Thurner Thurner: March 2012

Hola and Blessings!
     We are working to accumulate all the footage and photos taken on the Honduras Ministry this week and we are waiting for pictures from our pastors that came from Nicaragua especially outside this clinic set up with a medical brigade of people from the states including this amazing doctor below who was the first one in to Haiti after the Hurricane and did we ever have a blast with him.  On the second day was when Jana and I and a few others waited outside the clinic where people where treated and also got free dental work along with prescriptions.  We saw as I wrote over 50 miracles of healing that day and the teaching that night on the gospel of the kingdom to these doctors, helpers and the other team members launched an outbreak of signs, wonders and miracles inside and outside the clinic and everywhere as a result.  This footage was before that took place so best is yet to come.  You can also go my facebook page and see pictures from our daughter in law Amber and others.  

Missions.Me Medical Clinic from Missions.Me on Vimeo.

     There is so much to share and we will be part of the campaign One Nation One Day on July 20, 2013 as I mentioned and more on that later, while still seeing God move in other nations we have been in.  The few who have supported us have been responding themselves, the few always remain the few and that has been great and believing God for amazing resources to keep pouring in to cover all the costs of this step of faith born of love.  We will be doing medical brigades again in the nation, raising funds for supplies etc and now have seen the National Minister of Defense say that he will provide all the buildings and facilities in the 18 capitals of the 18 states so all others have to do is go and also raise all the supplies.  Thousands came through and were treated, then many healed and saved also with full support of military and police and mayor of the city.  The idea is hundreds of schools, crusades, leaders meetings, business conferences, womens conferences and one of my assignments is to speak to all the spiritual leaders and ministers along with others, releasing as I did there the power, presence and healing of God establishing the gospel of the kingdom message with miracle impartation and then see it demonstrated through hundreds and then thousands of believers across the nation with Jana also. Then a crusade with Jed on that day taking one city and having family and friends joining us for the week, just a preview…….keep sowing, enjoy the freedom of changing the world…





Thurner: September 2011

Hola from Nicaragua! Witnessing the beginning…
Earl Thurner
Hola from Nicaragua! Witnessing the beginning of outpouring of God in Matagalpa! Group of pastors and leaders meeting weekly to lay groundwork for a School of Ministry next year came under visitation of Holy Spirit.
Came to 2 churches now and will be in one tonight. Woman who could not walk unaided healed in her seat and heard a great testimony last night from Pastor Alvaro in Managua of a little girl with club feet prayed for last Saturday. Mom took her to the doctor to fit her for leg braces but when he began to examine her, her feet had somehow straightened out and were completely normal. X-rays confirmed it and she is completely healed, stunned the doctor, the mom and the church members on hearing the news. The police chief of Dario has placed the police department under the Lordship of Jesus Christ and had some great times with political leaders also. We have more to do here, meetings, structuring ministry in Dario and also villages. Pray for Pastor Harrys wife Heylin who has been ill and also for me as I have been under the weather. Pray for some miracle provision here to cover all the costs of this remaining outreach of compassionate displays of His kindness!!

Thurner: January 2010

The Power of A Great Affection by Earl Thurner

We are chained to the heart of heaven that stands on tip toe every moment to break into every life with God’s love. In the power of that kind of affection God feels for mankind, nothing is impossible to him who believes that love never fails. Once we risk everything on the gospel of grace and receive fully and completely the Embrace of the Father, we are transformed and become the mighty rushing wind of His compassion and the healing whisper of His tenderness to everyone we meet. The wounded Jesus, the crucified Son of God, the Face of the Father now marred and disfigured for us, the ultimate act of His immense and eternal love frees us finally to collapse in His arms. Gripped by the power of this stunning and unexplainable affection we live in the heart of God Himself and step into life each day energized, to heal the broken, restore the dignity of the hopeless and value every moment to be the breath of heaven to each person we meet.

A beautiful ministry is full of thought for others but ministry is only a lifestyle of loving with a pure heart which means to love everybody. Jesus was hopelessly addicted to the unattractives and desired to be near the undersirable and attracted to and loved the unlovely. To the disciple, all that is not the love of God has no meaning. Yea! Another day to call in the outcasts and bring in His bride! Jesus is always wonderful and people are not always nice but consumed in the power of a great affection, we live in the hug of His sweetness in the midst of it all.

Jesus sees people who have not been loved enough. Jesus sees people who stopped growing because someone stopped believing in them. People risked everything in the gold rush in the 1800’s. Hearing that there was gold in California, families risked all to traverse deserts, brave storms, attacks by Indians and all sorts of hardships to find the precious gold that would change their lives forever. Many did not make it. To know God is to embark on the greatest gold rush in all of history. The gold that is in every human being, buried beneath the dirt and earth of shattered existences. We are to dig it out! To know Jesus is to live the parable of lost things. Remember the woman searching frantically for the lost coin, the shepherd going through the valleys and mountainsides for one lost sheep and the father convulsing in sobs over seeing the lost son return. The coin represents purchasing power, the ability to buy what is needed. God sees the purchasing power of each life, the value of each soul. He is forever moving towards that which is in need of restoration.

Isaiah 42:2,3 “A bruised reed shall he not break and the smoking flax shall he not quench: he shall bring forth judgment unto truth. He shall not be discouraged, till he have set judgment in the earth and the isles wait for his law”

We read the same thing again in Matthew 12: 18-20. It is the witness of the heart of Christ for all time. There are bruised lives all around, even ours. Crushed, broken, oppressed is the picture. God sees the condition, He is touched with the situation of our shattered person. Jesus did not break that life in pieces, rend it violently, wreck or cripple it but as the word means brings to the birth. He sees it through. He does not quench, extinguish or put out the life that has become dim, colorless. He does not snuff out the flickering flame and point the finger at the faltering and fainting life of that soul as the words mean but like a smoldering fire, fans it gently back to a robust flame gradually increasing what is needed into the fire until it roars back to its blazing potential.

Matthew says that “the love of many shall wax cold” in the latter times and how true that is. Speaks of a dying flame, ardor that has been cooled by the influences of a world that is a junkie to self gratification at any cost. We should surrender to the love of the Father personally and for others that bursts all previous boundaries of understanding. Once we believe we are loved in an uncomparable way, we become empowered to not curse the darkness but hilariously light candles of kindness and love everywhere!!

One day a computer salesman rushing to get home to see his family and hearing the final whistle of the departing train, inadvertantly kicked over a slender table on which rested a basket of apples. A 10 year old boy was selling apples to pay for his school clothes and books. The other computer salesman, 4 of them kept running and made the train. The other one yelled out to have them call his wife to let her know that he would be a couple of hours late. He went back to the table and saw the apples all over the floor and began to pick them up. Some of them were damaged, split or bruised. The man reached into his wallet and said to the boy, “Here’s $20 for the apples we damaged. I hope we did not spoil your day. God bless you”.

The 10 year old was blind. As the salesman walked away, the blind boy called after him and asked, “Are you Jesus?’

Are you Jesus? When we look at the world through the eyes of Jesus then the eyes of others will see Him through our lives. Christians run all over seeking a word of God for their lives but the seeking would be better directed at the ultimate prophetic word, the Word made flesh, the testimony of Jesus. That is the Word of the Lord for us for sure and enables us to be a word to everyone!

Let us surrender our hearts to reckless love. Love God, love others. Keep it simple and experience the profound. The gentleness of Jesus with sinners is because He can see with understanding behind the defense mechanisms, sneers and curses, arrogance and airs of those standing before Him. He is not exasperated by it all. He just finds a basin to pour water in to wash dirty feet. Serving love is the essence of discipleship. At the judgment we hear these words, “Whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me”.(Matthew 25:40) His words not mine.

Jesus lived for others. Jesus lived in the power of the greatest affection, gripped by insatiable thirst to heal, deliver, give joy for mourning, give hope to the hopeless, bind up the broken so they can all dance the dance of wholeness in the embrace of the Father. C’mon, what an invitation, what a lifestyle to choose.

This is the hour for revolutionary lovers, radical disciples who are risk takers in the gold rush to bring forth the gold in every man, woman and child!!

**Earl and Jana Thurner are missionaries having great impact in Tahiti, French Polynesia and Nicaragua. If you are led to partner with them donate securely online at or mail a check to CMM PO 7705 Charlotte, NC 28241.

Thurner: August 2008

The Wonder of It All!

I am waking up in the mountain town of Matagalpa and my son and Amber, my daughter and Alex and the 3 kids are sleeping. My wife is up and as usual just worshipping. On Saturday morning Jed and Amber came and caught the meetings in the afternoon and afterwards, while the Kamps came in Saturday night and came to the meetings Sunday morning in Masaya and later in the day in Dario. It is a stunning thing to see your kids preaching under the power of God, weeping before the Nicaraguans, healing the sick and liberating the oppressed and sitting down with national youth leaders planning the outpouring on a generation this week and in the months to come.

My son Jedidiah came to his first meeting and while sitting in the chair during worship began coming apart as heaven opened over him and invaded him, literally invaded him and he had never, never experienced the love of God for people like that. He has been weeping everyday, just comes apart, weeping under a visitation of God.

I watched as his wife Amber and Jana along with the 23 year old national commissioning minster of the missionaries of the assemblies of God healed the sick on the platform. This gal, Sherling, was taken to heaven last week during one of our meetings and came back blazing with a vision of revival for the nation. She has come into the revelation of the gospel of the kingdom and says that she will not send out one Assemblies of God missionary again till they understand, live and demonstrate the gospel of the kingdom. The AOG are 1500 strong in this nation, the largest denomination. When you come to serve and have no interest in your own agenda, and we don´t, you can serve with the power of God to locate and release far beyond what you influence the other way. Our kids are sitting down and meeting those that will rock the nation. We already are working towards 50,000 youth and young adults in November with these leaders and we are of them because we have decided to pour out our lives, time and money into them.

I listened later to the testimonies of the ones that Jana and Amber prayed for. Amber had just got off the plane and had thrown up too. These people had walked 2 hours or more to attend the meeting, over 500 were in that one.

-a boy who was dragging his foot while walking was healed and walked normally

-a woman with some sort of disease tor 13 years, like the multiple sclerosis or something, it was bad, always in pain, was completely healed and her testimony rocked the place.

-some lady with tumors had them dissolve on the platform

-a number of elderly woman were healed of crippling arthritis

-a young man with a heart problem who said he lived with pain in his heart was instantly healed, all pain leaving

-many women with complications from childbirth were healed

-a man with pain in his eyes, people with spinal problems were touching their toes, some brought their children with fever or vomiiting and they were healed on the spot

-many with stomach disorders healed

One time at another meeting and some of these above were throughout the weekend, Pastor Harry asked how many were healed and hands went up all over the place.

Of course, the Spirit of God just descends and we have many pictures I think of the cry of the hearts of so many and the touch of heaven as a result.

Pastors came and I called them up and we laid hands on them, prophesied and they came apart under the anointing of God.

We had our Dario School of Supernatural Students with us on Saturday and they went throughout the place declaring the Lordship of Jesus Christ and destroying the workds of the devil. It always shocks people to see teenagers with us and women naturally moving in miracle power. It is the normal christian life, this supernatural life, no big deal.


The day before the Saturday meetings I was told that there were maybe 70 other people from Dario, including our students who wanted to come to Masaya, Others from other villages wanted to come and to do so they would have to rent a bus, quite costly. I did not have the money. I had sent our tons of emails and no response except one brother who was trying to ge 50 bucks to me Then I was told later in the day that more people were coming and we needed to feed them. We already had given $500 to cook the food for those that were coming.

I remember the look on Pastor Harrys face when he asked me because he knew I had spent everything already. What would you do?

I thought to myself, is it worth it? I said yes, it is a no brainer actually. Two brothers sacrificed, love always finds a way to do something and I wept when I saw that bus pull in, I just turned around to a wall and wept. To see those faces, after a 2 plus hour drive, coming from villages to even start it, it was just too much.

And I wept when I saw the people walking hours to get to the meetings and stand in a long line as we fed them all, with food left over. I wept when I saw Jed and Amber flowing in the love of God, embracing and holding the people in their arms. I wept when I saw my daughter Jobyna preaching the value of the Nicaraguan people, and declaring their freedom and Amber dancing with the children, the young man around my son Jed. I nodded my head when Alex preached on the new sound in the earth yesterday morning.

I bowed my head when my grandson Davon Moses laid his hands on the eyes of a young girl who just wanted to see Jesus and she was weeping convulsively last night. I grinned when I saw my grandson Antonio was playing with the Nicaraguan boys and communicating through sign language.

I think it was worth saying yes. I think it is worth it to make you aware of your need and mine to do something to shape history.

This Week

There were many more miracles and testimonies, people coming to God and lives being transformed. People having heavenly visitations and seeing the unseen.

We are seeing the comning together of an alliance of young men and women, national leaders among the young, and that is really an amazing thing. They want this message, this life, this school, this fire and demonstration they are witnessing while with us. These young leaders stay at our house and hang with our kids and that is the phenomenal thing. Last night at a restaurant, sharing, dreaming, planning, the revolution of the Holy Spirit to affect the nation and all Latin America. They are all in.

Jana and I step aside. Of course, we can minister but it is time to release them. Our kids will be doing the preaching and ministry all week long, and flow with our team of pastors who preach and already flow in power, all of them 30 or younger.

-on Wednesday, Jed will be the main speaker at our School of Supernatural Ministry In Dario..Alex will probably teach and maybe the gals too, it is their night

-on Thursday, the kids will be ministering at what they call a youth congress, a gathering of hundreds of youth up in Matagalpa with Israel Rosales, the one helping to co-ordinate the 50,000 young adult gathering in November. He was rocked by God in a meeting we had, I told you about him

-On Friday, Jed is speaking and the others are ministering at a youth concert in Managua with Pastor Juan Jose Escobar

-On Saturday, it is the youth congress in Managua……minimum of 600 people, we could have had more but we are paying for the food, the transportation, maybe 11 buses and all the other expenses to see an outpouring upon the young. Sherling, Israel, and other youth pastors will be there.

They will work side by side with our kids who are the featured speakers and ministers so to speak.

-Saturday night- the kids are going to another church in Managua to preach

-Sunday morning….we will all be up early to drive nearly 3 hours to feed a village of 500, the whole village and minister to them. We have planted a church there and I would love to buy the rest of the baseball equipment, I bought some months ago, and have a huge baseball game. We want to build a kitchen in that village in a small home, so we can feed monthy. We are also looking into electricity and water they do not have.

Things happen all week and there we have some other services that we could do, a radio spot, stuff like that, we will see.


I invite you to weep with me. I really do. I encourage the families of these kids to step and start to support them in truth.

Saturday was the celebration of the revolution and the Sandinista victory. Hugo Chavez,the president of Venezuela, the FARC of Columbia, President Manuel Ortega, an embracer of Iran and his wife who is a practising witch who actually held a national witchcraft congress, all celebrated and glorified the devil.

So an antichrist atheistic godless, USA hating and Jezebel spirit rules this nation so of course, I can always say that we and you are being battled by principalities and powers who are hindering you and us from doing what God wants. So greater are they than who lives in us. Greater is fear than faith that works by love. Baloney!

That felt good, haven´t used that word in years. Witchcraft is scared to death of the Christ of God and those who are willing to demonstrate real love with real power and let the Holy Spirit be free in the land. Witchcraft plants suspicians and thoughts about those like us and others, cripples generosity and overwhelms with every reason in the book why not to smash it right in the face with brazen bold acts of faith.

There is a new breed of believer, a real believer actually,who is breathing destiny and releasing it everywhere, loving not their lives unto death.

This morning the needs are there once again. Oh my brother, if you only had more than enough. I do, I have God and there will be others, maybe you, who will stand with me and weep when the buses roll in, when the village gets fed, as the miracles flow, as a legacy of children and grandchildren begins to form and young everywhere in this nation are awakened to their destinies.

When people see fathers and mothers with sons and daughters and their spouses and children standing on a platform, going throughout the crowds and embracing as a family the broken and hurting. A sight rarely seen. I ask none of them to be in our ministry by the way, I have no agenda in fulfilling prophetic words over our lives and theirs through my agenda. I want what is best for them, I just try to do what God wants, His way, that is all I care about.

Maybe a bit too long, but try one on me if you want, you always get a reply, you are valuable, chosen, a heavenly being called to leave an imprint of His love on this planet. We bless you and deeply appreciate those that just love to take risks to see heaven explode with joy because you stepped out, seeking to lose your life and not save it, holding nothing back like Abraham because you love God and yearn to love others….

Another Day To Live From His Heart

Thurner: April 2011


Beautiful men, women and children in idyllic scenes of lush scenery and blue green water smile at you from every travel brochure and advertisement of French Polynesia. When people think of Tahiti, how do they think of it? Paradise, relaxation, vacation, gorgeus land bathed in the rhythmic movements of the soft ocean with half naked women dancing and handsome men blowing the conch on canoes. Yet to live here is to live under deep oppression. The other day after ministering to a group of elderly Tahitian men, I stepped into a shop where 2 women were. One was the manager and the other worked there. I asked to bless their business and the manager asked me why I was laying hands on the men in the street. We shared a bit and she was definitely hesitant about us praying for the business. Through words of knowledge about her, she opened up and I turned to the other women and began to describe the pain in her heart, her family and God’s love for her. Her answer was, “that is true for all of us here in this nation”.
> That is the deception of Tahiti. This is a paradise lost, rife with unclean sexual perversion, open prostitution of men on the streets, mahus serving people from the counters of shops, children not shown affection after the age of 5 and beaten regularly, abused verbally and sexually within their own familes, aimless and purposeless youth stoned most of the time, angry Tahitians who feel their culture was raped by the French, religious form devoid of the presence, power and salvation of God and they cannot get along, maybe 2% actually saved although Operation World the statistic and prayer targeting ministry reports over 98% is Christian!! With all the reports of missionary advance taking place in the world, hardly anyone ever really reaches out to this nation. YWAM, a fixture for years succumbed to the demonic attacks awhile back and no longer a presence in the nation. While there are teams coming in from New Zealand, France, Canada and sometimes from USA, they come and go as do other ministries. The financial cost of coming here and living here is exorbitant, probably 90% more than living in America, Getting a permanent visa is not a guarantee, the churches are not open to the move of God, the Pentecostal ones also. The demonic and idolatry is flowing effortlessly through the islands carried by the indifference of believers who can hardly get along with their own families. One island in the Marquesas is given over to marijuana and the children come into the world stoned and stay stoned. There are 100 islands, most with no clear witness. The horrific stories we hear daily from our own students and others, now full grown adults of their childhoods and lives is not the candy coated pictures beaming out from the travel brochures!

One denomination, internally at war and resisting the move ot the Holy Spirit, another church of less than 100, a few small groups of less than 30 who keep to themselves, cults rampant, etc. The other day someone I know was talking about how I should be going to other nations with the anointing we have, doing more Nicaraguas. Oh, it is wonderful to do crusades, break open regions and see many people touched, healed and saved and do that. And I will visit Nicaragua in May to oversee what He has done there but the reality is, there is a Jesus, moved with compassion, seeing the islands of French Polynesia without the shepherding love ot the Father and cries out to Him the Lord of the Harvest to send laborers here because they are FEW……few means small in number, puny in size and weak in ability and strength. You can look up the word “pray”. It means bind yourself to someone, do not let go, literally to beg. It is not a word of beggarly disposition, it is the begging that if I do not get what I need, I die. Whatever happened to the Christianity “of whom the world is not worthy”?

I can imagine the scene that day when Jesus asked the disciples to pray the Lord of the Harvest? I am sure He was gripped with emotion and crying out for people to be punctured in their hearts, pierced with the love of God and willing to be those who will not let them go without a shepherd. We stand with our eyes also beholiding the true tahiti, the devastation and hopelessness and despair of the masses. There are few laborers. I just dropped Jana off for her class at the Center of Transformation. I was met by 2 women who accompanied us with their families to Moorea. One was the sister who gave her lifes saving, unasked, when we first came into this place. It was only 2 grand but it was all she saved. They are part of our team and I found out they were part of a cult here for 3 years. Imagine the devastation But they saw the true love of God and the freedom and the real Jesus when they hesitantly came to one of our initial meetings. Their teenage children want nothing to do with church or religion. Last night Alex and a few of our team opened the facility to youth on short notice. 30 youth came. The two sisters ran to me telling me what happened to thier children and others as God touched them. The joy on their faces, the tears of gratitude.

I am near tears. My guts are hurting. I am ripped with the pain of others. I have to go set up a tent for Marama Night this evening in a few minutes. I talked to elderly men on the street because of the ache. Christianity without an ache is not the Christianity of Christ. It comes from the inside out. But it is a choice and for many it can be made. It also transforms our lives because to take a drink of Jesus is to become rivers plural, it is a natural outflow. I walk the streets to bless some businesses because it is just a way to maybe, just maybe bring the gospel of the kingdom to a broken soul within. We take the boat to Moorea because of love, to reach the hurting. We leased a building without a dime in our pockets because of love. Imagine, not one penny and go get a facility needing $23,000 and not a dime. Love costs, love risks, love stretches. It got done because of some of you who want it done. It cost us all we have and that is the normal Christian life, He deserves it all and we heard the ache of His heart. We put our son in law on staff because we hear the cries of the children who have no voice, the youth who could care less if they speak at all because they have been shut down by life and religion for so long they do not care to talk anymore and for the young adults who have been told by religion who they are only in terms of limited expression which is usually the limited vision of the pastor and they cannot rise above that. We did not have a dime to put hm on staff either. Lets get real here about all this money stuff. This nation has intimidated the body of Christ worldwide because of the difficulty of advancing the gospel for many reasons, the primary one, the price is too steep to pay to establish His presence and power and perpetuate ministry to bring lasting change to the households of this nation and the financial cost and logistics of doing so. Those that prayed the Lord of the Harvest heard the cries of the son of God. It is about others. They were the ones that ended up harvesting also. To hear the cries of Jesus broken over others is to be willing to be the answer.

There are are many prophecies over Tahiti about the transformation of the nation. We begin from the finshed work paid by blood to see it happen. We live believing every prophetic word.that it has been done but many are called and few are chosen. The reason being is that you have to say yes to see it accomplished. We must beware the prophetic that produces the euphoria of felt promise without the personal willingness to be part of the solution, ones full yes to what God asks of that person. The bride of Christ will hear the invitation to follow Him to the vineyards and fields. The mountain top ecstasy with Jesus being transfigured becomes a sight seeing tour of the tormented demonic in the valleys below.

We bless God for those of you who live to shatter the chains of oppression and bondage in this nation. You are saying yes, others experience the power of your decision. My associate here just came by and as I shared the pain of his people I was feeling and the price we must pay to continue to build something that will be perpetuated, he remarked; “If we are not willing to die for the territory God has placed us in, the apostolic will not be confirmed”. A little different slant on apostolic ministry isn’t it.

There have been those who have truly seen the heart of God we are trying to articulate in this nation. We are so thankful. There are others, pastors, churches, ministries and others who also might respond as a body to sow into this nation, taking it seriously and this is written also to you. There are some hearts can pierce for this vision, we invite you to the task of punishing the crooked serpent. If I do not hear from you, no problem, and I will spare you the sharing of partaking in seeing it happen. At the end of this day, there will be lives that are forever changed and wherever you are, pray the Lord of the harvest for laborers, demand it…earl
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Thurner: March 2011


(This is a fresh report from the S. Pacific island of Tahiti where Earl and Jana Thurner, Edualdo and Aline Cicero, and Torea and Teresa Manjard serve to bring transformation. They are all part of MorningStar/CMM Missions. Pray for them.)

It is evident that there is the beginning of a genuine outpouring of the Holy Spirit in French Polynesia throught the School of Transformation, weekly meetings and now being perpetuated in our Center of Transformation facility in the heart of Papeete which was birthed on Saturday, February 26. With very little advertising, the opening was packed out with 3 hours of ministry through many whose giftings and expressions were released for the first time. We will put together some pictures when we get back to the states.

To see grown Tahitian men weep watching a prophetic dance well over 40 minutes depicting the migrations of the Polynesian people, the coming of the gospel to Tahiti and the destiny of this nation to the ends of the earth was a profound moment. To see the man who has spearheaded the born again movement in the Protestant Church honored and then bless the facility as the people of the land immediately ushered in the face of God clearly felt by all. Ministering with his family and then pouring out his heart moved ours. The future President of a political party was honored, cultural expressions representing the Chinese who comprise 10% of this nation, music and dance flowing from the Marquesans, the Tahitians, and a group of young and youth expressing through hip hop dancing took place.These kids are not saved but through words of knowledge I gave the leader before Marama Night, hearts were opened and as those attending prayed for them afterwards, the Holy Spirit came upon many of them These are kids who have been broken and devastated but the Embrace of the Father has been coming their way. I cannot wait to meet with all of them this week, they are so close to being born from above. There will be the raising up of a global breed of revolutionary reformers and God will be birthing that in the months to come and a team of young visionaries who will pour out their hearts like water before the face of God for the lives of the young who are fainting from hunger at the head of every street will take place.(Lamentations 2:19). This facility will also be for the renaissance of the arts, painting, dance, culture, music, acting etc. beginning this wednesday night.

To see Tahitians who were touched through the original outpouring when I came 14 years ago and saw their culture released in the church now dreaming again, weeping under the power of God in every meeting, bringing their families without being asked and decorate the entire building in Tahitian style, buy tables, bring tons of food and minister Tahitian worship is so fulfilling. Three times we have been sent into the nation to usher in a move of God, three times we were stopped and the last time left in honor but in heart pain. In that moment over 5 years ago, a young man who knew nothing prophesied in Redding of all that took place and the day of return. After that, one of the leading intercessors in Heidi Bakers ministry graphically did the same. Bob Jones, a prophetic voice shared with Edualdo Cicero months ago about the school that would have to be birthed first and the impact it would have. We are part of Morningstar and our team is comprised of 2 other couples who are also. Just before leaving, Shawn Bolz team of Expressions58 church in Los Angeles who knew nothing of French Polynesia gave extensive and specific prophetic words over us. These words of clear identity and purpose and what would happen on this trip have been coming to pass daily here, it is really beautiful. That is the church we attend when we are back in Hollywood and we are just so privileged to love this nation.

To love a nation, to love all the body of Christ, to love the lost, to celebrate everyone and call forth the value and gold in everyone. To provide a place where God can rest His head and the Holy Spirit is given freedom. To honor all the ministries and reach out to all the ministers and churches is just shattering the witchcraft so many have been defiled by. Ever since we stepped out by faith to secure the facility in Papeete, God just began pouring out His Spirit in ever increasing ways. We are just so happy to see the dreams and visons of so many quenched by religious mindsets coming alive. And when they do, the result is powerful ministry coming forth from them in an atmosphere of love and respect and no control. A former associate pastor of the AOG has been under a visitation for weeks since Jana prophesied he would become a whirlwind. Caught up to heaven, he has been stunned by God in every meeting and out of that ministers the love and glory of God and people come under God’s presence like never before, a transforming presence, not just a touch of God but they really become different people. It is precious.

The youth leaders of another church who are unable to minister freely came Saturday night and all 3 of them were visited by God in their seats and this went on for the entire meeting. Edualdo who was interpreting for me was struck by God and as he was interpreting he released such a wave of joy and refreshing over the people. A Mormon from Moorea came with a friend to the opening. This man was prophesied over on the front lawn of some of our teams home in Moorea and fell out under the power of God on the lawn. He wants to be a part of what is happening. What a trip. Came on the boat to Tahiti. The 84 year old woman from Toulouse, France who was healed of major back problem was revelling in the Lord all day. We already have an outreach ministry in Moorea and those that came to it are already contacting us to return to bring more people. Broken and devastated marriages were healed in a few hours, so wonderful. A woman whose husband burned her with cigarettes and has a son 9 who I told you about that got saved also has a 4 year old who the father rejects. She comes every week and is being so touched by God and this boy represents the orphan and fatherless who are so many in this nation. We will love them, we will see them know Abba.

Tonight we will stand outside the prison that Aline Cicero ministers in. Something supernatural is happening in the prison. In the 4 buildings that house the prisoners spontaneous praise and worship erupts throughout the day. Now from 5 to 6;30 each morning they sing and there are scheduled times and one of them is at 6 at night. We are going to just listen to them before we birth the prayer ministry at the facility. This is truly astonishing and a sense of God is permeating the prison. Pray for Aline who goes in every week and she was being paid by the government but they told her that they could no longer do so, she teaches English, so she goes in for love which has touched the prisoners.

God has breathed on what is happening and has given us such great people to work with who will be ministering in the school and meetings when we return to the states for a month. The Manjards will do 2 weeks of teaching on the prophetic as they are graduates of Morningstars School and activating the students and out to the streets they will go. It is amazing that the school grows every week, with new students joining and visitors coming to be a part of it. It is a school of transformation, being formed into the likeness of Jesus Christ and demonstrating the miraculous, all motivated by LOVE. We have rejoiced to see them healing the sick as we gather together and declaring the words of God over many. A woman who had a major heart problem was healed being prayed for over the phone and there are other testimonies.

After the opening we all shared in tons of food and fellowship and to see so many from different walks of life and fellowships enjoying each other is just so much fun. We are all doing life together and this is our theme. We are just a part of seeing God touch a nation. We shared the testimony of the guy who was being evacuated from Moorea to Tahiti on the Aremiti 5 because a nail in his foot had infected and was spreading up his left side into his chest and he was scared and in pain. Edualdo and I prayed for him, the pain left, he was healed and God came on him Later we came to see him and the stunned staff of the boat was there and we gave words of knowledge over each of them and a woman who got out of her seat to see what was going on and as the boat landed all invited the Lord into their lives. It is harvest time. Even the man who did the air conditioning in the facility was touched by God as we were sharing with him after the job. Hope to buy him lunch this week and see what God will do.

To touch a nation, we have been instructed by the Lord not to start a church or for me to be a pastor of a local church. We came to serve the nation, the body of Christ with a clear vision of how to begin and He will lead us as we look to Him. So on Sundays if we are not ministering in a church or going to another island to minister, Jana and I go to a local church, and for now it is the one we birthed, Full Gospel Church of Polynesia and love the people and worship with them. Almost all our team goes also and it was wonderful seeing everyone on Sunday and listening to the man Jana and I married, who is now the pastor. His wife and kids were there from Maui and the leadership we instituted in 2005 is still the same and we honor the work they are doing. We have met with the President of the French Assemblies of God twice and building a great relationship. His brother lives on Moorea and brings people from the church under his brother to the meetings and they were so touched by God also. What a time to be alive!!

We are thankful for the ministries from France that will be coming to bless the nation and now we can host them in our own facility. There are some teams coming from the USA also and we know others have a heart to love this nation and we enjoy working shoulder to shoulder with all the body of Christ and serve in any way to see the gift they are opened by the people of the nation.

We bless and thank all of you who have been praying and supporting us financially and as you continue to do so, we will continue to see Him accomplish more and more. There is so much more to share and we appreciate your prayer for the meetings Friday and Saturday night, Janas class on Saturday morning and the School of Transformation which meets Saturday afternoon. More of Him, More of Him. Doing His will is success, that is all we care about.

earl and jana
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Earl and Jana Thurner