Aduga: September 2014

Hello my friends and families.

I hope all things are going well with you all. I and my family are doing pretty good by his grace.

I would like to say I am so sorry to write the update after a long while .The year 2014  have been the year of God blessed us with a beautiful daughter .we are so much happy that the lord blessed us with precious gift . My wife delivered her baby safe and the baby girl is very healthy .Praise the lord!

The 2014 also have been the year of a lot of souls come to Jesus. I have been traveling o the countryside to teaching kids the bible, worshiping the lord with them and feeding the hanger children. It was amazing time and over 40 children gave their hearts to Jesus. How sweet to see the kids when the Holy Spirit touch their hearts and tear come down on their checks. After I taught them the bible, we had a questions and answer time for the children …. They were very active participant and for the one who answered most questions, I gave the gift to encourage them. It was amazing time. Glory be to God.

The other amazing thing that has been happened is that the outreach I have done with Australians missionaries. We were traveling different villages teaching youth and kids about the living world of God.

W e have prayed for the sick, addicted, jobs, and more than 90 people gave their hearts to Jesus in a day. Praise the lord for the saved souls!


  • For our beautiful daughter that God has given us.
  • For My wife delivery our baby girl safely.
  • For more than 130 people gave their hearts to Jesus

Prayer requests!

  • For more people to come to Jesus
  • For our housing problem
  • pray for $600 to come in so I can go to the village and do the ministry.

Thank you and love you all and many blessings