Thurner: August 2019

     Today I was driving towards Anaheim and traffic slowed and was directed car by car to the right and back on the road.  Every car in front of me did just that and every car coming on the other side towards me did also on the left.  Not one car stopped.  Then I noticed a motorcycle completely totaled in the middle of the road and that was what caused the slowdown.  However, as I turned, directly to my right was the motorcyclist lying on his back flat out on the ground.  The guy was lying there and one woman knelt by him.  Not one car stopped, no one came to help, except this woman.
      This is a no brainer if it is you and I correct?  I stopped my car, actually pulled into the left middle and got out of the car and ran to him and knelt down.  He could talk, his name was James, I asked if he was okay, he said yes, but I doubt that, that was some hit and asked if I could pray for him and why.  The woman said please and he agreed and I went after his healing and Gods touch on his life and by that time the guy he hit came over and medical was coming so I did not stay.  I had to get the guy to tell the cars coming down the right lane to stop so I could get back on the road.  They would have driven right by.  
       As I drove away and had been thinking about the lost, the Lambs Book of Life, Jesus fighting so hard to say yes to die for us knowing what He would face and it was not some cross that caused GREAT DROPS OF BLOOD to fall on the ground, not crucifixion that He asked God to remove if possible, think about that.  I was thinking of what could happen to that man if he passed out of his body and did not Jesus, I remembered an event that took place in Lanai, Hawaii, the first church Jana and I pastored.  The island was 70% Filipino, at that time most were pineapple pickers and no one wanted to do any ministry and during services the whistle could blow calling them to work so it was a fascinating pastorate.  
       I think it was around Easter time and I actually had to do the children’s ministry.  Round up the kids in the church van, and do the whole thing actually.  I was the pastor also, by the way, fun.  Well, that day there were like 60 kids in the service for the Easter celebration and actually many of the parents were there also.  Nearly everyone was not saved for sure.  Our church then was very small also but take heart, this church would birth an awakening on Lanai, take heart pastors.  
      Anyway, I did not have a clue what to do.  So I came up with an idea.  I told them there was a BOOK in heaven and acted out Jesus looking at the book for names to see who was in it.  I had a sock not a puppet but a sock and put it on my one hand.  I said this is a puppet, and moved my hand around inside it to make it like a puppet.  I then said that this puppet needs a name so he can be in the Lambs Book of Life and we need to come up with a name for the puppet.  Who has an idea?  So that got all the kids involved and excited as the puppet cannot go to heaven unless it has a name for Jesus to find.  All kinds of names were suggested and then someone said, “Kimo”, and that caught on and the kids all agreed that Kimo was the puppets name.  So I acted out Jesus looking down the names of the BOOK and there it was, KIMO and I jumped up and down and shouted, “Kimo is in the book, he is going to heaven, yea, yea, yea”.
        Then I said looked around at all the kids and said, is your name in the BOOK of LIFE?  I looked right at the kid’s faces.  I kid you not but suddenly conviction fell on all the kids, ALL the kids in the school cafeteria where our church met, and they literally screamed and I said who wants to be in the Book of Life and every kid did and got saved.  I do not remember what happened to the adults but it was quite a scene.
       Someone invited me to hear a prophet talk about the coming harvest.  I told Jana, how in the world do we have to have a prophet tell us about a harvest coming to a region when Jesus Christ announced the harvest was NOW 2,000 years ago and while sending people to places to reap souls, while He was sending them and before He talked about the method, and He did have a method, before telling them anything, He tells the guys He is sending, TO BEG HIM FOR LABORERS TO BE HURLED OUT INTO THE HARVEST AS THE HARVEST WAS NOW AND HUGE.  The word pray is to beg, to bind yourself to, to put yourself under obligation and chain yourself to that scream of Jesus as those going, those sending, those giving, those caring were FEW.  No missionary or anyone burning to be the difference and fill the Lambs Book of LIfe should ever apologize for asking believers to give to go to send, not if Jesus was way more intense than that.

A couple of things…

  1. We continue to hear of amazing post-Un Solo Peru salvations, miracles, visitations of God in parts of the nation
  2. Just so you know, before the next One Nation One Day, there will be One Day LA and that is being established now and I cannot wait to tell you more about this.  Yes, DOAN is a part of this, 20,000 volunteers minimum, 800 teams and while Jesus asked for nations, He wept over a city and Los Angeles is being targeted in the USA to be the first city to have a national and even global focus to harvest souls.   DOAN will be a part of this!
  3. One thing Jana and I wanted to do is to return to Peru and work with ministries and strategic churches that were serious about harvesting the lost as Un Solo Peru was a moment to begin a nationwide harvest.  
  4. It is true that I will be going to Iquitos and Amazon in the near future and work with the most influential and hungry to give Jesus a drink of souls church there BUT BEFORE THAT
  5. Jana and I will go to Lima, Peru on September 20-October 7 and will be working with our friends and family as we are, Pastors Hugo and Juanita Hoyos to harvest thousands of souls.
    1. They have a church of 7,000 people and 3 churches were birthed as a direct result of them partnering with 
    2. They are over MCI Churches in Peru, comprised of 25-30,000 people and part of a global network so what happens with them influences countless others, the way you and I think right?
    3. Jana and I will be doing a marriage seminar for their leaders for 2 days doing training for all their leaders and other churches will be coming also for 4 days and nights these pastors want their entire leadership and church punctured in their hearts for the lost and to go into the city and harvest them we will then after seeing encounters of God, demonstrations of His power in those meetings, seeing impartation through revelation and through them to others in the meeting THEN GO OUT INTO LIMA, ALL OF THEM through the venues that we are discussing how to reach thousands of people through hundreds and hundreds of believers and then how that can be the normal lifestyle. HOW MANY WILL BE ADDED TO THE BOOK OF LIFE……and how many healed and empowered also to be harvesters…..same method of Jesus, heal the sick and announce the kingdom has come…..

      So that is the next international trip, September 20-October 7( could extend), so now is the time to raise all the funds, our time, our dime, we ask for nothing from them, we come to serve so now is the time to get the tickets which are very cheap, lodging and all else in place there and here to GO….
      Jana and I will be at First Fruits Revolution Church on August 24 as we have to see Darien on Bainbridge so we hope to see many of the NW crowed there and ALSO are hoping to have a fellowship that Saturday or Sunday, most likely Saturday for all the DOAN healing and prayer teams that went to Peru, and all our friends in the NW who want to come….as I know the details, will let you know…
       May the fire that burned in Jesus Christ to seek and seek and seek and save and save and save the lost burn in all of us as we must see every name we can in the Lambs Book of Life!!!!    love ya, pastor Earl and Jana

Cicero: May 2015

Dear friends and partners,

We returned from Easter Island since April 28th, 2015. We came back with the sense that we fulfilled our Mission and that the connection with Easter Island (Rapa Nui) has been made. A spiritual highway is now open between Tahiti and Easter Island. The local believers over there are now convinced that they are no longer alone. The sense of isolation and abandonment that the native population has felt over many decades has been replaced by a bond of love and affection in the Lord that will lead to further connections, trips and sharing times.

We know this is but just a new beginning of connections that have a much wider purpose in light of the great harvest of souls yet to happen. Continue reading

Cicero: April 2015

Dear friends and partners,

Happy Easter season! It’s never too late to be in the resurrection mode … The tomb has been empty for 2,000 years and the power of His resurrection is still being felt around the world bringing millions of people to eternal life with God and forgiveness made possible through the Cross of Jesus. The victory is resounding sound and clear. Aline and I bless you with a very refreshing experience in the Lord that will give you a renewed vision to be more than ever at the center of our Father’s perfect will in these perilous times.


It has been over a year and a half since our last update via this newsletter. We are sorry that we have not been very diligently keeping you abreast of our ministry. On the other hand, we are now using Facebook a lot and have a whole group page (in French and English) called “VISION DE LA MOISSON (nouvelle cuvée) – VISION OF THE HARVEST (new vintage)”, dedicated to our ministry and I do spend some time posting uplifting thoughts, websites, photos and articles that bless those who are interested. We also update the members of the group page mentioned above on ministry projects and happenings as well as video shootings.

TRIP TO EASTER ISLAND/RAPA NUI (April 14th – 27th, 2015)

As some of you may have already found out via our Facebook postings, we have been planning a mission trip to Easter Island which is the eastern most part of the so called “Polynesian Triangle”. We are actually leaving tonight! French Polynesia is at the center of that triangle with Hawaii up North, New Zealand being South West and Easter Island (also called Rapa Nui), South East.

Also, you might know that French Polynesia is at the very “ends of the earth”, geographically speaking, from Jerusalem. We also shared many times that the islands from the ends of the earth will be singing the “new song” that will have direct repercussions in the Middle East (see Is. 42:10-13). You will see in this passage of Isaiah how the praises being published at the very ends of the earth coincide with shouts of joy and gladness on the other side of the world (v. 11 here talks of Kedar and Sela which both point out to Arab nations neighboring Israel).

All of this to say in a nutshell that our trip to Rapa Nui is significant for many reasons : the Lord spoke to us since April/May 2014 and we want to be obedient; this is just part of God’s master plan to reconnect Easter Island to the Polynesian Triangle in God’s perspective while thwarting the plans of the enemy; we do not want to miss anything that the Lord would have us do in order to be partakers of ushering in His glory into His very “possessions” (see Psalm 2:8, NIV).

We will be leading 17 other believers coming with us to this mission. The great majority is from Tahiti (altogether 15 people) and 4 are coming from overseas (Hawaii, California, Australia). We are thankful to the Lord for the many intercessors from many nations (France, New Caledonia, Hawaii, USA, Canada, China, Tahiti, and 5 Latin American nations) who are praying for this endeavor. That shows to what extent we need God’s direction and protection to work alongside the believers of Rapa Nui and how powerful will be the impact of our time there along with healing of hearts and bodies, salvations, repentance, reconciliations, divine appointments, prophetic declarations, proclamations of God’s divine purposes, etc.


We had lots happening since last year and we will just highlight the most essential ones:

  1. Kori, our first born daughter, got married to Alexandre Besson (a great French man whom she met while she was studying in France for a few years) in July 2014 in Moorea (French Polynesia). They now live and work in Asia and plan to be there for a short while before they decide to relocate elsewhere (possibly in French Polynesia?).
  2. Erika and Kusi (our Wallisian son-in-law) got married in August 2014 in Tahiti and are now the happy parents (and we, the very happy grandparents) of a lovely baby girl, Kalasia (meaning “grace” in the language of Wallis island). I will not go into length to say how “crazy” we are to be grandparents!! Those of you who have grandchildren will understand … LOL!
  3. You might remember that Silvio (our oldest son) had graduated from LAMA (Los Angeles Music Academy in Pasadena, CA) in May 2013 and is now staying with us working as an independent guitar teacher and creating new songs and compositions. He is definitely sold out to a full time musical career.
  4. Benjamin our youngest (20 years old) is following an informal training in computer graphics and wants to take a competitive exam later this year for him to be able to enroll into a very intensive school (in Australia, New Zealand or France) that would last a year which could eventually lead to a Bachelor of Arts in Computer Graphics.


This is what we retain being the main focus for this year:









– continued hunger and a seeking of His face in our personal lives;

– ongoing spiritual and physical health;

– going back to the drawing board, i.e. making sure our personal lives are being realigned with God’s perfect will and purpose;

– guidance, protection, and provision over our lives especially as a group going to Rapa Nui (Easter Island);

– increased wisdom and revelation into the knowledge of God and His ways into all our dealings;

– mobilization of the sentinels of French Polynesia that should hear God’s call to go back to a posture of watchfulness and prayer over the walls of our country (we now have early morning prayer 3 times a week at the Upper Room in downtown Papeete);

– for ministries to join in, that are strategically needed to bless our nation.


Sing to the Lord a new song, his praise from the ends of the earth,

you who go down to the sea, and all that is in it,

you islands, and all who live in them. (Isaiah 42:10)

Thank you for your interest and support !!! Let us know how we can pray for you.

Blessings, Edualdo & Aline Cicero