It is amazing to see God work in His people!  To see Him move in mighty ways!  To see the eyes of His children opened to see more of who He is and more of His heart!  I’ve had the privilege of teaching 22 wonderful students in the Worship Institute this summer.  It has been a delight and honor to work with these students, who are eager to learn and be stretched.

Right out of the gate we go deep, teaching the students part of their identity as priests before the Lord and to the world around them.  They all ask the same questions… What does that mean?  What does that look like?  What does a priest do?  Discovering this identity always brings a powerful shift to the mindset and the lifestyle of the students.  To know that there is more to life than being good, going to church, being blessed, being touched by the Lord.  God has called us – every one of us – to serve and minister as His priests.

I love watching the students step out into their identity, by reaching out as priests, carrying the presence of God with them and bringing Jesus to the world around them.  To see the students being intentional about blessing those around them and not just saying something nice, but calling out of people how God sees them and what He has called them to do.  To watch as they help those around them worship by teaching them how to enter the presence of God and to know that when they minister to God He shows up and does what only He can do!

God has begun a good work in these students and He will continue that work until it is completed!  Already I’ve seen a change in their countenance and I hear story after story of how they are sharing what they’ve learned in class with those around them.  That is exactly what I desire to see – multiplication and the expansion of the Kingdom of God.  God always does much with a yes.  These students have said yes and are continuing to say yes to the Lord.  Only God knows the great and mighty things these students will accomplish for His Kingdom.  I can’t wait to see and hear about it!

Article by Emily Lane.

Emily Lane has served with us for three-month increments in the area of worship training, creative ministries and some administrative details. She has been a blessing to all and she is part of the EDM family. We are grateful for her dedication to the work of the Lord and her sincerity in all she does.

How enjoyable it is when friends visit and bring others with them to minister and invest in the people here in the Dominican Republic!  Some wonderful people from Abundant Harvest Church of Pennsylvania came to minister with us recently. We had an incredible week.

While one part of the group ministered to moms with the message, “Mother, You Are Irreplaceable,” the rest of the group held children’s ministry. There was a tremendous response to the Gospel following the interactive ‘Walls of Jericho’ Bible story. All the children wanted to receive Jesus in their hearts!

To complete our time together, the mom’s joined their children for a skit which communicated the redemption and transformation power of Jesus. There were a number of moms who also committed their lives to Jesus!

We want to take this time to thank everyone who made this incredible ministry week possible. We encourage others to come visit and be the difference in someone’s life.  To God be the glory and honor!

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  • Health and safety of the EDM ministry team.
  • Wisdom in the development of Daughters of Hope, the ministry to teen moms.
  • Divine connections with community leaders who will dedicate themselves to the transformation of their communities.
  • Pray that the pastors in the EDM network would work as one and always for the Kingdom of God.
  • EDM needs fundraising volunteers from the States.
  • Pray for more Intercessors.
  • Pray for our the new website development currently taking place.
  • Pray that the name of the Lord is lifted high in the Dominican Republic.