Edualdo & Aline Cicero

1Edualdo Cicero is the President-Founder and Ministry Coordinator of Vision of the Harvest (Vision de la Moisson) which is based in Tahiti (French Polynesia) and has been set up as a non-profit organization since May 2006.

 About Us

Edualdo has lived in Tahiti since January 1981 when he first arrived for his military service with the French Navy. He got later engaged to Aline in June 1986 and they married in December 1986. They resided in the USA for 8 years (10 years total for Aline) after Edualdo graduated from Oral Roberts University (BA in New Testament Literature) and Fuller Theological Seminary (MA in Intercultural Studies). They are the parents of 4 children (Kori, Erika, Silvio and Benjamin). Beyond their respective professions in the French administration (until 2002 for Edualdo) and teaching in public and private schools both in the US and in Tahiti (for Aline), they have served with the “Association Traduire la Bible” (French organization for Bible translation) until 1999 requiring a training in linguistics and translation principles with Wycliffe Bible Translators. They also served pastorally and teaching the Bible both in the USA and French Polynesia. They have birthed and overseen various projects benefiting French Polynesia.

Our Mision
Going (to the lost) – Training (to make disciples of Jesus) – Worshipping (as a lifestyle).

Our Vision
Our essential vision is to promote the Gospel of the Kingdom and thus contribute to the Reformation of the Body of Christ and the Transformation of French Polynesia.
Vision of the Harvest also aims to promote the fulfillment of the destiny God has in mind for the islands of Polynesia:
o Praise Festivals,
o Hosting the presence and the glory of God,
o Healing hearts and bodies, o Prosperity,
o Compassion toward the disenfranchised,
o Missionary zeal to the nations, etc.

2Vision of the Harvest (“Vision de la Moisson” in French) was born out of a vision the Lord gave to Edualdo for French Polynesia in 2004 to see the larger scope of a whole nation which would involve the following facets:
1. Loving and serving the wider Body of Christ of this nation and elsewhere;
2. Reaching out to the younger generations (while making sure they become disciples);
3. Providing the resources (spiritual, financial, material, human) required to the fulfillment of a nationwide transformation;
4. Facilitating the involvement of ministries outside and inside the nation that have been called to bless and advance the destiny of French Polynesia;
5. Motivating, training & releasing the people of this nation into their God-given spheres of influence (education, family, business, government, media, arts & entertainment, sports, etc.).

Goals and Projects

  1. Ongoing fellowship, discipleship and outreach: our cell group in Moorea
  2. Project of the Tabernacle of the Nations (Tahiti) – Let’s pray for God’s guidance in this very ambitious project that will join 24/7 praiseintercession of international teams along with productivity in the nation.
  3. Another outreach in the Marquesas Islands in 2015? : let’s pray for God’s timing and provision (here with a team from the mainland USA, Hawaii & Tahiti in July 2013).543

School of transformation in Tahiti

We started in feb 2011 in a hotel. This is a place where we are seeing Holy Spirit pour out to the people. Our Vision is to train revivalists, and mobilize the saints to take the gospel to the nations. We have seen amazing transformations and demonstrations of the Holy Spirit. We also want to start a farm project in Tahita together with our ongoing fellowship cell group in Moorea.