June 2013

Gebre Update

My family

As you know I got married a few months a go and when you are more than one, you need to have a bigger house than you used to live alone therefore, I have been searching for a long time and it has been very hard, it is very expensive so i stop searching and am waiting for God perfect timing. He is able and I put my trust in him.

My Brother’s Daughter

I hope some of you have heard my brother’s daughter story. My elder brother married to a Somalian woman about 22 years ago. As soon as his daughter came into the world, her mother took her to Somali. She grew up there with her mother, uncle and grandma. She never came back to my brother’s house since she left and my brother has not had the opportunity to travel to Somali. Unfortunately, she never found her mother’s family to be a family of God. They are Muslim and do not believe Jesus is God. They are not only Muslim but also believe in the darkness kingdom.Her uncle is a wizard and her grandma is in witchcraft. According to the daughter, her grandma and uncle are very possessed by the darkness kingdom. She used to serve the devil spirit with her uncle. I mean she does whatever her uncle ask her to do for the devil. She keeps watching the dialogues between her uncle and evil spirit

A few months a go, she came to Ethiopia to visit us and her uncle told her to stay here with us for some devilish work.

But since the day she came to our house, we keep preaching the gospel and talking about the Lord Jesus Christ. It was very hard to change her heart for the first few months. We kept praying for her and breaking the dark work in her. She did not want to take Jesus as her Savoir.

We cast out the demon in the name of Jesus Christ. But still she couldn’t give her heart to Jesus. Then one day when she was sitting with my brother and some other men of God including a young prophet, God spoke to the prophet to tell her history that we have never heard. She was very shocked !! She said how do you know my family’s history? He respond to her that Jesus spoke to him. She was watching something on the wall of a house and we left. It was Jesus he who was talking to her. He was telling her how he was born and died for her and the world and took away all her sins. According to her, Jesus came and talked to her and it looked as if  she was watching a movie in her own language, (Somaligna) from the very beginning of history. We couldn’t believe it when she told us what she was told in revelation. She keep telling us about Jesus’ History and things that we did not tell her. We praise the lord and we took her to church and now she is studying her Bible, this is truly amazingly.

Her uncle and grandma know what she is doing here. She tells us what the devil spirits do in Somali.

Her uncle knew by the evil spirit and was very angry that she reveal the dark work and sent the demons to hurts her very badly. As soon as the evil spirit try to hurt her body, she instantly knew that it was a work of demon and her uncle was doing that to her. Then we prayed for her and the demons revealed themselves and said they would never go out of her body. The evil spirit said that she revealed his work so they don’t want to leave her alone but rather want to kill her we prayed over and over and cast the demons out of her. Then she was filled with the holy spirit and now we keep studying the Bible and praying with her always. I know Jesus in her is greater than anything else in the world. Praise the lord for her deliverance.

I met a Muslim young man on the bus and ministered to him about Jesus and he accept Jesus as his savior. Praise the lord for him too.

Now I am upgrading my Bible study .and as soon as i finish my study, my friends and I  fish for the lost souls in every corner of the country very mightily as the Lord send us. We want conquer the dark kingdom for God’s everlasting kingdom. We make a move from north to south east to west to proclaim Jesus and preach gospel .


  • The lord for my brother’s daughter deliverance
  • For the opportunity to upgrading my Bible study
  • For the Muslim young man receive Jesus in to his heart

Prayer Requests

  • My brother’s daughter that the Lord will use her more and shines His face upon her so that she will bring her family from the dark kingdom to God’s Kingdom
  • For provision so that I can send my brother’s daughter to school as her father has passed away. Unless her mother is getting her back to Somali for school .
  • God to comfort her to live with another family
  • A house for my family
  • For me to reach unreached areas

In His Love