Cicero: Jan-Mar 2011

Blessings from French Polynesia!

It is such a joy and a privilege to be able to co-labor with you as Vision of the Harvest enters into one of the most amazing, impactive and fruitful seasons of ministry. You have been aware of what the Lord has been doing through this ministry over the last few years and months but now the heart of God to see the transformation of an entire nation has come upon us and our team. We are so thankful that we have had some wonderful supporters and intercessors for truly you are making history!

What has been happening in the prison with Aline is clearly an act of God. Throughout the day in the 4 buildings that house the inmates, praise and worship erupts spontaneously and is heard by everyone. Prisoners themselves are turning to God and a sense of the fear of God and honoring God is gripping the inmates. There is a reformation taking place in their lives. I will send a letter that an inmate wrote to Aline and also other testimonies. One thing we will be doing is sending more updates of the happenings of God so we do life together by seeing the love of God touch lives.

We have been hosting meetings every weekend for about a month now where we have been experiencing a fresh outpouring of the Holy Spirit. People have been having lifechanging encounters with God Himself through the renewing of the mind and the release of the Holy Spirit. The testimonies coming forth from those attending are stirring others with a new expectancy, anticipation and faith for all that God is. Destinies are being awakened in many and it has been thrilling. One man, a minister here for years and former assistant pastor, was caught up by God and experienced the glory of God and many things were revealed to him about the nation. We have never seen anything like this and as he shared what God told him, it has been happening to him and the Spirit of God descends upon all of us genuinely and in purity and power. We feel like we are in the book of Ezekiel as this man comes under a fresh visitation during the meetings. Others have begun to minister in their giftings, all motivated by love and celebrating God in each other.

Maeva Beach Meetings

An 84 year old woman from France was healed of a major back problem and was like a little girl being able to move in ways she has not moved for years. A musician who was prayed for about his right kidney, was in intense pain and on medication. He came back at a meeting the next day just exuberant, completely healed. People told us how they had never seen him so touched by God. People have been coming from many churches and even from the island of Moorea and we will be going to Moorea this Sunday to have a fellowship at our friends’ home on the island and many are being invited to be loved and hear the gospel of the kingdom preached with signs, wonders and miracles. One woman from Moorea came with her 9 year old son. He gave his life to the Lord and the next day we saw him worshipping Him freely and spontaneously. When we were praying for people who had experienced deep grief, this boy walked up to one woman and laid hands on her along with the others. Another time he walked up to me with a smile and handed some money to one of our team members. We learn from the children don’t we. So many other testimonies.

We also want to announce the birth of Vision of the Harvest School of Transformation (“Ecole de la Transformation de PolynĂ©sie” in French) which started 3 weeks ago. Every Saturday afternoon for 3-4 hours we have this school with the outpouring of God, body ministry, teaching that brings us into encounters with God resulting in being transformed into the character of Jesus Christ along with the demonstration of the love of God in doing good and healing the oppressed. Each week more are joining the school and others are allowed to visit a few times as we want to create an awareness of what the Lord is doing.

THE CENTER FOR TRANSFORMATION (a reformation beginning)
Now for an amazing miracle that is being finalized today! Vision of the Harvest is starting The Center for Transformation which will serve a number of different aspects of the heart of God. As you know, we have been the gateway for ministries to come into this nation to bless this nation. They didn’t have any other way to come into French Polynesia. We love the entire body of Christ and want to serve the nation and be a blessing to any ministry in the country. To do this we have to rent facilities and the Upper Room in Papeete is not large enough for some of the things we want to do. We also want to be able to touch the capital city and we are about to sign a lease for a facility in Papeete to train and release teams to bring the kingdom of God to the city.

This location is going to be strategic in many ways. We wanted a place:
– to host the school and have extended meetings with speakers that come in to host the presence of God and perpetuate what the Lord is doing in this visitation that is beginning;
– for the Renaissance of the Arts and Creativity, releasing the artistic expressions in dance, worship etc. in the believers’ lives;
– where the youth can have a safe place to be loved and be raised up to be lovers of God, revolutionary reformers in every sphere of influence to affect the nation;
– where there can be prayer and worship daily until it becomes 24 hours a day right in the capital.

There has been no place like that and the hotels only can hold 100 or so but we have found a soundproof facility on a 3rd floor of a brand new building right in the heart of the city!! We know it is a step of faith but faith works by love and love expresses itself through faith and we hear the cries of this nation and now is the time. From Tahiti we yearn to go into all the islands and embrace them with His love.

We invite you to allow God to permeate you with His passion and continue to come alongside as you have and stand with us in prayer and financial support to launch this season of Vision of the Harvest. We believe that many of you will be quickened and see the opportunity to touch a nation through this ministry in a new way. We need your prayer covering for our family, to have more finances in order to love in these new ways and for more of Him personally at this time of our lives. We will be more in touch, sending updates and photos so you can see the fruit of your care.

This weekend we had Marama Night on Saturday night (Feb. 19th) at McDonalds in downtown Papeete and it was a blessing to see how God also touched people as we had prophetic/healing tables to have people ministered to more personally. An entire group of very young street dancers made up of unbelievers did also participate to the event and later received words of knowledge from some members of our team. It did move the hearts of these young fellows so deeply! God is really working BIG TIME in the islands and awakening the hearts of many to His unfailing love!!


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Let us know how we can pray for you.

His love never fails!

Edualdo & Aline Cicero