Ethiopian Christmas Party For Orphans: January 7, 2015

EthGospel for the lost ministry is a ministry that gives the living word of God in different villages of Ethiopia, for the children. We also have children that we care for who lost their parents because of different diseases. We celebrate main holidays with the children and try to make them comfortable during the holiday seasons particularly for Christmas and New Year’s.

This year, we want to have a Christmas party with 20 orphans children in the village of Bona, as we have done before.

Last Christmas was amazing and it was great to see the happiness and joy on the children’s faces. This year we want Christmas to be a beautiful time for the children and we want them to feel they are celebrating Christmas with people who care for them like their parents would.

We want to celebrate Christmas with them in a family environment and help them to see that there is someone who still loves and cares for them. Most especially we want to show and tell them the love that Jesus has for them. On the party day we will share the story of Christ, worship the Lord, provide Christmas gifts of shoes and clothing and provide them with Christmas food.

In order to prepare a party in the village of Bona we will buy the children’s gifts from the town of Hawassa and rent a van to transport all of the items driving approximately 3 to 4 hours across the rough roads.

We then have to park our vehicle and walked another 30 to 40 minutes to reach the village. We will stay there approximately 7 to 10 days in the hotel and teach the children Bible. To do all of the things mentioned and see the joy and happiness of the orphan children we need to raise approximately $1700. Therefore, we kindly ask our family, friends, partners, churches and any one who is able to support our ministry and donate towards this Christmas event for the children of Ethiopia. Thank you and blessings

Aduga: September 2014

Hello my friends and families.

I hope all things are going well with you all. I and my family are doing pretty good by his grace.

I would like to say I am so sorry to write the update after a long while .The year 2014  have been the year of God blessed us with a beautiful daughter .we are so much happy that the lord blessed us with precious gift . My wife delivered her baby safe and the baby girl is very healthy .Praise the lord!

The 2014 also have been the year of a lot of souls come to Jesus. I have been traveling o the countryside to teaching kids the bible, worshiping the lord with them and feeding the hanger children. It was amazing time and over 40 children gave their hearts to Jesus. How sweet to see the kids when the Holy Spirit touch their hearts and tear come down on their checks. After I taught them the bible, we had a questions and answer time for the children …. They were very active participant and for the one who answered most questions, I gave the gift to encourage them. It was amazing time. Glory be to God.

The other amazing thing that has been happened is that the outreach I have done with Australians missionaries. We were traveling different villages teaching youth and kids about the living world of God.

W e have prayed for the sick, addicted, jobs, and more than 90 people gave their hearts to Jesus in a day. Praise the lord for the saved souls!


  • For our beautiful daughter that God has given us.
  • For My wife delivery our baby girl safely.
  • For more than 130 people gave their hearts to Jesus

Prayer requests!

  • For more people to come to Jesus
  • For our housing problem
  • pray for $600 to come in so I can go to the village and do the ministry.

Thank you and love you all and many blessings

Gebre March 2014

Greetings in the name of Jesus Christ!  My name is Adugna Gebre from Ethiopia.  I am a member of CMM / Morningstar Missions and a minister of the Living Jesus Christ among the rural tribes here in Ethiopia, especially focusing on ministry to the children.

My goal is that they may all have the opportunity to become citizens of Heaven through the gospel of Jesus.  Even though I have already been ministering the gospel of Jesus among my people, I feel that I need to go deeper in my ministry to the Lord and study further.  I wish to enquire about any provisions you may have for international students, like scholarships etc., that would allow me to pursue studies with MSU and allow me to bring the gospel back to my people with greater power.  If you have any information or suggestions on this and how to apply to the school, I would love to hear back from you!

May the Lord bless you!


Gebre September 2013

Dear brothers and families,

I hope all things are going well with you as always. I and my family are doing pretty good by His grace. The last three months has been really amazing. Teaching kids the bible was amazing. More than 50 children gave their hearts to Jesus. We had a plan to have kids camp in two different countryside towns but we couldn’t have enough money for kids camp for the second time so I have decided to cancel and travel from village to village to teach kids the bible. It was great teaching kids the bible traveling from village to village. Praise the Lord for the 50 children that gave their hearts to Jesus. I  pray more children to come and give their hearts to Jesus.

The other good news is that my wife get pregnant. Praise the Lord we are going to have children soon. How it feels good to have a child and be a father.

Even though we cancelled kids camp for the second time because of financial shortage, we still want to have kids camp and have faith the Lord is able to give us what we want for kids camp. Not only we want to teach them bible but also want to show them Jesus Christ film. We believe Jesus and Holy Spirit reach them via film too. Therefore, if Lord willing in September we want to have kids camp.

For kids camp we want the following things so please pray or donate in kind if Lord speaks to you.

Prayer request:

  1. Digital photo camera
  2. Digital video camera
  3. LCD to show Jesus film from laptop
  4. Laptop computer as mine has been broken
  5. $2000 as we want to have kids camp in two different countryside towns
  6. For my wife safe deliverance of our child


  1. For 50 children gave their hearts to Jesus
  2. For my wife get pregnant
  3. For as I could make all things in peace in village
  4. For the total healing from my sickness

Thank you so much and many blessings!!

June 2013

Gebre Update

My family

As you know I got married a few months a go and when you are more than one, you need to have a bigger house than you used to live alone therefore, I have been searching for a long time and it has been very hard, it is very expensive so i stop searching and am waiting for God perfect timing. He is able and I put my trust in him.

My Brother’s Daughter

I hope some of you have heard my brother’s daughter story. My elder brother married to a Somalian woman about 22 years ago. As soon as his daughter came into the world, her mother took her to Somali. She grew up there with her mother, uncle and grandma. She never came back to my brother’s house since she left and my brother has not had the opportunity to travel to Somali. Unfortunately, she never found her mother’s family to be a family of God. They are Muslim and do not believe Jesus is God. They are not only Muslim but also believe in the darkness kingdom. Continue reading

Gebre: 19 December 2012


Dear Friends and Partners,

I greet you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. May the love, grace and blessings of the almighty God be with you.

The last few months have been amazing here with so many souls saved. Also, I got married! August and November have been really amazing months in that so many good things have been happening. I have visited a few orphanages and ministered to the orphans and shared Jesus with them. They were very much interested by the Jesus’ story that I narrated for them. I went to their school too and narrated a story about Jesus and also ministered to more orphans and students about Jesus. More than 25 orphans and students gave their hearts to Jesus. Praise the lord!

November has been a month that God has blessed me with beautiful wife. I got married with a beautiful and God fearing woman. I am very thankful to the Lord that he has given me a wife. He blessed us with finances and people so we could celebrate our wedding ceremony. We celebrated our wedding in our church. God has been moving in our church in powerful way. On that day so many people were drunk by the power of the Holy Spirit and my oldest brother gave his heart to JESUS. Praise the Lord for him! Holy Spirit whispered and spoke to my heart to start a Bible study with my extended family. So I went and asked my extended family if could start Bible study together and they confirmed it. We worship the Lord and study the bible once a week together now . Praise the lord!

I had to cancel the mission trip to the tribal societies because of financial shortage. We believe we will go. I believe that the Lord is able to provide what I need for his work.

Prayer Requests:
• For continued provision for this ministry
• For the Lord to miraculously provide money for the upcoming mission trip
• For so many souls to be saved in the tribal societies
• For the Lord’s continued blessing on my new family.

• For God who provided us money so we could celebrate our wedding ceremony
• For my oldest brother who gave his heart to Jesus.
• For more than 25 students and orphans who gave their hearts to Jesus
• For the new Bible study with extended family.

Thank You!

We appreciate your prayers and financial support!

In Christ alone,


Gebre: September 2012

Hello Friends,

I hope all things are going well where you are.

I am doing pretty good by his grace as always. “Gospel for the lost ministry” will be going to the tribes (Hamer and Konso) in 15 days.. We want to stay there for about 45 days preaching the Gospel and proclaiming Jesus in the tribes. For this mission trip, we need an estimated $2000 and we therefore want to ask people to donate if God speaks them, to help us accomplish our goal.

Many blessings ..Adugna