Ministry trip Cuba: February 2015

Dear Friends, ​
Osmani’s team had 2,260 salvations the week before we arrived at 3 locations of crusades. Both Osmani and Ramone’s groups are seeing many healings in spite of harassments, one side is government and the other side is from religious spirit and denominations.

Ramone has left his organization and is now fully under us, looking to open a missions training center in Santa Clara, in the east and expand prophetic training across the nation.  He gas visited MS three times to receive impartation.

Even yesterday when we arrived in a small town near Pinar Del Rio, in the west, some neighbor reported strangers in town and the government sent an inspector to see us and get our ID’s. Three hours later we still went on with with our leaders training of about 30 leaders and it was a free time to share and equip and impart and pray over them.

Wednesday I made declarations over Cuba from the National Hotel, (quietly) and prayed for listening ears to hear what the Lord is saying. I posted prophetically a photo on Facebook of addressing the nation, you can see it on my page on FB.

Wednesday night we net in Caimeto. A man came and said he heard my message on the radio at that time around noon and he was told he would meet me in Caimeto that night and he came and I was there. We got words of knowledge and wisdom to share and many were healed, delivered and encouraged.

David White was last here 22 years ago. He prophesied then he saw arrows going out from Cuba to the nations. Yesterday we learned that he was speaking at a League of Evangelical Cuba Church. Two men, Osmani and Joel, now pastors, were present at that meeting 22 years ago.

Saturday we meet with our 32 students of MSU College of Theology and have orientation and call to action as school starts here. Sunday we speak at Osmani’s church.

Pray for Osmani as the warfare has increased from the religious spirit and denominational opposition over this school, but he is focused and determined and encouraged by our prayers and visits.

God is amazing always.

Thanks for your prayers.