Adugna Gebre

About Gospel for the Lost ministry in Ethiopia
Adugna Gebre
When I was a university student, I went on a school trip down to the southern side Ethiopia to visit the rural tribes. We had been studying their socio-cultural diversity. These tribal societies we visited were the Hammer, Konso, Mursi, Tsemay and Bena. They impressed all of us as anthropology students. We appreciated their socio-cultural activities. They have so many things that are different to what we have in our city. They are very different from people who live in a city, in many ways, and are quite amazing!
Later, I had a chance to spend some time with them. I had been interviewing some of them about our Lord, God and savior Jesus Christ and almost all of them had no idea about whom I was talking about. They had heard nothing about Jesus Christ, but had beliefs and worship practices relating to ancestral spirits, which they called gods. Also, in these areas some children are killed and cast away because of a harmful tradition that has been handed down to them, especially in the Hammer tribe. I also travelled to a different part of the country on another trip and found a lot of children who lost their parents to the two diseases that kill the most people here: HIV/AIDS and Malaria. There is no person giving them their basic needs and sending them school. They desperately need food to eat and a house to live in.

One day while I was praying, the Holy Spirit spoke to me that this is the area where God wants me to minister the Gospel. Since then, I began to pray for these people to received our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ into their lives, and to go back again for mission work. Therefore, “Gospel for the Lost” ministry was launched to reach the un-reached areas, to proclaim the Gospel of Christ to the lost, to take care of the orphan children and to raise them up in Christ’s love.
To minster the gospel in these unreached areas, to bring the lost souls to God’s Kingdom and to make them disciples of Christ. Also, my vision is to raise orphan children in a family environment, in Christ’s love, and to send them to school and protect them from harmful tribal traditions, until such time as they become self-sufficient.

To travel to the tribes and other unreached areas more regularly, to proclaim the Gospel there systematically, and to allow them all to receive the Lord and God Jesus Christ into their lives as the savior, thus causing them to join God’s Kingdom. Also, to teach and show many more orphan children to fear and trust in the Lord and by doing so, make them influential to their friends and in their communities in a powerful, good way.


I believe this is good soil and donations will be used to reach the un-reached! Please consider visiting us or sending a donation through MorningStar / CMM.