Brother Cliff: Mission – Vision

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Out There Ministries International

Out There Ministries International is an international community of friends of Jesus Christ who have embraced the call to “Reach and Disciple the Young of the Nations”!

We are developing a Regional New Wineskin Leadership Matrix for the Latin American and Caribbean nations at our 160 acre property in Costa Rica.

The WyldeLife Sanctuary of Costa Rica is becoming an intergenerational, educational and sustainable community dedicated to recognizing, enabling, maturing, releasing and supporting New Wineskin leaders for the Arising, Glorious and Victorious Bridal Church.

There are to be six institutes within the Leadership Matrix. All are to be undergirded by an intergenerational, educational and sustainable community.

  1. Institute of Intercessory Worship
  2. Institute of Biblical Studies
  3. Institute of the Arts of Worshiping
  4. Institute of Societal Transformation
  5. Institute of the 5-fold 4 Kids
  6. Institute of Communications

Our goal for the WyldeLife Sanctuary is to become the Latin American & Caribbean Morningstar Regional Base.

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