Cicero: October 2012

The Vision for French Polynesia:

(As seen by Ray Frey at Morning Star Ministries, Fort Mill, SC, on Friday, Oct. 5, 2012)

Scene #1:  It was during worship at the Harvestfest Conference 2012, at Morning Star Ministries, when I experienced a beautiful vision for Tahiti, Moorea, Raiatea, and eventually all of French Polynesia. The vision started as a large 3-D (three dimensional) image with the islands of Tahiti and Moorea, projected onto the floor in front of me. I continued to worship, but I periodically layed hands on the islands and prayed that God would release His blessing, glory, and fire onto the islands. I did this several times.

Scene #2:  The image soon changed and I was aware of a hard, dark, textured shell covering the islands in front of me. It had the appearance of hardened lava rock that had been cooled.  It totally covered both islands, and was symbolic of all of French Polynesia. This hard, dark shell was symbolic of the ancient Polynesian occultic and satanic stronghold over the islands, that was centered in the island of Raiatea. This satanic stronghold influences all the Polynesian Triangle which  extends from Rapa Nui (Easter Island), Aotearoa (New Zealand), and the Hawai’i Islands. This island is still considered sacred by the Polynesia people today, and is centrally located within the Polynesian Triangle.

During this part of the vision, I became aware of the presence of Jesus with me and He handed me a heavy sledge hammer. He said, “Start hitting this shell, but don’t make the mistake that King Jehoash made with the prophet Elisha, when he hit the ground with the arrows.” When King Jehoash was told to strike the ground holding arrows in his hand, as a prophetic proclamation of his potential victory over the Syrians, he only hit the ground three times. This lack of passion in hitting the ground angered Elisha, and caused a lesser victory over the Syrians.

So I started swinging the sledge hammer as hard as I could, hitting the hard dark shell over the islands repeated. As my arms started getting tired and actually hurting, I called upon Holy Spirit to come and help me. Suddenly, with Holy Spirits’ power, my rate of hitting the hard dark shell increased tremendously. Finally this hard dark satanic shell over the islands, broke in many places, and fell off the islands into the ocean. Immediately a new scene appeared.

Scene #3:  In this next scene, the islands no longer had the hard dark satanic shell over them, but they  now were covered with many silver chains crisscrossed over and around them. The islands were held in tight bondage by these chains.

These tight silver chains were symbolic of the strong religious strongholds affecting the Polynesian people. These negative religious strongholds were both Christian and non-Christian. In addition to Christian influence on the islands, there is also a very strong Mormon and Jehovah witness presence. Some Christian believers have actually converted to Mormonism and Jehovah Witness cults.

These religious strongholds try to diffuse the reality and power of Jesus, Holy Spirit, and the Fatherhood of God. They try to create a strong atmosphere of depression, hopelessness, and unbelief among the Polynesian people. These religious strongholds continually initiate and stir strife and religious pride among Christian groups. Any potential of revival and unity among the Polynesian people is fiercely opposed.

Back to the Vision:  In this scene the Lord Jesus was present again. This time He handed me a chain-cutter. He said to me, “Cut these chains with the same passion that you broke the dark hard shell over the islands.” So I began to aggressively cut each chain. As each chain was cut, they sprang apart from the tension. When the last chain was finally cut, all the chains fell behind me into the ocean, not to be seen again.

It is important to note that “I” in the vision was a symbolic representation of the resident ministries and those people called to Tahiti, Moorea, Raiatea, and all of French Polynesia to release God’s Kingdom and revival in the Nation.

Scene #4:  The scene changed again, and now that the dark hard satanic shell had been broken, and now that all the chains had been cut and removed, new lush beautiful tropical growth started to emerge and rise from the islands. At one point I was surrounded by this lush beautiful tropical growth, all this while I was standing in the sanctuary at Morning Star Ministries. It was new life and represented the powerful revival that God was about to release from Tahiti, Moorea, Raiatea, and all of French Polynesia.

I then saw a clear dome placed over the islands, as if God was indicating that whatever new life and revival He was birthing on the islands, that He would preserve and protect it. That this new life and revival would be lasting. He is raising up a team to steward this revival, so that it remains.

 The Last Scene:  In this last scene, I was pulled back a distance over the islands to where I could see all of the islands of French Polynesia. Revival took over every island, and started a large tsunami wave that began to rise out of the ocean around the entire island nation of French Polynesia.  As it grew it also spread outward like a circular ripple when a pebble is thrown into a still lagoon. This outward growing expansion of the tsunami was symbolic that the revival that is birthed in French Polynesia will expand to all the nations of the world. God is going to turn around the satanic and religious bondage that has chained the Polynesian people for hundreds of years, which was centered in Raiatea, and is going to release a powerful revival of “the Love of God and Liberty in the Holy Spirit” for all the world to enjoy.

Final Thoughts from Our (Ray and Judy Frey) Recent Trip to Tahiti and Moorea:  God is about to put Tahiti, Moorea, Raiatea, and all of French Polynesia on the map. The place is so ripe for revival. There has been a deliberate attempt by the kingdom of darkness to hide this “uttermost part of the world”, but that deliberate hiding attempt, that veil, is now being lifted by God Himself.

The Polynesian people are full of Love, grace, acceptance, generosity, gratitude, and hospitality. They are a very spiritual people, and are born worshipers.  When the manifest presence of God shows up they respond to it with an honor, reverence, and childlikeness that is humbling to believers in the Western world. My wife Judy and I are forever changed by having been with Polynesian people. Coming back to the Western world has been very difficult. As beautiful and as majestic as all the islands are, truly an expression of “Heaven on Earth”, the greatest beauty, the greatest treasure, and the greatest gift to the world is the Polynesian people themselves.

Thurner: April 2011


Beautiful men, women and children in idyllic scenes of lush scenery and blue green water smile at you from every travel brochure and advertisement of French Polynesia. When people think of Tahiti, how do they think of it? Paradise, relaxation, vacation, gorgeus land bathed in the rhythmic movements of the soft ocean with half naked women dancing and handsome men blowing the conch on canoes. Yet to live here is to live under deep oppression. The other day after ministering to a group of elderly Tahitian men, I stepped into a shop where 2 women were. One was the manager and the other worked there. I asked to bless their business and the manager asked me why I was laying hands on the men in the street. We shared a bit and she was definitely hesitant about us praying for the business. Through words of knowledge about her, she opened up and I turned to the other women and began to describe the pain in her heart, her family and God’s love for her. Her answer was, “that is true for all of us here in this nation”.
> That is the deception of Tahiti. This is a paradise lost, rife with unclean sexual perversion, open prostitution of men on the streets, mahus serving people from the counters of shops, children not shown affection after the age of 5 and beaten regularly, abused verbally and sexually within their own familes, aimless and purposeless youth stoned most of the time, angry Tahitians who feel their culture was raped by the French, religious form devoid of the presence, power and salvation of God and they cannot get along, maybe 2% actually saved although Operation World the statistic and prayer targeting ministry reports over 98% is Christian!! With all the reports of missionary advance taking place in the world, hardly anyone ever really reaches out to this nation. YWAM, a fixture for years succumbed to the demonic attacks awhile back and no longer a presence in the nation. While there are teams coming in from New Zealand, France, Canada and sometimes from USA, they come and go as do other ministries. The financial cost of coming here and living here is exorbitant, probably 90% more than living in America, Getting a permanent visa is not a guarantee, the churches are not open to the move of God, the Pentecostal ones also. The demonic and idolatry is flowing effortlessly through the islands carried by the indifference of believers who can hardly get along with their own families. One island in the Marquesas is given over to marijuana and the children come into the world stoned and stay stoned. There are 100 islands, most with no clear witness. The horrific stories we hear daily from our own students and others, now full grown adults of their childhoods and lives is not the candy coated pictures beaming out from the travel brochures!

One denomination, internally at war and resisting the move ot the Holy Spirit, another church of less than 100, a few small groups of less than 30 who keep to themselves, cults rampant, etc. The other day someone I know was talking about how I should be going to other nations with the anointing we have, doing more Nicaraguas. Oh, it is wonderful to do crusades, break open regions and see many people touched, healed and saved and do that. And I will visit Nicaragua in May to oversee what He has done there but the reality is, there is a Jesus, moved with compassion, seeing the islands of French Polynesia without the shepherding love ot the Father and cries out to Him the Lord of the Harvest to send laborers here because they are FEW……few means small in number, puny in size and weak in ability and strength. You can look up the word “pray”. It means bind yourself to someone, do not let go, literally to beg. It is not a word of beggarly disposition, it is the begging that if I do not get what I need, I die. Whatever happened to the Christianity “of whom the world is not worthy”?

I can imagine the scene that day when Jesus asked the disciples to pray the Lord of the Harvest? I am sure He was gripped with emotion and crying out for people to be punctured in their hearts, pierced with the love of God and willing to be those who will not let them go without a shepherd. We stand with our eyes also beholiding the true tahiti, the devastation and hopelessness and despair of the masses. There are few laborers. I just dropped Jana off for her class at the Center of Transformation. I was met by 2 women who accompanied us with their families to Moorea. One was the sister who gave her lifes saving, unasked, when we first came into this place. It was only 2 grand but it was all she saved. They are part of our team and I found out they were part of a cult here for 3 years. Imagine the devastation But they saw the true love of God and the freedom and the real Jesus when they hesitantly came to one of our initial meetings. Their teenage children want nothing to do with church or religion. Last night Alex and a few of our team opened the facility to youth on short notice. 30 youth came. The two sisters ran to me telling me what happened to thier children and others as God touched them. The joy on their faces, the tears of gratitude.

I am near tears. My guts are hurting. I am ripped with the pain of others. I have to go set up a tent for Marama Night this evening in a few minutes. I talked to elderly men on the street because of the ache. Christianity without an ache is not the Christianity of Christ. It comes from the inside out. But it is a choice and for many it can be made. It also transforms our lives because to take a drink of Jesus is to become rivers plural, it is a natural outflow. I walk the streets to bless some businesses because it is just a way to maybe, just maybe bring the gospel of the kingdom to a broken soul within. We take the boat to Moorea because of love, to reach the hurting. We leased a building without a dime in our pockets because of love. Imagine, not one penny and go get a facility needing $23,000 and not a dime. Love costs, love risks, love stretches. It got done because of some of you who want it done. It cost us all we have and that is the normal Christian life, He deserves it all and we heard the ache of His heart. We put our son in law on staff because we hear the cries of the children who have no voice, the youth who could care less if they speak at all because they have been shut down by life and religion for so long they do not care to talk anymore and for the young adults who have been told by religion who they are only in terms of limited expression which is usually the limited vision of the pastor and they cannot rise above that. We did not have a dime to put hm on staff either. Lets get real here about all this money stuff. This nation has intimidated the body of Christ worldwide because of the difficulty of advancing the gospel for many reasons, the primary one, the price is too steep to pay to establish His presence and power and perpetuate ministry to bring lasting change to the households of this nation and the financial cost and logistics of doing so. Those that prayed the Lord of the Harvest heard the cries of the son of God. It is about others. They were the ones that ended up harvesting also. To hear the cries of Jesus broken over others is to be willing to be the answer.

There are are many prophecies over Tahiti about the transformation of the nation. We begin from the finshed work paid by blood to see it happen. We live believing every prophetic word.that it has been done but many are called and few are chosen. The reason being is that you have to say yes to see it accomplished. We must beware the prophetic that produces the euphoria of felt promise without the personal willingness to be part of the solution, ones full yes to what God asks of that person. The bride of Christ will hear the invitation to follow Him to the vineyards and fields. The mountain top ecstasy with Jesus being transfigured becomes a sight seeing tour of the tormented demonic in the valleys below.

We bless God for those of you who live to shatter the chains of oppression and bondage in this nation. You are saying yes, others experience the power of your decision. My associate here just came by and as I shared the pain of his people I was feeling and the price we must pay to continue to build something that will be perpetuated, he remarked; “If we are not willing to die for the territory God has placed us in, the apostolic will not be confirmed”. A little different slant on apostolic ministry isn’t it.

There have been those who have truly seen the heart of God we are trying to articulate in this nation. We are so thankful. There are others, pastors, churches, ministries and others who also might respond as a body to sow into this nation, taking it seriously and this is written also to you. There are some hearts can pierce for this vision, we invite you to the task of punishing the crooked serpent. If I do not hear from you, no problem, and I will spare you the sharing of partaking in seeing it happen. At the end of this day, there will be lives that are forever changed and wherever you are, pray the Lord of the harvest for laborers, demand it…earl
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