Gebre: 19 December 2012


Dear Friends and Partners,

I greet you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. May the love, grace and blessings of the almighty God be with you.

The last few months have been amazing here with so many souls saved. Also, I got married! August and November have been really amazing months in that so many good things have been happening. I have visited a few orphanages and ministered to the orphans and shared Jesus with them. They were very much interested by the Jesus’ story that I narrated for them. I went to their school too and narrated a story about Jesus and also ministered to more orphans and students about Jesus. More than 25 orphans and students gave their hearts to Jesus. Praise the lord!

November has been a month that God has blessed me with beautiful wife. I got married with a beautiful and God fearing woman. I am very thankful to the Lord that he has given me a wife. He blessed us with finances and people so we could celebrate our wedding ceremony. We celebrated our wedding in our church. God has been moving in our church in powerful way. On that day so many people were drunk by the power of the Holy Spirit and my oldest brother gave his heart to JESUS. Praise the Lord for him! Holy Spirit whispered and spoke to my heart to start a Bible study with my extended family. So I went and asked my extended family if could start Bible study together and they confirmed it. We worship the Lord and study the bible once a week together now . Praise the lord!

I had to cancel the mission trip to the tribal societies because of financial shortage. We believe we will go. I believe that the Lord is able to provide what I need for his work.

Prayer Requests:
• For continued provision for this ministry
• For the Lord to miraculously provide money for the upcoming mission trip
• For so many souls to be saved in the tribal societies
• For the Lord’s continued blessing on my new family.

• For God who provided us money so we could celebrate our wedding ceremony
• For my oldest brother who gave his heart to Jesus.
• For more than 25 students and orphans who gave their hearts to Jesus
• For the new Bible study with extended family.

Thank You!

We appreciate your prayers and financial support!

In Christ alone,