Ethiopian Christmas Party For Orphans: January 7, 2015

EthGospel for the lost ministry is a ministry that gives the living word of God in different villages of Ethiopia, for the children. We also have children that we care for who lost their parents because of different diseases. We celebrate main holidays with the children and try to make them comfortable during the holiday seasons particularly for Christmas and New Year’s.

This year, we want to have a Christmas party with 20 orphans children in the village of Bona, as we have done before.

Last Christmas was amazing and it was great to see the happiness and joy on the children’s faces. This year we want Christmas to be a beautiful time for the children and we want them to feel they are celebrating Christmas with people who care for them like their parents would.

We want to celebrate Christmas with them in a family environment and help them to see that there is someone who still loves and cares for them. Most especially we want to show and tell them the love that Jesus has for them. On the party day we will share the story of Christ, worship the Lord, provide Christmas gifts of shoes and clothing and provide them with Christmas food.

In order to prepare a party in the village of Bona we will buy the children’s gifts from the town of Hawassa and rent a van to transport all of the items driving approximately 3 to 4 hours across the rough roads.

We then have to park our vehicle and walked another 30 to 40 minutes to reach the village. We will stay there approximately 7 to 10 days in the hotel and teach the children Bible. To do all of the things mentioned and see the joy and happiness of the orphan children we need to raise approximately $1700. Therefore, we kindly ask our family, friends, partners, churches and any one who is able to support our ministry and donate towards this Christmas event for the children of Ethiopia. Thank you and blessings