by Jorge Parrott, MorningStar/CM Missions Director


Native Evangelist Friend Allowed To Minister in Maximum Security Prison

Our dear MS/CMM friend and MSU College of Theology Doctoral student, who is truly an apostolic leader in this nation, recently played baseball with the prisoners and then began to preach loudly in the center of the prison yard. A prison official started to shut it down, but the spirit of the Lord won out. As our friend, (whose name we cannot mention) shared the love of Jesus silence fell over the entire prison.

When he gave the invitation to receive Jesus as Lord and Savior, every prisoner prayed the sinner’s prayer. Afterwards, the guards asked if the visiting team would play them. A double header was played as many were refreshed and having fun. At the end, another altar call was given and every guard gave their life to Jesus as well.

The final number of salvations through this one ministry in Cuba in 2012 totals close to 17,000. God is moving mightily indeed.

Covert Missions Asia:
Islamic Death Threats Cannot Stop God’s Love. We cannot mention the name or location of our friend as he has a death warrant on his head from Islamic extremists and is hidden in a U.N. refugee camp. This apostolic leader continues to plant churches even while in forced exile.Many Christian refugees fearing for their lives are being ministered to during this season of crisis, persecution, and bloodshed. Our friend reports the makeshift church services overflowed in the first month, and a building nearby is available which will serve as a school to provide a Christian education and space for worship and church services for the growing congregation. The rent is $1,200 for 6 months.

His articulate writing and bold faith has been used to free many from prison. Last year, his obedience to the Lord even drew global media attention as his letters to the Prime Minister of England were effective in shaming Islamic leaders regarding their treatment of prisoners and women. May we have the bold faith to stand for justice even to the point of risking our own lives.

Reaching Tribal Villages-Overcoming Witchcraft and Idol Worship Helps Growth of Church Jai and Yori Mallipudi in eastern Andhra Pradesh state are expanding their church planting activities once again. They train up many young leaders through worship and anointed discipleship to minister to rural tribal villages to win souls and make disciples of Jesus. All manner of witchcraft, idol worship, and evil enter into many lives of those who have not heard the good news of Jesus Christ. Many are coming to Jesus and being set free, but often there is intense warfare and many attacks as the enemy comes to steal, kill, and destroy.

Recent persecution against the rapidly growing congregation caused radical Hindus to pressure the landlord of the lot near the new church we helped build last year force them to buy the land or vacate the access road. Through generous support of the Jai’s friends, funds have been raised to build the new church last year ($10,000), a new orphanage home for 40 boys ($4,000), and now to pay for the land and the access road ($6,000). We thank God for faithful, generous donors who have a strong heart for Missions advancement with trusted friends on the ground.

Faithful Bond Servant Of Jesus Lives Daily in the Miraculous Doing Thousands Of Miracles.

Doris Chou, an MSU graduate, returned to Taiwan after her graduation in 2005 and began to fulfill the vision the Lord has given her. She travels in various nations in Asia and uses her teaching and healing gifts to win many souls and heal many infirmities. Cancers, blind, deaf, and all manner of sickness leaves bodies as she takes authority in Jesus’ name.

During the MorningStar New Year’s Conference, many were blessed to see Doris after seven years. While she was here she prayed for many folks and many were healed. Two remarkable instances that I heard of involved people growing taller instantly. Doris’ faith is huge and her humble heart and hours spent in prayer and fasting bear much fruit.

Please pray about supporting Doris on a monthly basis. She trusts God and she is “good soil” to sow into as you can have a front line warrior you can pray for and receive the same reward.

US and Brazil:
Itinerant Minister Being Featured In New Documentary John Scotland has been part of our ministry since 2004. John received a word from Bobby Connor in the early 1990’s and his life was changed. The Lord then used John to speak into the lives of Rolland and Heidi Baker. John is known for releasing freedom and joy in the Lord, and he received a “drunken anointing” as written in the Book of Jeremiah. Many are surprised by the strong biblical foundation and “meat” evident when John speaks.

Two years ago, John began to travel to Brazil. Consistent and lasting revivals are breaking out wherever he goes. Many are saying God is moving in Brazil as never before. A documentary film of John’s ministry and glory breakthroughs in Brazil is in the making. Click this link to
view a sample.

These are just a few examples of the radical, nation-changing, family of missionaries you support with your prayers and faithful giving. Our team of over 500 missionary leaders, some of whom having hundreds of pastors under them, are advancing the Kingdom of God and being a vital part of fulfilling The Great Commission. You are a part of a movement bringing hope and transformation in over 50 nations all part of MorningStar Missions.

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