Christman: June 2013

Feeding Center for Malnourished Children OPENED

We have opened our first feeding center in a village called Campanario Oratorio. We have 19 qualified children. We are qualifying the kids with the same testing done by the Health Clinics here in Guatemala for malnutrition. These kids all suffer from at least 1, to all 3, areas of Mal-nutrition as stated by the World Health Organization (W.H.O.).

We feed the kids Mon, Wed, and Fri’s, (228 meal per month) We feed kids 6 years of age and below. We know that up to the 6th year is the most critical time in a child’s life for their future, mental, physical and emotional well being.

We are feeding them:
1. fortified rice with meat proteins
2. milk
3. fruit
4. beans alternated with vegetables

This work is supported only by your individual donations. Please pray about giving financially as this season is very important. It is estimated that 80% of the the coffee crops this season were destroyed by a fungus. This disaster already has caused, and will continue to have, a grave effect on each villager. These precious people are 100 % agrarian. The villagers call May though August the “hunger season” . This “hunger season” will be more impacted because of the crop loss and the children are usually the ones that suffer the brunt of the shortage.

This is why the Lord has laid this burden on our heart’s, there is a real immediate need.