Berberians: February 2015

Dear friends,
It’s hard to believe that I am 70 now, and I thank God for so many years occupied in serving the Lord, beginning with Sunday school teaching, playing my accordian in meetings, teaching ladies’ Bible studies in Beirut, and 27 years of training Christian leaders in two schools of theology in Guatemala. Since I met Sam, he asked me to type letters in English to ask for tracts for evangelism in Argentina. After we married, I wrote letters in English and Spanish, reporting on our ministry. Sam saw my interest in writing and paid for the Christian Writers Guild course where, guided by my tutor, Norman Rohrer, I practiced writing fiction and non-fiction. Before I finished the 48 lessons, I had published 3 articles in different magazines, later writing and publishing 18 books, 14 still in print. Praise the Lord! But just two in English: Mystery of Stained Glass, and Majorette to Missionary.

After 32 years of publishing books in Guatemala, I continue writing, editing, correcting and motivating others to develop as writers. Ediciones SA BER (Saint Berberian Editions) has 114,000 books published, with 20 titles in the catalog and an average sale of 130 books a month. There are 8 books available on Amazon for those who don’t live in Guatemala. You can see the complete catalog at I enjoy accompanying Sam to his meetings, setting up a book table in the back as a service for the folks who like to learn through reading. The picture top right was taken in an event in Quetzaltenango.

Since May 2014 I am no longer teaching in the University, and keep busy with ocasional speaking. For example, in August I led a devocional with the staff of the Bible Society in Guatemala (foto on right). In September I participated in two filmed programs for Youtube in Spanish: Alto Mire y Reflexione. In October I led a devotional in a pre-wedding activity for a young friend of ours, and in November I had two ladies meetings in Nazareth Church (Roosevelt). In December, I spoke in a youth retreat.

During 2014 I dedicated lots of time to advise, revise, or edit about 10 theses in the levels of B.A., Masters, and Doctorate. As a friend said “you have eagle eyes to see what no one else sees!” I consider it a blessing to help students improve their writing skills, punctuation, spelling, as well as managing quotes and footnotes correctly.

Since March 2013 (when the Ministry of Education approved it) we have supervised this program which functions in 26 churches, with some 850 students studying elementary, junior or senior high. This is part of the reinsertion program for the many Guatemalans who dropped out of school and want to begin again. See picture on left.

In recent months I picked up donations of books and encyclopedias in Zone 11, 7, and 9. Most are textbooks that folks don’t need and want other people to be able to use them. In the Frederick Crowe Institute all is evaluated, some are selected for our library (which has 14,000 volumes), some are sent to other 3 libraries, and the discarded books are recycled as paper.

We have spent pleasant times with Elizabeth’s family who live in Guatemala (picture top left). With the rest the communication has been by Facebook and e-mail. Susy and Ivan (and their 4) arrived February 11 for a 3 week visit which is delightful!

Thanks for praying,
Martha (Saint) Berberian