Berberian: August 2010

On Sunday, August 22, Sam and I traveled to Tecpán for the 3:00 p.m. service, attended by some 400 people, including children, youth, and several babies. In Guatemala, every August is celebrated as the month of the Bible, and each church organizes special services, parades, or events. In the case of the Church of God Galilea in the country town of Tecpán, the church organized this special Sunday afternoon service, complete with a 30 member choir (see the ladies all in pink), trained
by the pastor’s wife.

It was an hour and a half drive from Guatemala City over the mountainous highway, and since we didn’t have much time between the morning service in Verbo Valle church, we took sandwiches and fruit and ate on the way. We saw that the highway was pretty much repaired after the Agatha storm.

Sam spoke on the topic: The Bible for Today’s Society, with excellent attention from the people, and four people raised their hand to accept Jesus as Savior during the altar call. Praise God for that! Since Tecpán is a strongly Indian town, maybe a half of the ladies came with their colorful typical skirt and embroidered blouse. Thanks for praying for us. You perhaps noticed the beautiful painting on the wall behind the pulpit, depicting a typical Guatemalan scene with volcanoes and a crystal clear lake.