Cicero: April 2015

Dear friends and partners,

Happy Easter season! It’s never too late to be in the resurrection mode … The tomb has been empty for 2,000 years and the power of His resurrection is still being felt around the world bringing millions of people to eternal life with God and forgiveness made possible through the Cross of Jesus. The victory is resounding sound and clear. Aline and I bless you with a very refreshing experience in the Lord that will give you a renewed vision to be more than ever at the center of our Father’s perfect will in these perilous times.


It has been over a year and a half since our last update via this newsletter. We are sorry that we have not been very diligently keeping you abreast of our ministry. On the other hand, we are now using Facebook a lot and have a whole group page (in French and English) called “VISION DE LA MOISSON (nouvelle cuvée) – VISION OF THE HARVEST (new vintage)”, dedicated to our ministry and I do spend some time posting uplifting thoughts, websites, photos and articles that bless those who are interested. We also update the members of the group page mentioned above on ministry projects and happenings as well as video shootings.

TRIP TO EASTER ISLAND/RAPA NUI (April 14th – 27th, 2015)

As some of you may have already found out via our Facebook postings, we have been planning a mission trip to Easter Island which is the eastern most part of the so called “Polynesian Triangle”. We are actually leaving tonight! French Polynesia is at the center of that triangle with Hawaii up North, New Zealand being South West and Easter Island (also called Rapa Nui), South East.

Also, you might know that French Polynesia is at the very “ends of the earth”, geographically speaking, from Jerusalem. We also shared many times that the islands from the ends of the earth will be singing the “new song” that will have direct repercussions in the Middle East (see Is. 42:10-13). You will see in this passage of Isaiah how the praises being published at the very ends of the earth coincide with shouts of joy and gladness on the other side of the world (v. 11 here talks of Kedar and Sela which both point out to Arab nations neighboring Israel).

All of this to say in a nutshell that our trip to Rapa Nui is significant for many reasons : the Lord spoke to us since April/May 2014 and we want to be obedient; this is just part of God’s master plan to reconnect Easter Island to the Polynesian Triangle in God’s perspective while thwarting the plans of the enemy; we do not want to miss anything that the Lord would have us do in order to be partakers of ushering in His glory into His very “possessions” (see Psalm 2:8, NIV).

We will be leading 17 other believers coming with us to this mission. The great majority is from Tahiti (altogether 15 people) and 4 are coming from overseas (Hawaii, California, Australia). We are thankful to the Lord for the many intercessors from many nations (France, New Caledonia, Hawaii, USA, Canada, China, Tahiti, and 5 Latin American nations) who are praying for this endeavor. That shows to what extent we need God’s direction and protection to work alongside the believers of Rapa Nui and how powerful will be the impact of our time there along with healing of hearts and bodies, salvations, repentance, reconciliations, divine appointments, prophetic declarations, proclamations of God’s divine purposes, etc.


We had lots happening since last year and we will just highlight the most essential ones:

  1. Kori, our first born daughter, got married to Alexandre Besson (a great French man whom she met while she was studying in France for a few years) in July 2014 in Moorea (French Polynesia). They now live and work in Asia and plan to be there for a short while before they decide to relocate elsewhere (possibly in French Polynesia?).
  2. Erika and Kusi (our Wallisian son-in-law) got married in August 2014 in Tahiti and are now the happy parents (and we, the very happy grandparents) of a lovely baby girl, Kalasia (meaning “grace” in the language of Wallis island). I will not go into length to say how “crazy” we are to be grandparents!! Those of you who have grandchildren will understand … LOL!
  3. You might remember that Silvio (our oldest son) had graduated from LAMA (Los Angeles Music Academy in Pasadena, CA) in May 2013 and is now staying with us working as an independent guitar teacher and creating new songs and compositions. He is definitely sold out to a full time musical career.
  4. Benjamin our youngest (20 years old) is following an informal training in computer graphics and wants to take a competitive exam later this year for him to be able to enroll into a very intensive school (in Australia, New Zealand or France) that would last a year which could eventually lead to a Bachelor of Arts in Computer Graphics.


This is what we retain being the main focus for this year:









– continued hunger and a seeking of His face in our personal lives;

– ongoing spiritual and physical health;

– going back to the drawing board, i.e. making sure our personal lives are being realigned with God’s perfect will and purpose;

– guidance, protection, and provision over our lives especially as a group going to Rapa Nui (Easter Island);

– increased wisdom and revelation into the knowledge of God and His ways into all our dealings;

– mobilization of the sentinels of French Polynesia that should hear God’s call to go back to a posture of watchfulness and prayer over the walls of our country (we now have early morning prayer 3 times a week at the Upper Room in downtown Papeete);

– for ministries to join in, that are strategically needed to bless our nation.


Sing to the Lord a new song, his praise from the ends of the earth,

you who go down to the sea, and all that is in it,

you islands, and all who live in them. (Isaiah 42:10)

Thank you for your interest and support !!! Let us know how we can pray for you.

Blessings, Edualdo & Aline Cicero

Cicero: October 2012

The Vision for French Polynesia:

(As seen by Ray Frey at Morning Star Ministries, Fort Mill, SC, on Friday, Oct. 5, 2012)

Scene #1:  It was during worship at the Harvestfest Conference 2012, at Morning Star Ministries, when I experienced a beautiful vision for Tahiti, Moorea, Raiatea, and eventually all of French Polynesia. The vision started as a large 3-D (three dimensional) image with the islands of Tahiti and Moorea, projected onto the floor in front of me. I continued to worship, but I periodically layed hands on the islands and prayed that God would release His blessing, glory, and fire onto the islands. I did this several times.

Scene #2:  The image soon changed and I was aware of a hard, dark, textured shell covering the islands in front of me. It had the appearance of hardened lava rock that had been cooled.  It totally covered both islands, and was symbolic of all of French Polynesia. This hard, dark shell was symbolic of the ancient Polynesian occultic and satanic stronghold over the islands, that was centered in the island of Raiatea. This satanic stronghold influences all the Polynesian Triangle which  extends from Rapa Nui (Easter Island), Aotearoa (New Zealand), and the Hawai’i Islands. This island is still considered sacred by the Polynesia people today, and is centrally located within the Polynesian Triangle.

During this part of the vision, I became aware of the presence of Jesus with me and He handed me a heavy sledge hammer. He said, “Start hitting this shell, but don’t make the mistake that King Jehoash made with the prophet Elisha, when he hit the ground with the arrows.” When King Jehoash was told to strike the ground holding arrows in his hand, as a prophetic proclamation of his potential victory over the Syrians, he only hit the ground three times. This lack of passion in hitting the ground angered Elisha, and caused a lesser victory over the Syrians.

So I started swinging the sledge hammer as hard as I could, hitting the hard dark shell over the islands repeated. As my arms started getting tired and actually hurting, I called upon Holy Spirit to come and help me. Suddenly, with Holy Spirits’ power, my rate of hitting the hard dark shell increased tremendously. Finally this hard dark satanic shell over the islands, broke in many places, and fell off the islands into the ocean. Immediately a new scene appeared.

Scene #3:  In this next scene, the islands no longer had the hard dark satanic shell over them, but they  now were covered with many silver chains crisscrossed over and around them. The islands were held in tight bondage by these chains.

These tight silver chains were symbolic of the strong religious strongholds affecting the Polynesian people. These negative religious strongholds were both Christian and non-Christian. In addition to Christian influence on the islands, there is also a very strong Mormon and Jehovah witness presence. Some Christian believers have actually converted to Mormonism and Jehovah Witness cults.

These religious strongholds try to diffuse the reality and power of Jesus, Holy Spirit, and the Fatherhood of God. They try to create a strong atmosphere of depression, hopelessness, and unbelief among the Polynesian people. These religious strongholds continually initiate and stir strife and religious pride among Christian groups. Any potential of revival and unity among the Polynesian people is fiercely opposed.

Back to the Vision:  In this scene the Lord Jesus was present again. This time He handed me a chain-cutter. He said to me, “Cut these chains with the same passion that you broke the dark hard shell over the islands.” So I began to aggressively cut each chain. As each chain was cut, they sprang apart from the tension. When the last chain was finally cut, all the chains fell behind me into the ocean, not to be seen again.

It is important to note that “I” in the vision was a symbolic representation of the resident ministries and those people called to Tahiti, Moorea, Raiatea, and all of French Polynesia to release God’s Kingdom and revival in the Nation.

Scene #4:  The scene changed again, and now that the dark hard satanic shell had been broken, and now that all the chains had been cut and removed, new lush beautiful tropical growth started to emerge and rise from the islands. At one point I was surrounded by this lush beautiful tropical growth, all this while I was standing in the sanctuary at Morning Star Ministries. It was new life and represented the powerful revival that God was about to release from Tahiti, Moorea, Raiatea, and all of French Polynesia.

I then saw a clear dome placed over the islands, as if God was indicating that whatever new life and revival He was birthing on the islands, that He would preserve and protect it. That this new life and revival would be lasting. He is raising up a team to steward this revival, so that it remains.

 The Last Scene:  In this last scene, I was pulled back a distance over the islands to where I could see all of the islands of French Polynesia. Revival took over every island, and started a large tsunami wave that began to rise out of the ocean around the entire island nation of French Polynesia.  As it grew it also spread outward like a circular ripple when a pebble is thrown into a still lagoon. This outward growing expansion of the tsunami was symbolic that the revival that is birthed in French Polynesia will expand to all the nations of the world. God is going to turn around the satanic and religious bondage that has chained the Polynesian people for hundreds of years, which was centered in Raiatea, and is going to release a powerful revival of “the Love of God and Liberty in the Holy Spirit” for all the world to enjoy.

Final Thoughts from Our (Ray and Judy Frey) Recent Trip to Tahiti and Moorea:  God is about to put Tahiti, Moorea, Raiatea, and all of French Polynesia on the map. The place is so ripe for revival. There has been a deliberate attempt by the kingdom of darkness to hide this “uttermost part of the world”, but that deliberate hiding attempt, that veil, is now being lifted by God Himself.

The Polynesian people are full of Love, grace, acceptance, generosity, gratitude, and hospitality. They are a very spiritual people, and are born worshipers.  When the manifest presence of God shows up they respond to it with an honor, reverence, and childlikeness that is humbling to believers in the Western world. My wife Judy and I are forever changed by having been with Polynesian people. Coming back to the Western world has been very difficult. As beautiful and as majestic as all the islands are, truly an expression of “Heaven on Earth”, the greatest beauty, the greatest treasure, and the greatest gift to the world is the Polynesian people themselves.

Cicero: February 2012

“Arise, shine, for your light has come, and the glory of the Lord rises upon you” (Is. 60:1)
Dear friends and partners,

We are attempting in this letter to give you a quick update on the many happenings that we’ve experienced since last summer:


It’s been very amazing what God has been doing in 2011 in Tahiti. I have even been at loss writing a newsletter because of the many things that have kept us quite busy and which I am going to list non-exhaustively such as

– meetings (4 times a week) with an amazing sense of the presence of the Holy Spirit (we have never been so refreshed in almost 20 years of ministry as it has been with this amazing move of the Spirit);

– healing of hearts and bodies in an increasing measure (healing is really becoming the bread of God’s children and beyond that a blessing to anybody who receives healing just because we believe that God is a good Daddy and that He does whatever He does just because His nature is to love and to do good);

– transformation causing families to be blessed (such as this sister that has seen the Lord bring such a transformation to her life that her husband has been wanting to go to church and go to Bible studies after he had never had any desire for spirituality);

– the message of the Kingdom of God is really becoming the forefront message we see at the core of the Good News… it becomes increasingly obvious that as the Church becomes more concerned for the Kingdom of God to be manifested on earth (as it is in Heaven) and less with promoting herself that a much greater response is coming to the fore with people that have had no interest in Christianity as they’ve seen it for too long (self-righteous, judgemental, insulated from the world). There is great openness for a Gospel that brings forth the good news of life, forgiveness, grace, healing, and love and stays away from a doom and gloom message;

– that is actually what we are trying to convey to our students at the School of Transformation which has been taking place every Saturday afternoon since last Fall with 16 students enrolled (apart from a 6 week break from December 2011 to January 2012);

– in November and December 2011 we held 2 retreats with about 50 then 40 folks (with also children and some youth) that helped us bring home a greater understanding of our Father in Heaven that actually runs to us (see Luke 15–prodigal son story) and kisses us all over before we can even conceive of being able to run to Him with all the baggage of hurt, shame, brokenness and sense of worthlessness people carry in our islands. The son didn’t actually even feel worthy of being called a “son” and was willing to just being a “servant” (sounds like a lot of the Christianity we know where people can at best desire to serve God without that sense of being cherished by Him in such a very special and intimate way); of the things our Father has in store for his children making us aware of the gifts that each has received from Him in order to feel a part of His purposes over the nations which he is wanting to harvest ever since Jesus gave that mandate to His disciples to go… The second retreat was also a great opportunity to embrace His heart and His call as He gave us some understanding as to what to expect in 2012 (more miracles, greater abundance, more souls into the Kingdom, a greater sense of His holiness, a move toward greater unity in the Body of Christ, …)

– we now have gone out into the streets of Papeete a few times and believers (who actually come from various church backgrounds) are learning to reach out to others and use their spiritual gifts over people who do not have a clue about the great God we love and serve. Many healings have taken place at the Market in downtown as we’ve gone to the various store owners and offered them to bless their business. We have people get healed from kidney problems or even stomach pains, or high blood pressure. It is amazing to see the response of people once they realize that their sickness and disease is being healed by the power of His name and the laying on of our hands;

There is so much that we thank God for and we know that what we see now is just but a small beginning of what will become a tsunami of His glory over the islands of French Polynesia!! No doubt in our hearts by the way!!! Many promises have come our way and we know that His word will be fulfilled… i.e. that “the knowledge of His glory will fill the earth, like the waters cover the sea…”


They are growing!!
– Kori (23) is currently in Cambodia touring South East Asia with her boyfriend (Alex). She went to the Philippines first (Alex joined her there from France) in November 2011 from Tahiti and then they went to Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam and Cambodia. Kori was excited to visit Aline’s family home town, Dalat (birthplace of Aline). Actually Kori took a one year break from her Political Science studies in France and she should go back to France to complete her studies next Fall.

– Erika (21 next month) is now doing a technical 2 year training in International Trade in Tahiti (after her 3 years as a BSSM student in the USA) — BSSM = Bethel Supernatural School of Ministry (she did 2 years in Redding, CA and 1 year internship in Maui, HI). She loves Zumba and is also a Zumba instructor which allows her to make some money and help finance her studies.

– Silvio (19) is a student at LAMA (Los Angeles Music Academy) in Pasadena, California (where he was born during the Fuller Theological Seminary days…)!! This guy is a nut for guitar and is soooo passionate about that. He could spend hours playing and perfecting pieces of music. This is a good challenge for him because it’s the very first time he is on his own to care for his life and take charge (that’s another great learning experience…)

– Benjamin (17) is in vocational high school with us in Tahiti and loves his major in electronics and computer science. He is a geek and spends many hours on his PC doing graphic arts and watching Manga movies… He is a fan of rubgy and beginning in March he will be going back to play it with his club because he had to recover from a broken shoulder and wasn’t allowed to play for 6 months … very hard for him!!!

As for Aline, she continues teaching English one day a week at the local prison (for the last 3 years now). She loves every minute of it. She really believes revival is going to hit the prison. For years inmates have been singing praises and hymnals early in the morning and late in the afternoon in their cells. It is so easy to talk to them about Jesus, such an openness… amazing. She sometimes prays for them or chats with them about God and they are always so eager to listen . Somehow they sense she has a deep respect for who they are regardless of what they have done in the past. She also teaches French 10 hours a week at a junior high school nearby. Most kids come from very difficult backgrounds and there are many opportunities to shine for Jesus. The other day Erika said to Aline “Mom since you teach difficult kids (5 years now) you have been more patient” … Thank you Jesus! I guess she has learned not to judge so quickly and, honestly, when you know the background of some of these kids you wonder how they made it so far to survive and compassion does increase. In fact, 3 out of 10 students in her classes have their dads in jail.

I (Edualdo) am in charge of the ministry that by now you know as “Vision of the Harvest”. Some homeless are coming, people from all kinds of backgrounds. One of the things that come often in testimonies is that people feel loved and this is great news to us because nothing else would be meaningful without it! Since the last part of 2010 we have welcomed quite a few YWAM teams (from Hawaii, New Zealand, New Caledonia, Australia, Canada, France) coming for outreaches in Tahiti and her islands. We host once a month a night of Praise and Worship with different worship groups or individuals and the presence of the HS has been tangible. We continue the Marama Nights (evenings of fun, music and testimonies, prayers for the sick, for families and youth at the local Mc Donald in Papeete) once every 3 months or so. Last November, we’ve had the coming of Philippe Auzenet, a French evangelist and he held seminars on sexual identities (how to love, help and minister to those suffering with sexual addictions, abuse, etc). He also led a seminar on inner healing and suffering. He was well covered on local TVs, radios and newspapers.

Our hearts continue to burn for the lost and we seek God for creative ways to reach out also through arts and prophetic dance. We have a group led by a dancer who is on fire to share her passion for Jesus through dance. This month (February) we are focusing on intercession with intentionally seeking God for our lives to impact the nation.


– continued hunger and a seeking of His face in our personal lives;
– ongoing spiritual and physical health;
– an increasingly focused vision toward the fulfilment of God’s will for our role in the nation of French Polynesia;
– protection and provision over our lives as well as Kori & Silvio who are currently overseas (South East Asia & USA);
– the needed financial breakthroughs for the cost of ministering in French Polynesia;
– the strategies that are needed to bring impact and transformation in the land;
– for God to bring those ministries that are strategically needed to bless our nation.


World Prayer Assembly – The New Wave is Coming!

For the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the LORD as the waters cover the sea. (Habakkuk 2:14)

Cicero: Jan-Mar 2011

Blessings from French Polynesia!

It is such a joy and a privilege to be able to co-labor with you as Vision of the Harvest enters into one of the most amazing, impactive and fruitful seasons of ministry. You have been aware of what the Lord has been doing through this ministry over the last few years and months but now the heart of God to see the transformation of an entire nation has come upon us and our team. We are so thankful that we have had some wonderful supporters and intercessors for truly you are making history!

What has been happening in the prison with Aline is clearly an act of God. Throughout the day in the 4 buildings that house the inmates, praise and worship erupts spontaneously and is heard by everyone. Prisoners themselves are turning to God and a sense of the fear of God and honoring God is gripping the inmates. There is a reformation taking place in their lives. I will send a letter that an inmate wrote to Aline and also other testimonies. One thing we will be doing is sending more updates of the happenings of God so we do life together by seeing the love of God touch lives. Continue reading

Cicero: Summer 2011

Dear Friends & Partners,
Exciting things are happening … We are very encouraged. We will have two of our friends share some of them (in blue print) …

Magalie actually had this dream around mid-June and she shared it to Edualdo and I on Friday, August 12th. You guys asked me to house-sit for you while you would be gone away on a trip and you gave me some instructions: ‘Rest well, do not work, only do what God tells you to do. Do not worry about anything else!’ Then you guys left.
In the middle of the night, at 2:00 AM sharp, I heard banging on the gate and as I woke up to see what was going on. A man was there covered with blisters and puss all over his body and he said, ‘I want to go into Aline and Edualdo’s swimming pool because when I’ll go, I know I will be healed.’ (Aline–in the natural, we do not have a pool)
I (Magalie) was very hesitant and I said ‘but they are not home’ to which he responded: ‘Never mind, they would let me come in if they were here … please let me in’ … He was so insistent that I let him in. As soon as he came out of the pool, he was completely healed! By the way, he was all naked (Aline–at this point I asked Magalie if she was shocked by his nakeness to which she said, ‘Oh no, not at all, I had so much compassion because he had blisters and opened wounds all over his body’).

Then there was another banging on the gate … as I opened, I saw a crowd of people, so many of them, some lame, others handicapped, blind folks, people with missing limbs, cancers, old and young standing in line and waiting to come in through the gate and jump in the pool. So I let them in and they took their turn to go in the pool, get healed and leave. It went on for 10 days night and day. I was very tired but all I did was to welcome them and bless them as they left!”

WOW !!!!!!!!!! Three days before Magalie told us the dream, Edualdo got up during the night with Matthew 14:14 — “When Jesus landed and saw a large crowd, he had compassion on them and healed their sick” — the verse took on a greater significance to us after Magalie told us the dream above! We were so excited and also in awe of what God is about to do in this nation !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! God was moving a lot in our hearts in the area of compassion and healing … but now even more!

HEALING SEMINAR (Aug. 5th & 6th)
A report from Torea Manjard who taught 2 sessions — “This is a praise report from our last ”Healing and the Kingdom” week end. Our goal was to take advantage of the momentum that was gained last year to soar even higher in the realities of the Kingdom in order to see Tahiti become all that she’s called to be : a beacon of God’s glory in the South Pacific, a place of refuge for the broken and needy, and so much more. We had about 3 or 4 people healed of different eye diseases. One of ’em couldn’t drive at night and could hardly read his bible, he came forward to testify of his healing with a bible in his hands. Another person had had surgery in her left eye that had left it in major discomfort even after 2 months, the discomfort and pain left progressively until it was completely gone at the end of the week end. Another one removed his glasses and began to extatically testify of the presence of God he felt coming over his eyes. Among other ones, a young man received a revelation about God being so much bigger than any sickness which resulted in the complete disappearing of a stubborn pain in his belly he had been experiencing for a couple of days. We are expecting many more testimonies to come in during the next few days and would like to take advantage of this report to thank all of you for standing with ”Visions of the Harvest” ministry (Earl & Jana Thurner, Edualdo & Aline Cicero, and ourselves) in prayer to see Jesus becoming the desire of this nation. We love y’all !! ”Of the increase of His government and peace there will be no end” Isaiah 9 : 7″

We were deeply moved because our brother Torea and fellow in the ministry has been sick for so long (with a congenital kidney disease) and he was very strong to declare that we should not build our belief about healing around our own experience but according to the Word of God! In other words, the Jesus in us is not sick, He is totally healthy. Therefore, we can pray with boldness for the healing of the sick regardless of how we feel or how sick we may be, believing for our own healing which has already been purchased at Calvary for us!!

We have been blessed in the last few months with YWAM teams from France, French Canada, and Hawaii/New Zealand. Each team is different and each one brings a unique touch of the goodness of God to this nation and especially among our youth. We often help coordinating the teams’ schedule. We have lots in mind for the coming months: Healing Rooms, Treasure Hunts, Marama Nights, and another session of the School of Transformation beginning on September 24th … Right now we are getting ready for a praise and worship night to be held at the Center of Transformation before the end of August.

Our 3 weeks (June/July 2011) in France were great. We went there as a family. The purpose was to visit our relatives and especially our fathers. My father (Aline) is 93 years old and Edualdo’s is 83. We were able to drive to Spain and spend 2 days there and 2 days in Paris with Kori as our guide. Special memories to last for a lifetime!

Kori (23) will take a one year break from her studies and is looking for job openings in Asia. Erika (20) will start at the end of August her 2-year business school in Tahiti. Silvio (19) will fulfill his dream to study music in Pasadena (guitar performance major at LAMA “Los Angeles Music Academy”) and Benji (16) will continue vocational high school (computer major) in Tahiti.

Get excited with us for this nation that is literally at the ends of the earth and is so dear to God’s heart. We thank you for supporting us the way you do: prayer, finances, words of encouragements … we receive them all! Please feel free to share with us your prayer requests and praise reports too!

Let us know how we can pray for you. Send your requests to !!

The reason the Son of God appeared was to destroy the works of the devil. (1 John 3:8)

Edualdo & Aline Cicero