Sakhanadu: December 2014

New well in Congo

Noe Sakhanadu: December 2014

Sakahandu: October 2014

Glory to Jesus name.

CMM Morningstar Mission Congo want to send this report to you.
We want to enlarge our vision in different areas:
– Evangelism: Saving lost souls, to evangelize and to implant.
– Boring well: We need more money to bore a well at Bunkeya, to the
glory of God.
– Education: Our vision is to care for the children,
orphans and refugees that suffer and to give help to the Katanga and
Bunkeya village where some children are suffering and in need.
Therefore CMM and Morningstar Congo prepares to build a Primary and Secondary school to educate the children.
– Agriculture: We have a five kilometer wide land that is not used, and this month we
want to use it for planting maize and other crops. If God help us to grow it all and we are able to harvest a good crop, then we will be able to sell it and help orphans, pastors, for building churches, guest houses and orphanages for the glory of the Lord.

These needs are really urgent and we are looking forward to sponsors in order to grow teh maize, bore the well and educate the children.

May the God who is in heaven reward you.
Your beloved in the field,
Rev. Noe Sakahandu Luya