Beyond the Borders: The Gospel without Limits

by Nancy G. Daniel


God gave us a training strategy to aide those in persecuted areas as well as pastors of unchurched people, though we will not limit God to these groups only. We have found that these precious leaders and pastors need to be empowered and released quickly. We are doing that by offering power workshops that are biblically based, teaching them to hear God in each discipline offered through the simplicity of the gospel. We call this Fast Track.

We have many pastors with more than 100 churches, pastors and leaders. We have more than 50 pastors that have more than 500 churches each. We have two pastors with more than 6,000 churches each. ‘The fields are white unto harvest…’ we are seeing great hunger with the millions in refugee camps around the world.
Paul says that he desired to see everyone complete in Christ, Colossians 1:28

$25/month can help spread the Gospel, empowers leaders in persecuted areas
$100/month empowers 1 leader & his leadership team
$500/month empowers 5 leaders & their leadership team
$5000/month empowers our faculty to reach leaders of a megachurch network

How and Why A Fast Track: Background

I work in CMM with Jorge and Anna Marie Parrott. I have personally observed their perseverance, love, humility and dedication for 16 years or so. Words fail me to describe the sacrifice that I have seen and the example that they have been to the people they serve.

One of our greatest struggles in missions has been to relate all that we see in other nations to the Western church. It is my hope and prayer that as you read you will see clearly how God is moving and find your place with us.

Our ministry has put in so many water wells in I lost count, ministered to millions by way of travel and Skype and launched many ministries globally. I am personally in the process of writing for a certificate program for the nations (which has been a dream of Jorge’s for about 15 years) and as Dean of MSU College of Theology School; I put teachers and curriculum in place and teach as well. All of this is awe-inspiring and worthy praise to our great God. But I have to share my passion or rather the Father’s passion, which I believe is the persecuted church and billions of unreached people.

refugees3It is humbling to hear and see the people who are suffering for their faith ask us to teach them about God and how to hear from Him, when they can teach us so much. I am so broken and blessed to be a part of it I have to share it with you.

A pastor, who has a price on his head and lives in a cargo container with his family as he cares for over 20,000 refugees daily, recently asked me for training materials, “get me training for my leaders and don’t give me any of that western stuff, I need real teaching for real life, my people are laying down their lives and dying for the faith.”

Another man who ministers in a persecuted area, with 2 seminary degrees looked at me and asked, “what can you do for me?

Honestly I did not know what to say. I looked to heaven and quickly prayed then responded, “Your people are dying and do not have time to get degrees they need empowered and released, I will get you training to mobilize.” He responded with, “YES THAT IS WHAT WE NEED!”

There were so many other instances of encounters like this that pushed me over the edge to seek the Lord for His strategy to carry this out. I had been working on certificate programs and felt the Lord was confirming that this was indeed His answer.

God’s Practical Answer

During this time I had a stellar Master 2 class; hungry to be poured out in the nations. Most were pastors of churches in America and abroad. As I taught this year I could not help but spill out all that the Lord was doing in the persecuted areas of the world.

One church came to graduation and asked me what was I pioneering? I told them about Fast Track for the Nations. They had some dreams and confirmations along with great faith in a big God and they decided to close their doors as a church and become a missions base. They are planning to help me with the certificate or empowerment courses for the persecuted church. We have a few others who will be joining us as well. We plan to roll this out this fall online first but we have invitations to travel abroad. We have many countries on our list.

This project not funded by a ministry; in fact we are asking the Lord how He wants to do it financially. If you are interested in helping fund this amazing project click the button below.

We have a dear friend who can get Biblesticks, h e said they were $1 a piece and he wants to get them to the refugee camps but first wants to start in Ukraine where the children are deaf due to the explosions as they have a modified version for the deaf and blind from war. These Proclaimers come from Faith Comes by Hearing.  Some ministries use micro-SD cards in native tongues to spread the Gospel in closed and Muslim nations reaching millions. Many of these only cost $3-5 each.

Our online Skype team has an outreach that has been a powerful encouragement to many. We are currently reaching church groups online as we can help more people at one time. There is a great harvest explosion worldwide. Every drop of encouragement that these precious ones receive from our team is so life giving. They want to know they count and that we are with them. We are teaching them to hear from God so they can encourage each other.

The Harvest is Ripe: Finding Our Part

There are many more stories to share but the bottom line is that the harvest is ripe and people are hungry. They are asking us for our Bread, the Bread of heaven. We are one Body as in Ephesians 4:13. We need each other. We need the persecuted and unreached church desperately. The Great Harvest is upon us and many are coming into the Kingdom. They can teach us what real faith, dependence on God and abiding joy really is.

Each of us is a part and we must work together in the Kingdom as we lay our lives down and follow the Lord. I personally find that laying down my life and dying to my wants or desires is difficult to do. For a Christian, it is like a marriage or friendships centered in love; we give up the right to be right. Forgiveness is the order of the day. I have to abide in Him continually as He transforms me taking each situation to Him. This is dependence. This is dying. This is Kingdom. This is the most difficult but most rewarding part of the journey of being a Christian. Lord help me.

I meet people and hear their stories and am broken by their deep joy and love for God and joy in spite of all they suffer. Their lives don’t depend on what is happening but on their relationship with God. This is life changing for those who get to see this, go on a missions trip and see for yourself, email Jorge at

My prayer for you as you read this is that you hear the Father’s passion for the nations and join Him in something bigger than yourself and bigger than your lifetime, by hearing His voice and doing what He says as Jesus did (Jn. 5). Ask, seek and knock (Matt 7).

Your greatest adventure starts with relationship in the quiet place of listening. Start today with ten minutes, the world is waiting.