Dog Company:
A True Story of American Soldiers
Abandoned by Their High Command

“A Powerful story of brotherhood and heroism-both on and off the battlefield.”

LTG William Boykin

“Dog Company is a clarion call to our nation’s military leaders and federal bureaucrats…”

Sean Hannity

“Dog Company makes Benghazi look like a walk in the park.”

Glenn Beck

“A war’s impossible mission”

Washington Post

“Captain Hill faced an impossible choice.”

Anderson Cooper

“Moz” Family

Our focus family for this fund is the “Moz” family.

He would have you sow into this precious family who were willing to die in combat to help America.  Roger will personalize your copy of Dog Company for a special gift of $500.00 to CMM’s Operation Rescue/Restore Central Asia (Op RCA) Fund. All Op RCA donations will go towards helping the “Moz” and other families relocate out of Afghanistan.

For a special gift of $1,000.00, Roger will personalize three copies of Dog Company and will share his story with an audience of your choosing over Zoom


Our focus family for this fund is the “Moz” family. Three of the family’s five brothers worked for the U.S. military for several years each during our nation’s twenty-year war in Afghanistan. Two of those three brothers served as interpreters on the front lines with various U.S. Army infantry and Special Forces units to include the heavy weapons company Captain Roger Hill commanded in his story Dog Company. This family risked their lives on a daily basis for several years only to be abandoned by our current administration. The Moz family deserves to be relocated out of Afghanistan and afforded the opportunity to start a new life in the U.S. or another NATO country. Please help us thank the Moz family for the sacrifices they made by donating.