Cavid Duarte

Pastor Cavid  Duarte

He served the pastor for several years in Colombia, carrying a good job through Workshops for Leaders and Partners, has been carrying the message of God to different countries including Brazil, Panama, Peru, Philippines.

Also developing potential leaders multipliers vision of God, likewise turn an in-depth development of social outreach to men, women and children affected by homelessness, crime and drug abuse through CER Foundation offers comprehensive care.

Cavid  is an ordained minister of the Christian Church Foursquare. Technologist in Business Administration. Diploma in International Humanitarian Law and Human Rights. Graduated from Foursquare Bible Institute in Colombia.  Graduate College of North Carolina Theology in Master of Divinity.  Graduate Seminar King James Houston, Texas in Pastoral Ministry. In the U.S. volunteered in the program “Youth in Action Miami” non-profit organization dedicated to working to rehabilitate people with drug abuse problems. He preaches in different cities and directs the radio program “In Romance”. Developing an excellent job as a counselor in drug and alcohol abuse in Hispanic population SAIL and Counseling Insights, Inc.

Our vision is …
Reaching through the gospel of human development indices as minimum standards of
a decent quality of life for humans street people affected by homelessness and alcohol
and drug abuse.

Through the Shelter for comprehensive care in Bogota Colombia, where they can have safe shelter, housing, three meals a day, clean clothes, health, recreation, job training, Biblical advice to help overcome addictions and other problems and assistance for employment among others.

Our goal is …  
Specifically strengthen the personal development of adult men and women through training processes aimed at the construction of autonomy, self care, self-esteem and self-realization. From training and educational activities based on the transformative power of the Word of God and a true Christian love.