Cicero: May 2015

Dear friends and partners,

We returned from Easter Island since April 28th, 2015. We came back with the sense that we fulfilled our Mission and that the connection with Easter Island (Rapa Nui) has been made. A spiritual highway is now open between Tahiti and Easter Island. The local believers over there are now convinced that they are no longer alone. The sense of isolation and abandonment that the native population has felt over many decades has been replaced by a bond of love and affection in the Lord that will lead to further connections, trips and sharing times.

We know this is but just a new beginning of connections that have a much wider purpose in light of the great harvest of souls yet to happen.

The evaluation of the whole trip is EXCELLENT and surpasses our expectations. We were so thankful for our connection with Pastor Alejandro Torres (Templo Evangelico) and his people that have really been a great blessing in many ways. They did take charge of a lot of stuff and we want to be thankful for all of that. We are also thankful for the few times we were able to attend Pastor Urias Alves‘ church (AOG Brazilian Mission) and his warm welcome. We did manage to attend a very traditional pentecostal church that also welcomed us with unusual warmth and even organized an after-service snack for us.

The connection with the unchurched–or Catholic for many of them–folks of the island was excellent and each time we were VERY accepted by the local Rapa Nui population who enjoyed hearing us talk in Tahitian attempting some communication with us. On one of those outreach occasions, we spent about 2 hours ministering to an elderly fellowship hall nearby the central village where our dance group (Hebron Dance) performed Tahitian and Marquesan dances. They did open the hearts of the people there and allowed us to minister the love of Jesus to them. Powerful physical and emotional healings happened and the opportunity for more of God to flow into people’s lives as well. The local TV station sent 2 interviewers on site and 2 of the miraculous healings were reported later to the local population.

Overall, we also seem to have made a good impression on the local authorities and it was a special blessing to have a time with the Governor and praying at her office. It was a precious time also praying for all her staff that requested it from us.
I was really praying that somehow the Lord would give us a chance to honor the elders of the island, i.e. those that have gone through the painful experience of those 60+ years of “imprisonment” on their own island (from the very beginning of the 20th century to the mid 60’s). This is a time that was even painful for these older Rapa Nui folks to recall.

We were able to arrange a time with the “Nelson Mandela” of the island, Alfonso Rapu. He shared with us one evening along with a great lady, Isabella, the tragic story of an entire native population taken hostage behind barbwire on their own island and how the Chilean military imposed a harsh treatment over them (beatings, humiliations, curfew, punishments) and even restricted their personal freedoms. At one point, the natives were not even allowed to talk their Polynesian language, or even go fishing without requesting permission to do so.

It wasn’t until 1966 that finally the Chilean government granted the islanders the full status of citizens of Chile and began building infrastructures on the island (school, roads, hospital, airport, etc.). Alfonso Rapu became the first Rapa Nui mayor of the island in 1967 (the very year Jerusalem became the official and indivisible capital of Israel after the 6-day war).

Our prayer is really to see that our heavenly Father would cause us to connect as often as we can (including Skype sessions) among entities of the Polynesian Triangle and understand His heart and mind as to His ways and strategies for the end times. We would definitely consider any other trips to Rapa Nui that would be necessary to strengthen and encourage but to also build a vision for the glory of God in the islands. We also believe that our Rapa Nui brethren could also benefit from traveling and connecting with the Body of Christ of other parts of the Polynesian Triangle. We are now praying for our next assignment to another location of the Polynesian Triangle. More on that in our next communication to you …


– Food miraculous multiplications on 2 occasions (chickens thighs and pork chops)
– Many people healed of their bodies and of their spiritual hearts
– Significant prophetic acts around the island and declaration of the Lordship of Jesus
– Great receptivity of our team among the natives
– Greater unity among believers on the island
– Sense of greater support and fellowship of the island’s body of believers with the rest of Polynesia
– Positive impression by local authorities
– Heart connection of Easter Island with the Polynesian Triangle of which they (and us) are a part.


  • For an increased proclamation of the Gospel of the Kingdom in French Polynesia and the Polynesian Triangle (Rapa Nui, Hawaii, New Zealand, Cook Islands, Western Samoa, American Samoa, Tonga).
  • For our spiritual, emotional, mental, physical and emotional health and vitality
  • For a heightened understanding of the will of God and sensitivity to His voice
  • For a continued and sound connection and fellowship with our brethren from Rapa Nui
  • For wisdom, discernment and revelation as to our God-given vision for the Polynesian Triangle
  • For increased intercession toward the will of God in our region and wise action
  • For financial provision that would release us into God’s mission
  • For our next mission assignment in the Polynesian Triangle (timing, location, people involved, hosting ministry/ies, Spirit-led program)

Sing to the Lord a new song, his praise from the ends of the earth,you who go down to the sea, and all that is in it,
you islands, and all who live in them. (Isaiah 42:10)

Thank you for your interest and support !!! Let us know how we can pray for you