Thurner Thurner: March 2012

Hola and Blessings!
     We are working to accumulate all the footage and photos taken on the Honduras Ministry this week and we are waiting for pictures from our pastors that came from Nicaragua especially outside this clinic set up with a medical brigade of people from the states including this amazing doctor below who was the first one in to Haiti after the Hurricane and did we ever have a blast with him.  On the second day was when Jana and I and a few others waited outside the clinic where people where treated and also got free dental work along with prescriptions.  We saw as I wrote over 50 miracles of healing that day and the teaching that night on the gospel of the kingdom to these doctors, helpers and the other team members launched an outbreak of signs, wonders and miracles inside and outside the clinic and everywhere as a result.  This footage was before that took place so best is yet to come.  You can also go my facebook page and see pictures from our daughter in law Amber and others.  

Missions.Me Medical Clinic from Missions.Me on Vimeo.

     There is so much to share and we will be part of the campaign One Nation One Day on July 20, 2013 as I mentioned and more on that later, while still seeing God move in other nations we have been in.  The few who have supported us have been responding themselves, the few always remain the few and that has been great and believing God for amazing resources to keep pouring in to cover all the costs of this step of faith born of love.  We will be doing medical brigades again in the nation, raising funds for supplies etc and now have seen the National Minister of Defense say that he will provide all the buildings and facilities in the 18 capitals of the 18 states so all others have to do is go and also raise all the supplies.  Thousands came through and were treated, then many healed and saved also with full support of military and police and mayor of the city.  The idea is hundreds of schools, crusades, leaders meetings, business conferences, womens conferences and one of my assignments is to speak to all the spiritual leaders and ministers along with others, releasing as I did there the power, presence and healing of God establishing the gospel of the kingdom message with miracle impartation and then see it demonstrated through hundreds and then thousands of believers across the nation with Jana also. Then a crusade with Jed on that day taking one city and having family and friends joining us for the week, just a preview…….keep sowing, enjoy the freedom of changing the world…