Change is in the air in Italy and Switzerland. We were again so blessed to be able to return to Italy in early June for our fifth annual Prophetic Roundtable. These Round Tables involve pastors and leaders from across Italy gathering together to seek the Lord for their nation, their region, and their ministries and each other.

Each year keeps getting better and better with great fellowship, fresh revelation and lots of time praying in the Holy Spirit. We’re getting more pastors coming each year as the news gets out of the fruit that comes and the fruit that remains after this time. Many of the pastors feel this is the highlight of the year and they really look forward to getting together to see the Lord move by the Holy Spirit for fresh meat in due season. 

We were hosted once again by our dear friends Prince and Love Nwigwe who lived in Italy for 26 years before being called to Canada where they serve as our directors of CMM in Canada.  

We are so grateful for the hearts of Prince and Love. They have four churches in the Ancona area of eastern Italy. Also, Pietro Evangelista is a dear friend and his church is in Pescara. Pietro is one of the apostolic fathers there in Italy. Pietro has led many into a deeper and more mature walk with the Lord. 

We also celebrated our second graduation at Prince and Love’s FOLAH (Fountain of Life Apostolic House) Church. We had a wonderful time ministering in several churches in the area with dear friends of Prince and Love. 

Our teams always flow really well together. Just like in the book of Acts we believe strongly in team ministry by empowering and releasing our team members. Each is gifted ministers and anointed in the prophetic.  There is a vibration of heaven released from the hearts that invites the presence of the Holy Spirit to show up and see many touched, healed and delivered in the love zone of the Lord. Each has a voice and an anointing, as the Lord is burning inside each of us around the world. 

Our team members for this trip included Anna Marie, my wife,  Nancy Daniel. our good friend and Dean of the CMM College of Theology. Along with Shelly Pifer and Julie DerRung from Bismarck, North Dakota. We have traveled together to various nations and we always have a great time in the Lord.  Each is allowed to speak and share and we always take plenty of time at the altars to minister and pray and prophesy to the hungry ones that are always coming forward for prayer and hearing from the Lord.

Next, we traveled to Lugano, Switzerland to see our good friend Stefania Della Santa and her family and friends. They are great CMM members and Stefania is also a graduate of our CMM College of Theology. She has really grown in the Lord and is a strong leader with the growing team of Intercessors and prophetic voices who pray and prophesy for Lugano and the whole nation of Switzerland during this strategic time.

We had a precious meeting on Tuesday night and our Father really spoiled us with lots of revelation.  It was a powerful time and all were seated in the glory realm and touched. Some were healed and we believe some even delivered also into the glory and the love of our God. 

We see this more and more on more of our trips of this increasing atmosphere of love, joy and the glory. I know this sounds simple but when you experience it changes you and makes you more hungry for more of the Lord and all he is doing in the earth today. 

We are certainly in a season of increasing and revelation and breakthroughs even while the warfare continues and at times is intense. We know that the Lord is with us and remember what Bob Jones used to say that we can ‘be encouraged when the warfare is intense because that is a sign that we were on the right path of our life in Christ.’ 

The Lord gives us the strength to face and withstand many trials as we  keep our eyes on him, growing in intimacy and feeling his relentless love in our lives and our families of all he is doing to bring us through every trial as we persevere and grow in faith and maturity and love for him and love for his people. 

Unfortunately, we weren’t able to stay the last weekend as Stefania and her family and friends were part of a gathering of over 200 Intercessors on a high mountain in Switzerland praying for their nation. Switzerland is in the heart of Europe and with what is going on with some the moves of secular humanism and the political correctness movement there is a lot of New Age activities including witchcraft that happens in Switzerland.  

Please pray for what is happening in Switzerland and for God’s heart for Switzerland to fulfilled in the days ahead. With its great destiny pray for God’s ordained destiny for this great nation and the intense warfare going on this nation is in the crosshairs of intense spiritual warfare at this time.