When our children learn to fly and do it well, we rejoice! And so it is with our spiritual children too! It has been an incredible journey to watch them grow! I met these women that I am referring to about 13 years ago. I could always see the potential that God had for them even before they could. Don’t misunderstand me, they were already talented teachers and worked in ministry. But yet they were still growing into the “call” God had for them. I have had the privilege of walking alongside of them, encouraging them, praying with them, teaching them and providing training. Today they are soaring!

These women are an integral part of the Deborah Generation (DG) ministry. Both Carmen and Rosy serve on the Directive. They are accompanied by two other terrific women, Aracelis and Maria, whom I met about 7 years ago. Each of the members of the Directive are leaders in their community and pastors in their church.

Now they are multiplying the heart of the Deborah Generation ministry in their geographical areas where they live, work and minister. The vision/mission of DG is inside their hearts. They long to see women restored, transformed and equipped for the influential place that God has placed and created them. I love to hear the praise reports from their zones and what they are doing with the local women.

What is remarkable is that every time we get together for a planning/prayer time, we are in one accord. There is a unity that is supernatural. I am so grateful for each of them and grateful to God for bringing our lives together to bless others.

We are bringing training and equipping to women in communities throughout the nation.

If you are interested in supporting the work of Deborah Generation, please partner with us today with either an offering or a monthly commitment. You can make a difference in the lives of women in the DR.

Common Vision and Mission

Who wouldn’t want harmony to thrive in their community? Every Day Ministries is partnering with local leaders this year to do collaborative work in four different communities. We are working in conjunction with the elected leaders who represent the educational system, community works, churches, medical system, and their local neighborhood directive. We all want to see these communities transformed.

There are many practical things we can do. For example, we can renovate a community building or a basketball court. We can help the local clinics by making benches or sealing the rooftop. We can speak life into the youth through a rally or workshop. We can encourage entrepreneurship through small business workshops. We can invite medical professionals to speak about relevant issues to young moms who are raising children without any resources. We can hold conferences to strengthen church leadership. The list is endless.

In everything we do, it is necessary to work together. It takes time, dedication and communication. It takes a common vision and mission for all involved.

However, it also takes money to do these types of projects. Perhaps you can’t be with us on a mission team this year, but you could financially partner with these projects to make them possible! Please consider a gift for community projects through our e-giving page on our website. Let’s make a difference…together!