By Jorge Parrott

The remnant of true disciples of Jesus is thriving in many nations. Italy is a nation that has a long history and importance, even in The Bible and the life of the Apostle Paul. The Lord revealed to us at the recent Prophetic Round Table held in late June to speak to them about their identity as a nation, as God’s people, and as end-time warriors in the Spirit. There is a surprising move occurring in the Spirit-filled churches there.

The influence of the Catholic church is often all we hear about from Italy. Be encouraged there is much unity and passion in the evangelical and protestant churches in Italy to persevere in turbulent times. Recently, over 500,000, including many Catholics, gathered in Rome to protest gay marriage and gender identity tolerance. The identity of young people there is being challenged with societal and secular humanist and gay agenda ilk threatening their God ordained gender identity and the sanctity of marriage.  

A team of MFM members was invited to hold the first MFM Round Table in Italy on the eastern shores by the Adriatic Sea with fellow MFM members Prince and Love Nwigwe of Red Deer, Alberta, Canada. Prince earned his Doctoral Degree from the MSU College of Theology. His wife, Love, is earning her Doctoral Degree in Counseling through our school. They lived in Italy for twenty-six years prior to hearing the voice of the Lord to go to Canada.

Last year a team went to Canada for a prophetic conference and to launch the MSU College of Theology. Prince and Love are from Nigeria, and ZAO Water has drilled wells with them in Nigeria. These apostolic leaders oversee churches in Nigeria, Italy, and Canada. Recently, their ministry has rescued 1,000 widows whose husbands were murdered by terrorists in northern Nigeria.

Prince and Love told us of a dear friend there who is also an apostolic leader, Pietro Evangelista and his wife Sandra. Pietro owns a Christian publishing company and also pastors a church. He coordinated the Round Table, inviting key pastors from the various regions of Italy, all coming together with humble hearts in seeking the Lord at this pivotal point in the history of Italy. The Round Table started at a high level as the groundwork was laid we put aside personal agendas and issues to truly seek the heart of the Lord for the nation at this strategic and historic time.

The Round Table exceeded our expectations because of:

  1. the hunger of the Pastors and leaders and their churches
  2. the integrity and anointing of the leaders
  3. the depth of our strong relationship with our friends there

These Round Tables are known to release breakthroughs and revelation in new ways in how the Lord speaks to the pastors and leaders in attendance as they press in together to seek the heart of the Lord for a region or nation.

A Life-Changing Encounter Amidst Fresh Revelations

The Holy Spirit breathed fire and life into our midst as our hunger united in prayer with pastors and leaders from across Italy along with anointed worship and seeking the presence of the Lord together. There were many strong prophetic words—words of knowledge and words of wisdom flowing freely. Worship was powerful and many told us the Round Table and the church visits were truly a life changing time for them. Guests also came to the event from Israel and even Norway.

Our team was invited to speak in different churches and the last few days we split into two teams to cover more churches. In every church God showed up and confirmed with prophetic words what He had been speaking to each congregation. Each team member had a voice and the voices came together in harmony releasing fire and life in unique ways to impact every church we visited.

Refugees and Immigrants Bringing Revival To Many Nations

The Bible speaks much about aliens, strangers, and foreigners in the land. The barbarism and horrific crimes against humanity due to increasing persecution and violence in the Middle East, Asia, and N. Africa is crude, shocking, and unprecedented in history on such a global scale. The threat is spreading and taking hold across Europe and foreshadows entry into North America.

Italy is surely on God’s heart as this historic nation struggles to rebuild after economic shaking in 2008-9. As the global shaking intensifies with increasingly heinous persecution, floods of refugees seek asylum in Italy after crossing the Mediterranean Sea from Africa.

In Italy, we see an open door with the leaders we met and the integration of natives with foreigners is a bright light leading to hope and revival as well. Folks attending this Italy Round Table were from various parts of Italy, several African nations, Sri Lanka, Israel, Norway, the U.S. and Canada, and beyond.

We can see from various perspectives the impact of global migration and surging refugees—in the U.S. with our porous borders and government mishandling to the point of threatening our national security. However, we know God hates racism. For example in Greece, where the refugees and immigrants are discriminated against and persecuted, their economy is collapsing from the lack of caring for the immigrants along with its socialist, union, and Marxist economic entitlement addictions.

We have seen firsthand in Spain for the last ten years, where our own MS/CM Missions churches welcome the influx of Latinos, after some initial resistance, revival and church growth is now increasing. May we seek the Lord for discernment and capture His heart and ways in how to respond to the massive migration of refugees and immigrants occurring around the globe.

The Italian government is initiating new policies that pay churches for feeding and housing refugees. New evangelism tools are being implemented to capture the hearts of the new neighbors seeking hope and a new life in Italy. Many churches are getting on board with these new opportunities to use tax dollars for evangelism. Ideas are being explored and prayed over regarding how our MSU and MSU College of Theology online courses can be used to prepare Italy for the great harvest at hand.

Fire Teams and Fresh Boldness Released

Many prophetic words were released in the Round Table. In discussions at this Round Table about identity, as residents of Italy, for individuals, churches, as Christians, and for the nation of Italy, the Lord spoke to one of our team members about the need for close koinonia fellowship. This referenced Rick Joyner’s recent messages about fellowshipping together. Rick spoke from the Scriptures of where two or more gathered in His name. The Spirit of God moved mightily during this time, and fresh fire was released over the pastors and leaders in forming “fire teams” in their regions and towns to keep the momentum moving.

Fresh boldness and faith were imparted to stand for evangelism along with righteousness and truth in every sphere of influence and region to uphold the standards of the Lord and bring freedom in the Spirit to Italy.

The Pope recently announced that one could not have a personal relationship with Jesus without a priest involved. These leaders are passionate about living out the heart of the Father for His children to know their Shepherd, and a fresh hunger has been ignited for more Prophetic Round Tables and prophetic training from MorningStar teams. The doors are wide open, and we are invited to do our part in impacting the destiny of Italy for the glory of the Lord at this critical season.

Announcing the New MSU College of Theology School in Italy

For over a year prayers and plans have been going on regarding our invitation with our trusted friends to begin yet another satellite school of the MSU College of Theology. It will take some time to translate the courses into Italian, but several pastors are fluent in English and are beginning soon.This School be under Dr Prince and Love Nwigwe, who have also launched a School in Canada. Their school is FOLAH School of Theology. The School in Italy will be known as Fountain of Life (FOLAH) as well.

We covet your prayers for this new adventure, as there is great hunger to grow stronger in the Word, faith, prophetic, and the supernatural through our school. Classes are forming now for the fall to be held on campus at Ft. Mill, South Carolina and available around the world online. Affordable Accredited Christian degrees help many prepare for a life of leadership and ministry. Visit for more information, or call the school at 803-802-5544 ext. 392.