HTF Ministries

From the end of August until the first of September we conducted a Mission trip to South of Artemisa, 112 people received JESÚS. We also conducted a Chaplaincy program with 14 of the 16 baseball teams on the Island.
The mission trip and Sports Crusade to Artemisa City (September 13 -25), was powerfully received in 3 providences of the Eastern part of Cuba.
Our trip to Guantánamo will be a sports mission trip with Baseball.
The closing ceremony was conducted at the Training Center in Matanzas, with 23 leaders and Pastors.
From September 25-27/HTF University, in Havana, Cifuentes, Pinar del Río, Artemisa with 86 Pastors and leaders.
Many thanks for your support and prayers. Together in the Harvest.
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