By Jorge Parrott (All Scriptures AMP)

Do you feel the winds of change shifting again? We choose to focus on the great hope we have in the Lord and many opportunities to shine in spite of the increasing darkness. There are many efforts from the enemy of our soul that are ‘boomeranging’ back on the sender’s head as he sends his bad winds on many fronts these days. We have to deal with a glut of global mind control, fake news, whacko despots, religious spirits, political correctness etc.

The shaking will intensify. In Hebrews 12:27 we see this “Now this [expression], “Yet once more,” indicates the removal and final transformation of all those things which can be shaken—that is, of that which has been created—so that those things which cannot be shaken may remain.”  The winds are blowing and winds are shifting. Yet, there is one wind we do not want to miss. That wind is the wind of the Holy Spirit.

John 3:8 “The wind blows where it wishes and you hear its sound, but you do not know where it is coming from and where it is going; so it is with everyone who is born of the Spirit.” Increases in wisdom is available and upgrades in our discernment are happening right now.

A team of nine went to India recently.  Persecution used to be prevalent in the North but this year it has spread to the South. The radical Hindu BJP party has vigorously increased anti-Christian rhetoric and policies attempting to stop the Church and Christian activities. This attempted clamp down will backfire. The Lord reigns, let His enemies be scattered.  We ask your continued prayers for those in India and elsewhere as persecution expands and intensifies with many facing threats and danger with martyrs paying the ultimate price increasing in numbers of Biblical proportions.

Seven Conferences in Ten Days

In light of the increasing persecution and danger the Lord had showed me new strategies to accomplish two important things on this trip:

  1. To love and impact previously unvisited ministries who are members of our network Eagle Missions members there. Many had visited us in the US and all had received discipleship resources and mentoring from our Missions team the last few years. All had received Prophetic Sky Team ministry online. (We are connected with nearly twenty thousand churches in India.)
  2. To engage our team with remarkable, life changing, transformational God encounters with the heart of the Father through the Holy Spirit and to bring them home safely.

The Lord trusts us to move in this season do great exploits as we surrender and yield our lives to Him for His purposes and all for his glory. Faith pleases the Lord. Stepping out of our comfort zones, taking risks, to meet the Lord of the harvest in the faith realm is the place to be.  2018 is the year of taking risks and developing a lifestyle of risk taking, by faith.

We worked from four main hubs in larger cities. For safety I am not publishing those. These are all in South India. We had little sleep, often getting home at 1-3 am.  We met with pastors and leaders each day during the day and help open public meetings at night. During these ten days we met with nearly six hundred pastors/leaders over nearly seven thousand eight hundred churches.  We did lots of prophetic and leadership training and personal ministry with these leaders.

At night we held open air crusades on church grounds or inside churches.  We kept on the move at a different location almost daily to avoid drawing unwelcome attention and to not endanger our hosts or their families or ministries.

Salvations, Healings, Signs&Wonders, Graduations and a Playground!

The Lord never disappoints.  We saw many salvations and healings and deliverance. We also attended three graduations of Eagle Missions schools. What a beautiful time we had day after day to see the faces of so many hungry for more of Jesus. We also dedicated a new campus with one of our Bible Schools, which has a new Bible School building, a new orphanage building and an awesome new heavy duty, brightly colored playground for children. What joy it was that day to cut the ribbons and to turn the shovel at a groundbreaking for the next new ministry building!

The reports continue to come in and we give all glory to the Father.

Here are just a few of the reports we received:

Dear Rick Joyner and Jorge,

We give Poppa all glory for the things he has done. Feedback from one conference:
Jorge’s gentle and loving team was with us just 2 days but packed in 5 churches, 10 hours of teaching, 120 people having 15 minute personal prophetic ministry including leading pastors of our city and our team were trained, released and flowing in the prophetic like never before. The city has never seen prophetic ministry on this level and we are planning another day soon to minister prophetically to many more people who are eager to receive. Thank you for sending them and for teaching and modelling through your ministry that we can all prophesy!

Pastor AC


Dear brother Jorge, 

Greetings in the name of Jesus Christ. On the evening of crusade and graduation program after the meeting you have prayed for a old woman suffering from diabetes, blood pressure and vomiting and diarrhea. By the grace of God and your prayers she was healed. Her name is Sameera tanaiah. She is doing well now suffering from 4 years. She is good. Praise the Lord. All glory to God. I never ever had this much powerful and joyful celebration in my 38 years of life

We are praying for you all.  

In His service 

At His feet For His Kingdom 

Pastor Samuel D.


Dear Jorge,

I’m RAJAPPA from xxx. I came to ICRM church for something thing else but ended up being prayed by you.  It was indeed a miracle for me.  While you were praying for me I was in tears as God was reconfirming His greatest plan in bringing me to xxx city. I just want to thank the Lord Jesus Almighty for bringing your team here. May God bless you and your ministry. Continue to uphold me in your prayers as I need it more to accomplish His ultimate purpose.



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Some amazing leaders we have done a lot of Prophetic Skype Team training with. These are some of the most mature and fruitful prophetic trainees we have seen anywhere.
Powerful praise and worship is our ‘War Ship.’ This theme came up at every stop due to its importance for all seasons.
Some of our team praying for this amazing woman in leadership impacting thousands. WOW! We can’t say anything to protect all she is doing.
We went to this historic place to pray and re-dig ancient wells on this hilltop where Christianity first came to this region. From this place over two thousand churches were planted with over 3 million believers. Christianity spread from here in the late 1800’s. John Clough baptized 2,222 in one day in July 1878 and 9,000 within six weeks.
I love these beautiful children, some call them orphans. We have over 2,000 orphans needing sponsors. $30.00 a month changes a child’s life for eternity.
One of the crusades we did as we traveled from place to place. Salvations and healings and deliverance took place nightly in our travels.
The Churches were packed with many hungry men and women sitting on the floor to encounter the Lord. They were full of hope.
In a surprising meeting with police one of our Missionaries invited local police to hear about Jesus at the Police Station. The leading Police Officer, a Hindu, accepted Jesus.
The altars were full in each place as many waited for personal ministry.
Some of our team with local leaders in a remote city.

Our Team flowed well together every step. We so appreciate all your prayers and could feel the intercession. The Lord kept our team healthier than all the prior trips to India. Front left to right: Nancy Daniel, Dawn Newbury, Donna Thomas, Vicky Hayden, Sara Wilson. Back left to right: Rich Grangard, Shelly Pifer, Jorge Parrott, David Sampson.

One of our new orphanage buildings we dedicated.
Part of the new playground dedicated.
Dedication of new campus with Bible School, Orphanage Building and Playground.
Groundbreaking of new ministry building at new campus.
After school programs are a new and powerful way to reach children with Jesus’ love and parents see a change in their children and then invite evangelists into their homes in light of the increasing persecution new believers ask Jesus into their hearts in increasing numbers.

One of the banners for the seven conferences held in ten days.
Packed fields of the Harvest.
Above: Sharing the heart of the Father hundreds in the rain with Pastor Samuel. This area had not had rain for over two months. We prayed earlier that day for the rain of heaven to come.
Teaching pastors and leaders at a remote location. Some had traveled for hours to come.
One of the three graduations we held during a crusade where many were saved and healed.
The hospitality was loving, sweet and fun.
One of the many pastors and leaders conferences held prior to the nightly crusades.

We did one Pastors and Leaders conference with sixty leaders with Dr. Etienne Blom, from S. Africa who is a graduate of the MSU College of Theology and started one of our schools near Cape Town, called Kingdom Fire Christian College.