Flights and CR Storm

Flights and CR Storm

I am praying that each of you be blessed these days according to the love and desire of Jesus toward you. May our lives be a response to His love!

Special Request

First I have a request; it is time to buy my return ticket Costa Rica. I am in the US for a month to work and visit my family then return to CR the 12th of Nov. Will you help me buy my ticket? Round trip from Seattle to San Jose, CR and back is about $700. The ticket needs to be purchased this next week to avoid prices going up at the last minute.

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Dodge: August 2017

Thank you for reading my reports from the mission field and your prayer and support. Below is my latest report. God bless!
Thank God, I have once again made it safely to my “second home,” La Gloria, Costa Rica!

My last two months were spent in the beautiful Pacific northwest and Montana visiting family and working to pay bills.

Returning to the field – Costa Rica

Dodge: February 2017

Costa Rica Feb 2017

Praise God!

February has been a full month as things advance in the ministry.

Here at the WyldeLife Sanctuary of Costa Rica we had our first conference of the year. This was three days of worship, teaching and fellowship with a mix of local young people and church leaders. The highlight, a young woman accepted Jesus and we had the joy of baptizing her in the river!

A week later I joined the youth and young adult group, Generation DNA, for their annual four day Bible camp. They taught on identity in Christ with a focus on Genesis, who we are created to be from the beginning. God moved particularly powerfully one night as we worshiped bringing many of the young people to weep before God. Though I did not get the specifics from most of them I could see God was lifting burdens and healing hearts. I am constantly amazed at their faithfulness and willingness to seek God together. What a blessing to be in community with them and be trusted to assist in ministry.

Just a few days ago I and two of the women from Generation DNA returned from a ten day medical mission trip assisting the Mountain Family Fellowship team from Montana. We visited four pastors in four towns and saw more than 400 patients in medical clinics. Theses are remote and poor communities need the care and each has an amazing pastor who has faithful to bring God’s love and Word in difficult circumstances. The highlights for me are always ministering to the pastors and their families, bringing encouragement, prayer and fellowship to those who are paying the price to build the kingdom of God.

I also want to say, about the medical mission, what a joy to assist in bring together three ministries to go serve four other ministries! This is a glimpse of the things to come as the body of Christ leaves walls behind to function as one true body establishing the kingdom of God in the earth.


Thank you all who support me in finances and prayer; you are a great blessing!

As we press on in Christ developing the WyldeLife Sanctuary of Costa Rica I am trusting God for all provision. Currently living on less than $500 each month is difficult though God always makes a way. Would you consider supporting me monthly?

To send support:

Credit or Debit: visit and designate “Nathan Dodge”

Checks: make payable to “CMM” with “Nathan Dodge” in the memo and send to:

CMM, PO Box 7705

Charlotte, NC 28241

God bless you all!

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Nathan Dodge: May 2016

Haiti Trip

My recent trip to Haiti went well. I spent my first and last nights with Jonathan Euler who is having great success in community development. He has a simple but effective wood shop employing Haitian people from the community. Using shipping pallets they have created a line of furniture so popular they are having trouble keeping up with orders. This was my first time meeting Jonathan; it was a blessing to see what God is doing there.

Most of the trip I was with Elaine Rensink and her children at Lespri, her home and ministry. The richness of what God is doing there astounds me. It’s not just the numbers of people who have been saved, healed or children cared for but the quality of community, the ongoing relationships producing true lovers of Jesus. I can see this in Elaine’s staff and especially the seven children she has adopted!

My greatest joy there was loving on the kids! Haiti is being redeemed but despair is the norm for many. In all my visits I have not seen a home where the kids are more loved and know they area loved; they are so full of life and hope. There is a bed in the living area that doubles as the couch and gathering place for the kids. That is usually where I would end up with as many as three kids in my lap at a time! Their ages range from about seven to twelve if I remember right. We even had a spontaneous dance party one night.

We went to the dump to pry for people and distribute food one day. Since Elaine started going there the violence has stopped and almost everyone she new there has now been able to move on to better places! We saw a couple people healed, as is usual there praise God, and gave food to about 50 families. Another day I saw woman with a hurt foot and so we stopped the and prayed, she was healed on the spot. In the last two years Elaine has seen several hundred people healed and about as many accept Jesus!

The main project for me was building desks for the computer lab in Elaine’s school. I was able to buy materials and, using a skill saw and homemade plywood protractor, build all the desks. Bos, a wonderful man of God who works for Elaine, helped me with the whole project and later after I left installed them in the classroom. Thank you all who gave to make this possible! There are about 60 children receiving a free education who would otherwise get none and they are getting to know Jesus at the same time!

Thoughts on Intimacy 

Through most of my trip I only had enough internet to send out a few pictures… so every night when I went to my room is was just me, the Holy Spirit, my Bible and a book by Heidi Baker. Amazing things happen in such times.

In this case God established a simple truth in my heart. As I was reading a particular line from Heidi’s writing stood out to me, “all fruitfulness comes from intimacy” (with God). I have been on a journey for a couple years now seeking the Father’s heart, to have His heart in me towards and for people, situations and circumstances. To have the Father’s heart is to be intimate. Intimacy, as I have learned so far, has two sides. There is the knowing as in I can feel you when you come in the room or I know your voice in a crowd and there is the knowledge of, as in I know your characteristics or I know your opinions of the world around us. Simply put I recognize the reality of these two sides of intimacy as being familiar with the Holy Spirit and the Bible in my everyday life.

Finding God’s presence is as simple as acknowledging it; when we learn to think in the context of God is always present seeking His presence fades into abiding in His presence. Being in His Word is as simple as asking the Holy Spirit to bring it to life for you, asking Him to teach you and then simply opening it to read. I want to be fruitful in in the kingdom though even more so I want to know my God; from the knowing I will be fruitful.

I am now in a process of learning how to apply this revelation to life. These are my initial thoughts shared for your encouragement and consideration. May you grow in intimacy with Jesus.

God bless you all!

Nathan Dodge

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brother cliff: February 2015

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One of the team members in Costa Rica testifies:

We had am amazing time of prayer and worship in my cabin today and many more to come! I have been so blessed to spend much of the last week with wonderful group of young people. Since a prayer and worship gathering Jan 31 the Holy Spirit has been moving here in a continuing, tangible way! Some are saying for the first they know God loves and want to use them. Other that their relationship with God is real now. One young boy accepted Jesus at the youth camp and another man at church yesterday. Another theme of this move is a deep travailing to reach the lost and for the church to unite; God is planting the call in young leaders for the coming harvest!


Please pray for the youth that God will touch them and for the ministry that God will bless and provide. The ministry is in need of a used 15 passenger van or a 4wd Suburban-type vehicle for the Regional Missions Base in Costa Rica.

God bless!