Thurner: September 2011

Hola from Nicaragua! Witnessing the beginning…
Earl Thurner
Hola from Nicaragua! Witnessing the beginning of outpouring of God in Matagalpa! Group of pastors and leaders meeting weekly to lay groundwork for a School of Ministry next year came under visitation of Holy Spirit.
Came to 2 churches now and will be in one tonight. Woman who could not walk unaided healed in her seat and heard a great testimony last night from Pastor Alvaro in Managua of a little girl with club feet prayed for last Saturday. Mom took her to the doctor to fit her for leg braces but when he began to examine her, her feet had somehow straightened out and were completely normal. X-rays confirmed it and she is completely healed, stunned the doctor, the mom and the church members on hearing the news. The police chief of Dario has placed the police department under the Lordship of Jesus Christ and had some great times with political leaders also. We have more to do here, meetings, structuring ministry in Dario and also villages. Pray for Pastor Harrys wife Heylin who has been ill and also for me as I have been under the weather. Pray for some miracle provision here to cover all the costs of this remaining outreach of compassionate displays of His kindness!!