Thank you for your great message about the transformation of a call. may the Lord teach you a great deal to instruct us to advance the work.
We believe in all respects that the hand of the Lord is mighty to all who bind. if we are attached to the Eternal, the sky will open to make us fall the manes to his people.
Thank you for your prayers and your heart which is really painful because of us.
Dear Jorge, the Bible teaches us that what you do not want to be harmed, does not also do for others.
We who are your leaders of CMM-Mission Congo DRC, he asks us to humble ourselves and to have the spirit of simplicity and love towards the others who surround us to show the capacity of our CMM-Mission.
Congo DRC is vast, and the scourges of COVID-19 seriously shake up the Population. whether Christians or bread, all are in misery. the world becomes complicated by everything sings of lack of food, by everything one sings of tears because of this plagues.
At this moment that I speak to you, I receive multitudes of people that they are bread, Christians, leaders to prey on them because of these plagues. a day I receive a hundred people to help them with prayer one near the other, but I help them with that. that is spiritually, but if God I repeat again if God can trace a way of means to buy the flour to distribute to them and rice to give them, that will be for his glory.
this is a strategy of an elected official called to God to win lost souls and bring them to Christ. it is through our acts, sometimes we will glorify the name of the Lord.
Because I saw it and I listened to your youtube that you had sent me, it’s amazing. where the thought of a man is limited, this is where the thought of God begins.
The rate of this COVID – 19 disease is advanced. those who are affected are 183, and those who are healed are 10 and those who died are 20 in number. because they are suffering. there are no schools that work, churches do not work. sometimes work, people don’t work. except for the servants who pray in their offices. if you do not have the office, you go to the mountain to call the name of the Lord.
This is why we wait patiently when the hand of the Lord will open to receive help to send us. we will glorify the name of the Lord to distribute to the poor, to men who are thinking of selling their children, what misfortune?
Help yourself and heaven will help you.
Jorge, be sure of your servant, Director Noe Sakahandu Luya who suffers for the love of neighbor because of CMM-Mission DRC.and we pray that their saints will be touched by helping us with chloroquine drugs, food, to deepen the hand of the Lord to others, we believe.
May my God bless you!
I await the manifestation of the Lord.

Your Director Noe Sakahandu Luya who is in office