Pray for India and our work there. One of our missionaries wrote me last week and said “CMM has done more for the Gospel in India than many big name ministries.   We give all the glory to the Lord. I ask for prayers for divine strategies for our work in India. Many are so hungry for relationship and discipleship and as the Word says, ‘we have many teachers but not many fathers.’  Lord help us reach out to those you connect us with. Lord send team members for team ministry to raise up and connect those courageous to travel and teach in India to the many hungry ones. Bob Jones gave me a word we have on video from Feb 2013 that 100 million would come to the Lord through us in India.

Our missionaries come once monthly. We pray for Hindu people and their salvation. And give field testimony. We need we prayers. And our church is built among Hindu people. When we built a church with a lot of opposition. We face some problems.  In main road we built. Lot of percussion.  By faith we are doing a great work among new generation. Our church has great needs. We pray for his resources every day along with provision for missionaries.

OUR NEEDS, finances, and prayers
  1. Church building help
  2. Orphanages help
  3. Next Generation provision
  4. Missions provision
  5. Persecution
We are praying  for you and  I want work under your leadership sir thank you for encouraging me through your emails and prayers . Pastor Rakesh