by Gregorix Polanco Estevez

There was a time in the Dominican Republic where communities and pastors lived every day without hope of finding a helping hand to help them. In most cases, the pastors of this country receive the calling and open a congregation without having any preparation or training. They do it because they love God and want to serve Him with all their hearts.

In 2004 God sent a family that saw the need, not only in Pastors and churches but also in the communities and families that lived there. Every Day Ministries and Every Day Hope are transforming communities not only in the spiritual area but also creating resources for self-sustainability. These ministries are transforming communities from the inside out.

From the first time I saw the ministry work, my heart burned with fire and I told myself; I want to be part of this. Since then I looked for ways to serve my people through these organizations that are working for the benefit of all believers and non-believers.

Personally, every day I thank God for allowing me to be part of such wonderful work. As their names say, every day, I grow more in my spiritual and moral life. These organizations have transformed my life for good. They have helped me grow and help others grow by believing in one of the fundamental principles of the ministries that is multiplication.

Every Day Ministries and Every Day Hope represent the interest of the neediest. They provide tools and avenues for the personal growth of each individual, preparing them for a better tomorrow. I believe in these organizations because they really carry out a work of change and training for people who have an encounter with them. If you also feel a passion in helping others, I encourage you to join a revolution of transformation not only for the people we help but also your own transformation.

a seed of love and hope to be spread, in this case with pregnant teenagers.
An impactful program that has already been doing in the lives of these teenagers.


by Amarilis Aracena De Baez

Today’s society, in its evolution, has brought with it a series of problems: socio-cultural, political, economic and spiritual, with an impact of family dysfunction. As a consequence we find ourselves facing many Dominican homes of separated fathers, single mothers, absent fathers physically and emotionally, and as a result rebellious children in search of their identity. The projection of their normal life cycle, according to their age, is interrupted.

For these reasons and many others, God has deposited in the heart of the founders of Every Day Ministries, a seed of love and hope to be spread, in this case with pregnant teenagers. These girls have been vulnerable to the aspect of dysfunctional families. Becoming young mothers, they expose their lives to various risks such as having to be an untimely mother while being removed from her studies, learning, and preparation to face life and more now as a teenage mother.

Every Day Ministries has emerged to meet the needs of these young moms, with programs for their preparation: emotional, physical, economic and spiritual. They bring hope when there are no possibilities in their minds to think and dream of another lifestyle. With purpose, EDM carries out the program, Daughters of Hope, focusing on clear objectives. It consists of three steps covering the 9 months of gestation, with its own attention according to each quarter. The program is of vital importance. We have already met teenagers who have not even been able to attend their first clinical check-ups. They had sad faces full of despair, low self-esteem, and have led a promiscuous life.

The Daughters of Hope program is an operational necessity in each of these communities, working in favor of adolescents. Its existence and execution influence before and after pregnancy in the different areas of these teenagers so that they will be able to reinsert their life into a normal life cycle and get a preparation that allows them to be self-sustainable for them and their future babies.

It is impactful what this program has already been doing in the lives of these teenagers. These young moms have been able to learn to dream, learn useful crafts as income generators and know and feel that they are not alone. They have a new understanding that their value has been given by God, THEIR CREATOR.

Implementing this program is a paradigm of the influence on the future life of each adolescent transformed into a mother. This impact will have a great incidence on what is the beginning of a new generation with the birth of her baby. These babies will have a safer mother who has a support group and has the ability to give them love and care. The mothers will watch over their babies so that as children they receive what they need and in the best way possible.

As part of this program, which is very satisfying to me, I can testify how the lives of these future mothers have changed, from a dejected, sad face with low self-esteem, turning it into a smile full of enthusiasm and seeing them sharing, being part of each encounter.
They are demonstrating a better perspective of their future life and referring on many occasions that they will study again because they, too, want to achieve their dreams as people.

Wisdom and revelation

  • Pray for our new Dominican missionaries
  • Provision for a ministry truck for fieldwork
  • Safety and health for our whole team
  • Blessing and anointing over our upcoming conferences in November for families of pastors and leaders
  • Pray for health and safe deliveries for the teen moms in our Daughters of Hope program