Christman: June 2012


Service in Campanario

This is one of Pastor Jorge’s three congregations that we work with on an on-going basis. After baptizing 18 new believers last month there is much equipping to do. They have services every night of the week at a house belonging to one of the members. This evening was a special night as they welcomed us by making tamales
Guatemalan style.

Baptism’s in Pechja

18 new believers were baptized in a river in the village of Pechja, where Pastor Jorge’s second congregation is. Jason taught on water baptism and after prayer, everyone lined up and one after another committed themselves to the Lord. Glory!

2 Day “Equipping the Saints School” in Pecha

We took our Equipping School on the road to Pechja. We had an amazing time together uniting the body of Christ. The Holy Spirit is so welcomed among these believers that He always shows up in power. Jason and I have not experienced a better and more powerful time of worship than with this group on believers, led by Pastor Jorge. (22 years old). They have been given permission to use a vacant house in the village to have their services. The owner is in the US and we don’t know when he is coming back?? It is an awesome blessing that God has provided this building! They meet in the garage section of the house on a dirt floor and wood benches on cement blocks. There were 180 people at the nightly sessions during the School. Hallelujah!

One on One Discipleship Training with Pastor Jorge

We are committed to equip the saints. God is speaking to us about using our time wisely. About working and ministering where the Spirit of the Lord is moving. Where people are hungry for Jesus and are diligent and dedicated in seeking more of Him. We are meeting with Pastor Jorge weekly. One week we have him come by bus to our house, (2 hours away) and the next week we go there. On our trips there we will be equipping with his leaders too. It is intensive study in the Word and training on how to organize and lead a Cell Church.

Starting a Cell Curch in Pechja

The original 12 for the Cell Church in Pechja have been chosen and this was our first meeting to cast the vision for this type of church which is different then what they are used to. Pastor Jorge walks house to house using his powerful gift of evangelism and has built up these bodies of saints, just like Apostle Paul did. The three congregation’s are located 2 hours from each other, (4 hours round trip). He walks this every day. He also stays with a family and has no home of his own. His parents live in a near by village.
The members have responded to the Cell Church plan and have already started meeting together in small groups. We are having our first “Equipping Conference at our home June 15-18 for the “First 12 Leaders”.

Forerunner Ministry Church in Pecha

When we walked into the house garage where the congregation meets, we looked up and saw this on the wall. It says “Forerunner Ministry” in Spanish.
Jason and I looked at each other and were speechless. Pastor Jorge established his churches under our spiritual covering, all by his own prompting.

We are being lead day by day and learning from the Holy Spirit how to shepherd and establish these young believers and we consider this a great
responsibility from the Lord and pray for wisdom and resources daily.

Ministry Trip to Coban

We traveled to Coban upon the prompting of the Lord. We worshiped and fellowshipped with Pastor Arnold Macz and his family. We shared our vision about our Discipleship School. They invited us to give a message on their full gospel radio station and they announced the up coming conference that they would like us to do there. We felt like the Lord said to go and we went and then everything just fell in place. They told us that they would work out all the details for us there in Coban, (7 hours round trip). Please pray for this conference and all that the Lord would want to do there.

Friends & Family,

THANK YOU to each of you who read these updates, pray and support this Ministry. There is much work to be done for the Kingdom. God has mandated us to be here in Guatemala at this time for His purposes that are beyond our knowledge. We know God is passionate about advancing His Kingdom and He uses each one of us to do it. We know He moves on hearts of those that belong to Him to give with all their strength. Please know that when you give financially to this Ministry you are giving to the Lord. I wish we could be in front of each of you to give witness to all that Jesus is doing here – in and through this Ministry. Please take a minute to stop and ask the Lord what He would have you give to this Ministry for His purposes.

Thank you for being a part of the fruit!
May God Bless you Richly,

Jason & Angie Christman