by Jorge Parrott

Often our unenlightened world view can be shattered as a mere carnal misconception once the Lord opens our eyes to more of his heavenly reality. In 2 Cor. 5:17 (KJV) we read “Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things become new”.  In seeking to know more of God’s heart for the nations through deepening relationships with remarkable apostolic leaders around the world God has always exceeded my expectations. I just returned from some time spent in Lagos, Nigeria and The United Body of Christ International’s annual conference. Margaret Soremekun is the founder and visionary of UBCI. The presence of God was intensely strong those few days. This is a royal priesthood in the midst of intensifying persecution. Being with these people strengthened my holy fear of our Lord which is way stronger than any earthly fear of terrorists.

In northern Nigeria radical Muslims have killed many Christians. Margaret says the killing happens daily. She knows many who have been martyred and reports these beautiful people are prepared to be martyrs at home and abroad. She is asking MorningStar/CMM to help train them as missionaries to serve in other parts of the world. One of our Brazilian missionaries ventured to the north with Margaret a year ago and they encountered many supernatural signs and wonders. These are modern day Moravians awaiting training and deploying in missions for the cause of Christ to help fulfill the Great Commission. Two of their leaders are coming to Harvest Fest. I invite you to come and meet them for yourself.

Having first met Margaret Soremekun over ten years ago while walking from the auditorium at a conference at Ridgecrest NC to the cafeteria I asked the Lord who I should sit with at lunch. The spirit of the Lord said, “the woman with the purple top.”  As I walked through the line into the dining area I saw this black African woman wearing a huge purple turban on her head. Thank God he speaks so we can understand him.  We became strong friends for life. She has spoken much into my life, my family and into Missions. I received a strong impartation while there.

We began to support her ministry by sharing how we had shipped four containers to Nigeria to several ministries but one cargo container had been locked up at the Warri seaport for over two years. We asked her assistance and immediately upon her return home she was able to get released the cargo full of Bibles and books with no bribes. This woman carries an amazing presence of the Lord and great favor follows her.

Her ministry has thousands of ministers in her fellowship from many nations. She and her team have planted many churches. She has an annual conference that at times has had up to 10,000 leaders attending.

About ten years ago she called me and said she felt to have a “War Night” of prayer for CMM, prior to us joining with MorningStar. After the night of prayer she called me to share how they started at 10pm and prayed fervently until sunrise the next day. She said between 100,000 and 105,000 people stayed the whole night. We noticed a shift at CMM almost immediately. Many of her prophecies have come to pass.

 Solemn Assembly Days Expansion

As you know MorningStar at HIM Ft. Mill has our monthly solemn assembly for 12 hours on the first Tuesday of each month. In May I had written many of our missionaries based in 45 nations to ask them to please pray some portion of the 24 hour period for MorningStar and our missionaries. SInce June many of them and particularly Margaret and UBCI members are praying each month for MorningStar on that day. This ministry shares MorningStar’s hunger and emphasis on the prophetic. After the Solemn Assembly day in June Margaret emailed some specific words regarding people she and some of her leaders saw here in Ft. Mill. She has never been to HIM. I had introduced her to Rick, Robin and Steve on Pressley Rd. in 2002. One of our staff leaders remarked how the words during the June Solemn Assembly were truly astounding.

UBCI’s Compound Was Bulldozed By Terrorists In 2008

Margaret called me one day in 2008 and said all she had left was her cellphone as she fought back the tears.  Her headquarters in Lagos was totally bulldozed by radical Muslims. As I attended this year’s conference we drove through a poor industrial area and through three  guarded gates. I was now at the place where this atrocity occurred four years ago. Once there we walked on a wooden footbridge over puddles and mud to a large metal building. The lot in front was now bare where once stood many buildings and houses for ministry. Beautiful worship and praise ushered us into the presence of the Lord. These people are strong in the faith and focused on God day and night. Her guest house where I stayed is in a much nicer part of town and is truly a safe haven offering first class amenities and hospitality befitting royalty. In addition to missions training they want MorningStar’s prophetic training along with Bibles, books, medical and educational equipment.

They asked me to keep sending them Christian materials. If you have Bibles and books in good condition in English or French please send them to MorningStar. Shipping will be paid by friends who are with the Nigerian-American Chamber of Commerce. Also, medical and educational equipment is needed. Contact the Missions Office at 803-802-5544 ext 392 for more info or email

God’s Favor Favors His Favorites

Favor follows Margaret as evidenced when she took Pastor Joshua and me to the airport.  She did not ask for special treatment but asked an officer where I might weigh my bag. This man did not know Margaret and maybe did not even know why he did what he did. He said to follow him as he led the way and before we knew it we were taken to the front of the line. She softly thanked each person for helping us and blessed them. They received her as the royal, humble leader she is without her asking for any special treatment.  We invite you to join us on a faith adventure for a life changing God encounter.

Lord, help us be humble and holy knowing your favor is a grace given to us, your children. Purify our hearts God and make us holy as you are holy. Thank you Lord for what you are doing through our friends in Nigeria and all Africa. May we always be teachable and ever growing in our hunger for more of you. Favor will follow our pure hearts.