In 1989, Rick Joyner was speaking at Francis Frangipane’s church in Iowa. A close friend of mine heard and saw Rick speak for the first time. When my friend heard Rick prophesy over his life, he immediately left his old life behind and began a journey that would take him into the Soviet Union to begin planting churches. This was before the wall came down. Twenty-three years later, this  prophetic word would also pave the way for MorningStar Missions to play a key role in the release of eleven-year old Rimsha in Pakistan and the release of Pastor Youcef in Iran a day later.

Over a ten-year period this man, I’ll call him Bill to protect his safety, planted a church every weekend, and there are still 1,500 churches in operation. He led many to the Lord, including communists in Russia and many Muslims in the Middle East, N. Africa, and Asia. Bill and MorningStar/CMM Missions also helped to train some very strategic pastors who are now covert missionaries.

One of Bill’s students, a pastor from Pakistan, was forced out of Pakistan by radical extremists and rescued from murderous thugs. He now has a death warrant against his life by the Taliban and is living in another Asian nation under the protection of the United Nations refugee program.  This man whom I’ll call Kalib knows many in his home nation who have been martyred. He is naming names of the murderers and taking a bold stance in standing for truth and righteousness.

When Kalib first heard of Rimsha Masih’s false allegations of blasphemy and her facing a death sentence, he began to gain international media attention to this atrocity. News spread quickly and the governments of many nations and Christian groups began to decry this heinous crime. This precious eleven-year old girl was held in a prison with the harshest of adult criminals. Our friends told me this “was their daughter” and they could not stand by and tolerate the cruel persecution or cower in fear.

Our covert friend, Kalib, made a call and found a “friend of a friend” in a local pastor who lived in that area near Islamabad where the intense persecution against six hundred Christian families had begun a month before. They were told to vacate their homes and businesses by September 1. Then this bogus charge was brought against Rimsha as the persecution and threats continued.

Kalib told us we needed to act fast to save this girl’s life. Through our generous partners and extensive network, we put out just a few short notes for help to come into MorningStar/CMM Missions ( and helped raise the initial bail. Later it was raised and raised again. Intercessors around the world were praying for this innocent life.

Kalib knows Dr Paul Bhatti, Christian Federal Minister and Tahir Naveed, Member of Parliament, is a strong public advocate of Rimsha.

Below are Rimsha’s advocates pictured at a news conference.

I spoke to Bill last weekend upon the release of Rimsha and he testified how it was a pure, miraculous act of God who heard the prayers of the saints and acted fast to protect and preserve this girl’s life. Below are pictures of her dramatic helicopter flight arranged by a government minister who is a Christian and oversees minority rights. The flight was deemed necessary to keep her from being killed by angry mobs. Their family is still at risk, and we have sent some additional funds to feed and relocate Rimsha’s family. There are still six 600 families at risk in this neighborhood.

By the way, the man who made the false accusations against Rimsha is now in the same prison Rimsha was held in and likely faces a life sentence for his lies.

Below see Rimsha as she is boarding a government helicopter to escape angry mobs.


Please pray the international attention will lead to changes in Pakistan’s blasphemy law which has seen untold numbers persecuted, tortured, and martyred. II Corinthians 10:4 assures us, “For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal but mighty in God for pulling down strongholds.”


Three Times Pastor Youcef’s Wife Was Told He Was Dead

Our friend Bill had served as a conduit for our intercessors to pray for the release of 24 pastors being held under death sentences in Iran. These pastors violated their blasphemy laws and refused to renounce Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.

Bill also had been instrumental in taking 9,000 Bibles into Iran last spring through neighboring nations’ missionaries and friends. YWAM reported last spring that following these joint evangelistic efforts there were more than 50,000 salvations in Iran in a one month period.

Working with Bill and his network of trusted covert pastors and friends, MorningStar/CMM Missions and its donors helped relocate some of the families of these 24 arrested pastors to other nations and some to other parts of Iran after their homes had been burned. Some of the wives had been imprisoned and raped while in custody. Just a few weeks ago, we were able to raise funds to post bail for one of the 24 pastors imprisoned who had a medical emergency. Pray for his healing and safety.

Bill had spoken with the wife of Pastor Youcef three times over the last few months and she was told three times that her husband was killed while in custody receiving his death sentence. Imagine the cruel terrorism that is torturing the families of these persecuted brothers.

Within hours of Rimsha’s release in Pakistan it was announced by the American Center for Law and Justice that Pastor Youcef was released. We thank God for the prayers of the saints around the world and those organizations working as the worldwide body of Christ who stood up for the release of these two innocent people.

Below see Pastor Youcef is greeting his family.

Continue to pray for the persecuted church worldwide. Help MorningStar/CMM Missions continue to give aid in the form of food in times of emergency, post bail to release prisoners, deliver Bibles and Christian material, relocate families, rebuild homes, provide education for children, and healthcare in times of emergency. Go to  and designate your funds for “Rapid Response” or “Covert Missions.”