to rally friends and family of CMM Global to help. Safe houses are being prepared and stocked inside Ukraine, Poland, Romania, and elsewhere to help precious families fleeing the hardest-hit areas. YOUR prayer and help are priceless as yet another crisis looms before us. After the Afghanistan surrender, you helped in the rescue and relocation of 500 Afghans into a nearby nation. You helped in the rescue of over 100 sex slaves. Now, we ask your prayers to help with the Ukraine war. Thank you for your prayers and generosity for praying and giving to help CMM trusted friends in Poland, Romania, Moldova, Latvia, Kazakhstan to bring relief to Ukraine.